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Ok, so for all of you more knowledgeable ladies in the world of nutrition and supplementation, what can I take for dizziness?

I've had three dizzy spells in the last two days. The worst was early in the morning while I was still in bed, and barely awake. But it felt like the whole room was spinning, it lasted for several minutes and I couldn't lift my head up from the pillow.

The other two were more minor and I was lying down both times.

I take Melaleuca prenatal vitamins and also the Omega-3 supplement. I don't eat a lot of red meat, but do drink lots and lots of water. I have hypoglycemia so I keep track of what I'm eating so that my blood sugar doesn't drop too low, but I don't think this was a blood sugar thing (it didn't feel like it at all).

Thoughts, suggestions, supplements I should check out?

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I have had the same thing...

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mama, have you had your blood pressure checked? have you seen your midwife or doctor yet? i would speak with someone about this.
i could definitely be wrong, but i dont think that's something that a supplement would help. unless its related to nausea, in which case sea bands or ginger might could help.
i know from personal experience that dizzy feeling can be attributed to high blood pressure issues. i have also experienced dizziness as a symptom of low blood sugar personally so maybe your sugar issues express differently for you due to the pregnancy. maybe it means nothing but is a normal pg symptom for you. i did want to encourage you to address it with your care provider to be safe.
hope you feel better.
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Blood sugar drop..I just remembered that is what caused dizziness before for me.
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