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Yay Shawna - that is wonderful news!!! :::

I am so sorry you're having such problems with m/s. I told dh last night I have total sympathy and admiration for women who are really sick during pregnancy. Take good care of yourself and I hope the nutritionist can give you some help.
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Lisa - looking forward to hearing about your u/s on Thursday!

Shawna - congrats on a great u/s! it must have been amazing to hear those two heartbeats! sorry to hear you are feeling so sick, hope you get some relief soon.

for those of you experiencing morning sickness, when did it start? i'll be 5 weeks tomorrow and, except for feeling tired, don't feel pregnant at all. i'll probably regret saying this, but i am looking forward to *some* symptoms, so that it feels real!

hi to everyone else!

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Sarah, I had pretty minimal symptoms to begin with. Boobs a little sore, occasional flash of nausea now and again but nothing that lasted. Around 6 weeks the nausea was a little more, boobs were a little more sore. Yesterday and today the nausea kicks in early afternoon and stays but no throwing up fortunately. It requires more distraction to eat and the things that sound really good (grilled cheese sandwhich with sharp cheddar cheese) are things I can't eat because I'm off dairy and gluten. Compared to Shawna, I've got it easy. I'll be 8 weeks on Wednesday.

All that to say, don't worry, your wish of more symptoms will probably come true

This morning the boobs weren't feeling very sore at all and I could feel myself starting to wonder. The soreness kicked back in this afternoon, plus the nausea.
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Well ladies, had our 8wk u/s and we got to see both heartbeats this time. : Both embryos are looking good and measuring on track

I'll be honest, I'm still a bit in shock over the twin situation. But, it appears there are 2 wanting to make an entrance and who am I to argue?
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Aw, Lisa!!! Congrats on getting to hear the two heartbeats today!! That must have sounded beautiful!!

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Wasn't sure if you guys saw my update in the other thread so wanted to share this here too:

My bleeding never got bright or heavy so my RE scheduled a D&C. When she was doing a u/s yesterday she saw what she thought was fluid in my tubes and said that could've caused the miscarriage. Well within an hr of that appt I was in excrutiating pain.

I ended up in the hospital where she did a D&C, removed my left fallopian tube and did a ligation on my right. I was having internal bleeding from the "fluid" in my tube. Turns ou she thinks it was an ectopic pregnancy but doesn't think it was from the transferred embryo!!

She thinks I may have released an egg that we somehow fertilized (even though the only sex we had was with a condom. Which means I got pregnant on my own? I think she is going to send whatever she found to get tested and find out exactly what it was.

Scary thing was she told my DH after the surgery that had I not come into the hospital I "wouldn't have made it thru the night". Thank goodness I had talked to my mom and she ha warned me if I had any pain to get right back in to see her.

Strangely as soon as my surgery was over, all the worry and stress I've been feeling is gone. It's like my intuition has been going crazy for weeks and now I have a deep sense of peace about it all.

My husband had a dream last night (he has had about 3-4 dreams since I've known him and they've all been prophetic). He told me he dreamt I was hugely pregnant with twins, that we were having the homebirth we wanted and our midwife had glasses. lol He said he feels certain we are suppose to have twins and one embryo wasn't coming without the other one.

Anyway I'm feeling really good. Sore from the laporoscopy but much better than I thought. And again I feel so relieved now with all that fear gone. Still no decision made how or if or when we'll go forward but feeling good no matter what that this all turned out so good in the end.

Good luck ladies!! Maybe it'll be in the cards for me another time. Until then I'm feeling blessed to be alive and well!
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: : .
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tara - holy sh*t. that was a terrifying story! what a blessing to have received the right medical attention at the right time.

im glad to hear that you are feeling at peace with how everything turned out. i loved the story about your dh's dream. thinking about your twins out there, waiting to come into your life, is really sweet. you have a whole team of frozen embies, right?

sending you {hugs} and hopes that your body feels better soon.

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