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DD is Athena Claire. We have no clue what our son's name is yet... but we do want something that fits well with it but isn't too themey. For example, Athena and oh, Braden don't sound so great together but Athena and Zeus = way too themey.
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We are really struggling with naming this little one. No names so far....quite the list tho dd1 is Morgan Elizabeth & dd2 is Abbi Rae......so I would like #3 to have 2 syllables or less if poss....but we'll see. We might wait to meet baby before completely settling on a name. At this rate, we'll be lucky to narrow it down by the time he or she debuts!
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My dd name is Basil Lucienne. We call her "Lucie". Her name really fits her-Lucie means light. So, for the new baby (if it is a girl), her name will be Lila Jessamine. Lila means night, which I think is a cool balance to Lucie meaning light. Also, we wanted to stick with the herb/flower theme, so Jessamine was a nice compliment. But I really liked that as a middle name b/c my maternal gfather and pat gmother were named Jesse/Jessie. So it just seems to have alot of symmetry.

The only issue is that both my dh and i go by our middle name, as does dd, so I sort of wanted to do that again, but cannot think of a first name compliment to Lila. I really wish I could find a "longer name' that included Lila, so I could use Lila as a nickname, just like Lucie (and me, I go by a nickname off of my middle name).

For a boy, Joseph (a family name) Gabriel. I just love the name Gabe.
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Originally Posted by Charmie981 View Post
Nina, I your names. Love them. I was trying to sell DH on "Darcy Gayle" for a girl last night, actually. He likes Shelby. I like Darby, but I feel the "by" at the end is just too Southern, so I like Darcy. Have since high school. When he argued that it was also too Southern, I said "nope, it's a Jane Austen character's name...not Southern, but VICTORIAN...there's a difference." I don't think I managed to convince him, though.

There's a reason we have all boys...if we had a girl, she'd be firstnameless for months, I'm sure!

well thank you very much you need to send your DH off to the library to get some austin books out!
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Originally Posted by boobyfeeder View Post
SuperSarah, Tess and Lucy does sound wonderful together! It's a nice strong combo.
I am always so (happily) surprised at how many people here use family names for middle names- everyone I know IRL thinks it is totally strange, except my family! Even DHs family was kinda, "Wha??" when we told them Tess' MN, which is a family name from my side. I think they are WAY more into it now that we are using a name from his side!
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I don't have any other kids, but I just love this thread! lol Some really great names here!

That's so funny, Sarah. I always thought passing on family names was pretty much the point of middle names! In fact, in Denmark they have legal restrictions on middle names where it basically has to be in your family somewhere. Most Danes don't have middle names, but Dagmar is getting one. About half the people from my mom's side (including me!) have it as a middle name and I've always known I'd pass it on too.
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Ninnifer--I just have to say that I LOVE all three of your names! I am drawn towards more old fashioned names too (Clementine, Beatrix, Iris). I used to have Fern picked out as my future baby name, but my DH nixed it in favor of Clementine. My only problem has been coming up with a boy name that I feel matches that vibe if this one is a boy. Sorry to ramble--just wanted to say that I love your names!
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I like the names in this thread! We are having a really hard time finding a name for this next one, boy or girl. DD1 is Madeline Kaysa-- Madeline because we liked it (though i had to compromise on the spelling, I wanted "Madeleine"), and Kaysa (pronounced K-ICE-uh) is my beloved sister's name. My middle name is Ellen after my mom's sister, so I wanted to follow tradition, and honor the important place Kaysa has in my life. I had no idea how popular the name Madeline was getting when we chose it, but I still like it and it suits her!

We like old fashioned names that are not too popular but also known enough that it doesn't seem like we just made something up. I don't want to do another "M" name, and I'm really into the name "Hugo" for a boy but DH is not excited about it. He's not opposed to it really, just not that into it. And we cannot agree on a middle name to go with Hugo at all!

DH really likes the name "May" for a girl, but we already call DD1 "Maddy May" frequently so that's just weird to me.
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