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Carrots and nitrate?

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I've been catching from some posts that one shouldn't feed a baby too many carrots...could someone please enlighten me? Why is this?

I'm concerned because my daughter loves carrots! If I let her, she'd eat enough to turn orange.
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Oh there is no reason why dd shouldn't eat carrots. The nitrate concern is for babies under 7 months old. This is only with baby food that you make at home since you have no way to measure the nitrates. If she is older than seven months or is six months and you are giving her commercial baby food there is no worries. Commercial baby food makers check the levels reguarly. I go this info from the book Super Baby Food. It is an excellent read.
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hi, where did you get Super Baby Food. Can you get it at the bookstore or do you have to buy it on line? DO you have the authors name? TIA
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I will also recommend "Simply natural baby food" from Cathe Olson, she's a moderator here. Just bought it thorough Amazon and I'm very happy with it. You also can find there the other book.
About the carrots, my dd also loves them but I am not preparing them at home, just in case.
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if the food is made at home with organic carrots does that make a difference? i'm a bit clueless about nitrates.....

also, do carrots have any sort of constipating effect. ds is eating applesauce, pear sauce, rice cereal, and carrots. he's a bit more constipated than normal (sorry for the yucky info), so i'm wondering if one of these is doing it to him. i feel like a friend mentioned something about carrots.

on the subject, any ideas for foods to help "flush him out"?

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From what I understand, it doesn't matter if the carrots are organic or not. The nitrates are in the soil, and being organic doesn't help.

I'm not sure about carrots being constipating, but I can tell you that rice cereal can constipate a baby. The pears should help counteract that, but you could also try prunes.
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Yes! Carrots can be constipating! At least, the are on the list of potentially constipating foods in Dr. Sears' THE BABY BOOK. In general, if your babe is having trouble with constipation, you should avoid foods at the beginning of the alphabet: apples, bananas, carrots. . . and concentrate more on "p" words: pears, prunes, peaches, plums.

Rice cereal can be quite a problem. If you want to give cereal, you could try oatmeal instead,


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Super Baby Food can be found at any book store. You might find it at the library but I really reccomend buying it because I've had it for 7 months and used the heck out of it.

No it dosen't matter if the carrots are organic like the other mama said. The nitrates are in the soil.
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So, I should only feed her processed carrots? We eat organic foods, so she did eat organic jarred baby carrots for a long time. But now she's 12 months old, and has been eating steamed organic carrots (that I prepare at home) as finger food for months now. Is this a concern?

How is one to know what level of nitrates are safe? Is there a guideline to how often to feed carrots, and when feeding home prepared carrots is okay?
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Most, if not all, commercial non-organic carrots are irradiated thus rendering the enzymes for carrot digestion null and void. Irradiation also destroys the healthy bacteria in plant life (that's why a commercial carrot lasts forever in fridge and organic does not last long). Commercial farmers are required to only add 3 nutrients to the soil, (out of about 75 in organic soil) and one of those is nitrogen. I'm no chemist or botonist but something tells me the reason for all the fuss revolves around what we have done to commercial carrots.
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The AAP says you should wait until 8 months to give carrots, but what I've found online says that babies over 6 months can handle nitrates. And I have read that organic produce is slightly lower in nitrates because of the different types of fertilizer that are used in organics, but remember that "organic" can still be a very broad term, one that doesn't always mean "grown without pesticides."

Actually, I recently read that nitrates build up in fresh carrots that are stored a long time, and that this has more to do with the nitrate level than the organic issue does, so it's safer to buy carrots from local growers and picked within the past couple of days--and to use them quickly. I can't, though, remember where I read it, though I've been searching! So it may be more important to buy recently-picked produce (not from the grocery store, where it's shipped from heaven knows where) than to worry about whether it's organic or not. You can wash off a lot of pesticide residue with a sink full of water and a few drops of dish soap, btw. Not that I don't prefer organic when I can get it--at my local farmer's market I have friends who grow and sell produce so I know exactly what will and won't be on/in it. Nice to only have to wash off plain old dirt!
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sorry to harp on the constipation issue....(megincl is my partner)...in what forms do you feed prunes to your dc? we have made all of ds's food up until this point, but we bought some apples and plums in a jar. we are really looking to feed him prunes -- how do you make them at home? can you buy them (organic)?

advice greatly appreciated!

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Originally posted by somewhere to grow
So, I should only feed her processed carrots? We eat organic foods, so she did eat organic jarred baby carrots for a long time. But now she's 12 months old, and has been eating steamed organic carrots (that I prepare at home) as finger food for months now. Is this a concern?
Since your babie is 12 months old you don't need to worry about the nitrate issue. Everything I've read suggests caution in babies younger than seven months. Feeding your 12 month old home cooked organic carrots is some of the best whole food you could provide.
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Thanks for the info on the books, we about to start some solids. I have the Sears baby book to get me started.
T Speaking of buying locally grown produce, did you know it takes like 3 months for a carrot to grow to normal "big carrot" size? That's nearly the whole growing season in most parts of the country! Now it's a lot easier if you want to end up with the finger carrots. A shallower growing bed is needed & you could stagger your planting & give yourself fewer carrots at a time. But, in most parts of the country there's going to be a time when it's stored carrots or no carrots.
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About homemade prunes, I steam them and then make the puree, or even a juice with it ,which warm will help better for the constipation.
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I cut up prunes and pears and cook them in a bit of water, then add the whole thing to cooked oatmeal and stick it in the food processor. DD loves it and it's naturally sweet. You can puree as much or as little as you like, depending on your baby's preference.
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