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S/O What are your other kids' names?

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(If you have other kids) Do you want the baby's name to "go" with your other kids' names or are you just picking a name you like? At first I really wanted to keep with the two syllable, ending in "a" or "ah", but it's become so difficult to find any names DH and I agree on, that I'm at the point where I just want to find a name and to heck with the pattern.
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We took our ODDs naem into consideration when picking a name for this LO. Our older daughter is Tess Hayes and this one will be Lucy Adele. Both have family middle names. I actually like them even better together than seperate, "Tess and Lucy" just sounds too wonderful to me!
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Well we wanted all of our kids to have at least 1 Bible name, and they do!
Rachelle (pronounced Rachel)
Samuel (goes by Ethan)
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My problem is that for boys' names, I seem draw to similar sounds. I like 2-syllable names that can't be nicknamed, have a positive/uplifting meaning, and aren't TOO popular. So, for this LO I was looking for a name I liked that didn't rhyme with my other boys.

My boys are Aaron and Kian. If this one is a boy, he will be Teagan. So, they are all the "en" sound endings, but at least have somewhat different sounds. Other names I considered were too similar, like Aiden (which is also too popular) or Eamon.

My mom thinks our girl's name is too similar to ds2's: Kian and Kira. (She still likes the name, though.) I don't know, it has the same beginning sound, but the end is different. Oh well.

It's kind of funny, though. My idea of "not too popular" for #1 was completely different than it is now. Aaron was in the top 50... and I also completely forgot about all the little girl Erins running around, too! But, I thought a boy would have a hard time with a name that was too unusual... Then, with #2, we went with a name at the bottom of the ranking list for a boy, that our family and friends had never heard of before.

Meanwhile, the girls' names we like tend to be at least in the top 150, and I always thought we'd want a more unusual name for a girl.
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I have 3 children and my first 2 are from my previous marriage....so as far as names..."going" with each other....they dont. But i did want my last baby to have a bible name...Isaiah...plus i wanted that name to be pronounced in spanish too...Isaias...so with this baby...i want the same thing. However we dont know what the sex of the baby is, and have not come up with any names yet.
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We picked a name that we liked but gave this little one a family name as a middle name just like we did with ds1.
My husband is James Patrick (Patrick is fil's first name)
My ds1 is Ryan James (dad's first name as his middle)
This little one will be Zane Patrick so both boys will have a name from daddy
(which I can't believe I shared b/c I am paranoid about Zane gaining popularity)
If we have another boy we are going to be stuck!
Our girl name is Anna. So if we do end up having a girl we will have three kids with four letter names - but that is about all the "going together" we have going for us.
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Our kids will all have an Old Testament name. We didn't plan for that in the beginning, but out of all of the name choices those three were just their names.

I have:

DS1 - Elias Xavier (Middle name after his Daddy)
DS2- Josiah Nikolas (Middle name after my first name)
DD1 - Selah Raelle (Middle name a form my middle name that has been in the family 6 generations)
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The only thing that we are keeping the same/considering with all of our children's names is the tradition of using family names as middle names. Ds's middle name is my husband's name (he is a jr.), and the girls' middle names will be our mother's middle names.
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My DD is Hannah Helen. Hannah because we liked it and Helen because it's my middle name, my mother's middle name, and my maternal grandmother's first name.

This baby will be Sofie Genevieve. Sofie because we like it and Genevieve because it's my paternal grandmother's first name. (And we like it )
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We sort of did but not really. I dont know what that means exactly. I need caffiene.
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We gave DD two middle names so we figured we would give this little guy two as well. Thats as far as we went on making the names match.
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I have a Samuel Ellis and an Atley Lawson right now, which don't really go together at all. All of our middle names are family names. Ellis and Lawson are from my side of the family, but Silas' middle name--Gerard--will be the first from DH's side of the family...it's his dad's middle name and I think his dad is a little stunned that we're using it, either because we're naming a child after him or because it's such an uncommon name...

I had a big issue with their names not going together when I was pregnant with Atley. Atley was a name we had chosen from a movie as one we liked before I got pregnant, but once I was pregnant, I really didn't want to use it because it came from a movie and it just didn't MEAN that much. Samuel had so much meaning to us, being a Biblical name meaning "asked of God," and so on...I wanted the same for my second DS's name. We talked about Silas then, but I didn't want two Bible names starting with "S" two years apart...I would feel like my next child had to be Saul or Solomon or Sarah or Seth, YKIM? We considered Thomas, Geoffery (OMG, that name is way too hefty for this child, BTW!) and a lot of others. In the end he was Atley and I just can't imagine him as anything else...his name is light and uncommon (but NOT made up!) and totally fits him.

