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She used fabric softener on her diapers ...

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Ugh, poor sleep deprived mama without internet used softener on her diapers.

On top of that she only has access to apartment coin op washers so she can't try washing them 100 times, and if that doesn't work try washing them 100 times with vinegar .... or whatever.

I'm going to see if she can drive to her sister's and stay there all day while she does a million loads of hot steamy diaper laundry.

Does dawn work for stripping diapers?

Should she use anything at all when she washes them?

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Has she thought about getting a table top tumbler?


It costs somewhere around $50. If (when) I am blessed with a baby, I plan on keeping one of these on my counter top, even though I have my own house with a washer dryer. I figure this could be used to do those really stinky diapers that need to be washed 100x in vinegar.
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What types of diapers? If they are all cotton, I'd boil them. Just in a big pot, for 10ish minutes, that should get all the residue out. I would be very careful with any snaps...just make sure they don't touch the sides of the pot...maybe line the pot with a towel?
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Was it a dryer sheet? My husband has accidentally put a dryer sheet in with my pocket diapers a few times along the way and I always just rewash them once without any problems. You might just try that first.
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I'd just use squirt of plain dawn and then rinse really well.
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