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Anybody NOT feeling movement?

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Hi -

I am about 18 weeks along with #3. About 3 weeks ago I thought I was feeling flutters every night - and now NOTHING. Not a bump, thump nothing. I can understand this during the day because I am too busy to focus on baby..but at night I am starting to feel worried.

Anybody else about this far along not feeling anything? I have a U/S scheduled for Monday...but I haven't seen my midwife in over 6 weeks (my 2 yr old had surgery and we had to cancel our last appt). So I haven't heard the hb since 12 weeks.

My belly is still growing...but I guess I am worried about placenta previa...or I don't know what....we are planning our 2nd HB.

I would just pick up and go to midwife's house to have her listen with the doppler - but we are an hour away...and since I have the U/S on Monday - I figured I would just wait.

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I am right with you I thought I was feeling movement a few weeks ago then nothing. I was up last night just hoping I would feel something. My MW app is not till next week. I am 18 weeks 5 days and worried.

PM me if you want and
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I'm only 16wks/3 days with this one and I'm not really feeling it much either (if at all). With ds I was feeling him around 13-14 weeks and by 15 weeks I was feeling kicks and everything. I guess I just expected to feel something by now. I was wondering if anyone else was not feeling movement as well. I hope your ultrasound brings you lots of happiness with a healthy and active baby!
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I was/am in the same boat! I felt movement every day for a week around 15 weeks....then nothing. I was pretty worried, although I knew it was early to feel lots of regular movement. Then I hit 18 weeks + a few days, and I started feeling more movement, though still not regular (I can still go a day or 2 without feeling anything). I had my ultrasound yesterday, and everything is just fine. In fact, she really moved her body during one part of the ultrasound, and I felt it and everyone else saw it!

Just wanted to reassure you that it is still early--and that there are others that worry, too!
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I am 18 weeks and haven't felt a thing. It is driving me freaking insane, but I wanted to let you know that you are certainly not alone. I won't get to hear a heartbeat for a couple more weeks I think so I hope that some movement starts happening soon. I had an u/s last week so I know everything is cool, but it would be nice to feel something! Have fun on Monday!
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Yeah, same boat here. I can't remember when I started to feel movement with my last one... I keep thinking, maybe? But there's nothing definite.

I've already heard a heartbeat, so I'm not really worried. I try to tell myself that the less rib-kicking time, the better. But it does make me nervous to hear everyone else talking about movement.
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every once in awhile I think I do, but then.... I know at my 20 wk with DD I had been feeling her for awhile, and i was neat to feel and see her move at the same time during that US. Im blaming the delay this time on being heavier than I was before.
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I felt flutters early on (14-15 weeks.) Then nothnig for a while, then the last 4-5 days I've been feeling kicks--a lot of them (18w2d now.) I think it's still perfectly normal not to feel anything right now. It will probably start pretty soon!
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Crashing from July to say that with my oldest DD, at 20 weeks she had stoped moving all over like she had been before. Freaked me out! I clled the doctor and went to L&D and everything! Turns out that she had just move so tht her back was facing out so her kicks and movements were turned inward so I wasn't feeling them like before. I'm sure this is the case with your LO! Best of luck to you at your ultrasound!
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I'm not feeling anything either. Sometimes I think I might have felt something but its so light. I've been worried because I'm 20 weeks. I went to the doctor yesterday and we heard the heartbeat. The doctor said give it a few more weeks but then I should definately being feeling something regularly.
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I'm 18 weeks 2 days along with my first and so far I haven't felt a single kick. I know that they say it's harder to feel during your first pregnancy and if you're overweight but I am so ready to feel this baby!!! It's driving me crazy.
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Felt the baby last night. Very clear kicks...the little turkey....

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I'm 19 weeks, 5 days, and only in the past 2-3 days have I really felt anything and KNOWN it was baby. This is #2 for me. I know I have an anterior placenta, though, so I knew it would act as a cushion and I might not feel anything until nowish.

I felt one punch, very clearly, from inside and outside yesterday, though. Couldn't get DH's hand there quick enough of course, and baby didn't do it again.
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This is my 3rd (live) pregnancy. I felt flutters from 11 weeks on. Then at exactly 15 weeks, I actually saw movement. I thought I was wack, then dh saw it all, too. It lasted for hours and into the night. I'm talking, like the fireworks movement you usually see at 8 months or something. It was wild. My midwife said the baby must have been so close to the top of my stomach with arms and legs pointing out. I had my first midwife appt. 3 days after the fireworks and it took a very long to get the baby's heartbeat. After that, I felt flutters for about 3 days...then nothing for weeks. Absolutely nothing. I am 19 weeks tomorrow and I finally starting feeling "bubbly" feelings late last week, which must be the baby. I was really scared for awhile, especially because of actually seeing the movement at 15 weeks. I have been away on vacation for 2 weeks and I almost went to the er for peace of mind. I didn't do it, I held out. He/she must have really settled way back in there and focused on growing. It makes me feel a lot better hearing all your stories. I didn't realize that feeling movement, then nothing happened so often. I feel relieved.
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Before today I could only pinpoint two times that I felt the baby.

The first time was 15 weeks, 3 days... I was lying down after taking a shower and it was like I had a little goldfish do a swimming turn in my belly.

I kept waiting, thinking I'd feel something else... and wondering what was wrong since it seems like everyone else in the January Due Date Club was saying they were feeling something every few days

The second time was at 18 weeks, 3 days, just a few days ago - I felt the baby stretching from inside.

Today at 18 weeks, 6 days, since I first read through this thread and as I've been online with my laptop in bed, I've felt him or her make a lot of movement... little flips and flops.
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I am 19 weeks, 2 days and I have yet to feel anything. Makes me crazy because I have had bleeding since week 10 off and on. I have heard the heartbeat as recently as Thursday and I am just trying to be patient for my ultrasound on Tuesday. Not only do I hope to see the baby in there moving but we hope to find out the sex along with the reason for my bleeding.

Once I can feel the movements I hope I won't be as paranoid.
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I was feeling tons of fluttering around 13 weeks. I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow and almost nothing. I think I felt the baby move one good time today, but that's the first movement in weeks and I haven't had anything since then. I don't get it. I just heard the heartbeat at 16 weeks, so I'm not THAT worried. It's just strange. Feeling Baby so early, I figured I'd easily be feeling real kicks at this point.
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