In a lot of ways, this baby has been Silas since 5 years ago when we decided not to name Atley Silas. We talked briefly about other names for boys, and even after we knew it was a boy and had been calling him Silas for a few weeks, I told DH I wasn't convinced I didn't want to use Lincoln Eugene instead of Silas Gerard. But just like we couldn't settle on any other name for Atley, we have never been really settled on any other name for this baby than Silas. It makes me wonder...if we have another boy, will he be my Lincoln Eugene? We seem to have our names picked out THAT FAR ahead of time!
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I've had Elizabeth picked out for a long time (my middle name) and then we added Lucille as her middle name because it was my grandma's first name and my mil's first name (nothing like honoring both sides of the family )

The Kay in Malissa Kay is after my aunt Mary Kay and my sil who is Marilyn Kay. The Malissa part was just a name that we liked and I liked the spelling better.

Both of our daughters get shortened names only within the family (Lizzie Lu and Missy Kay) but they go by their full names anywhere else (for now at least!)

With this baby, we're not sure.... We like Daniel Thomas (the inverse of dh's name) or Danielle Jeanette (Jeanette is my mom's middle name) but we had those names picked out for dc2 and when she turned out to be a girl we were told that if we were going to "try for a boy" we shouldn't use Danielle because then we can't use Daniel... hmmm... so we'll see....

I also like Matthew, Joshua and Nathan for boys and Samantha for a girl.
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Originally Posted by muppet729 View Post
when she turned out to be a girl we were told that if we were going to "try for a boy" we shouldn't use Danielle because then we can't use Daniel... hmmm... so we'll see....
I agree that if you use Danielle, you probably don't want to use Daniel. BUT, what if you save that name and then never get to use it? That's kind of how I feel about my girl's middle name, which is my late mother's name: Gayle. We seriously considered using Gael as as Samuel's middle name, but then decided that we wanted to save it for girl. And here we are pregnant with #3 and still haven't gotten to use the one name with the most meaning to us. We have used other parts of her name and names from her family, but I really want the chance to use her first name. We'll see...we might use it with #4, boy or girl. Or maybe she's the reason we keep having boys...she hated her first name .
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NO! There are so few names that du and I agree on, I can't imagine having to match them, LOL! DH and I both like uncommon names, but our ideas are different as to what "uncommon" is. I usually suggest first names and he suggests middle names. So, our first ds is Jude Maximus and this one will be Ezra Locke. Coincidentally, both of the first names are biblical, but I think that has more to do with my tastes.
My daughter's name was all DH, Delaney Belle. He loved those names
so much I had to agree with them and since my mother's name is Adel it was a nice way of including her somewhat.
So yeah, we pick what we like, lol.
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My husband is James Patrick
Me too!!

We wanted our kids to have Irish names (our last name is very Irish) and we wanted them to mean something to us. So we named our DS Conor James. Conor means "lover of hounds" and we have 2 large dogs. And he does indeed love our hounds.

For this baby, we were looking for something Irish and really liked the name we picked- it happens to go very well with DS's name, too. We didn't pick it that way, but it's a nice bonus. Her name will be Cara Siobhan. Cara means "friend" and Siobhan is for my grandmother.
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SuperSarah, Tess and Lucy does sound wonderful together! It's a nice strong combo.

We use family names for middle names as well. DD1's middle name is Anne, which was my maternal grandmother's name (although spelled differently) and DH's maternal grandmother's name. DD2's middle name is May, which is my paternal grandmother's middle name. We have decided to use my mother's name as the middle name for this child, b/c it honors both her and my MIL. MIL's name is Evelyn and mom is Lynne, so unfortunately there's no combo or way to use part of both. Lynne IS part of both! lol Now if only we can come up with a first name...
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My DD's name is Amelia and if we have a girl she will be named Sadie. If it's a boy, it's looking like it will be Evan or Lucas. Not sure if those 'go' or not but they don't sound either too 'matchy' or different, to my ears at least.
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DD1 is Kitty Mabel. May is a family middle name but i adapted it a bit.
DD2 is Pippa Florence. We were goingt o call her Pippa Honey but then we thought that K will probably grow up hating her MN (its a bit granny-ish ) so we thought it fair to give P a 'granny' MN too, it was nearly Beatrice, but we opted for Florence.
as it happens both of these first names are quite Victorian.

DD3 will be Fern Matilda. we really struggled with agreeing on a first name this time, and we kept in mind the other names while we were trying to think of some, even to the point i trawled through all the characters in the bronte, mansfield and austin novels for inspiration : i didnt want anything too popular either. i liked Darcy, Eliza, Violet and Juliet too. Matilda is after her Daddy (Matthew).

we have found it harder the more kids we have as we wanted all the names to 'go'.
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Nina, I your names. Love them. I was trying to sell DH on "Darcy Gayle" for a girl last night, actually. He likes Shelby. I like Darby, but I feel the "by" at the end is just too Southern, so I like Darcy. Have since high school. When he argued that it was also too Southern, I said "nope, it's a Jane Austen character's name...not Southern, but VICTORIAN...there's a difference." I don't think I managed to convince him, though.

There's a reason we have all boys...if we had a girl, she'd be firstnameless for months, I'm sure!
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