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hollyvangogh- we don't either, unless you count my FIL calling every 2 weeks or 3 weeks to ask us to help him do something.
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No real support system over here either, but then when we lived in the States, we were also very far from family. One day I would like to live at least a couple hours away from family rather than a plane ride away! I do talk to my mom on the phone daily, but that is about it. I long for the day to be able to have one of the grandparents watch DD for a date night for DH and myself!

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I'm an English expat currently living in Spain. We've lived here for just over 2 years and wouldn't move back at all.

For people who want to learn the languages pimsleur is an excellent all talk course, just listen to the cds or put them on an MP3 player, other half is currently doing the spanish one and I'm working on 2 other languages. Other than that there's the FSI courses available free to download from the internet. Google for FSI free download. In the forum there's links to another site also collecting courses, I think the link is under the member contributions or somewhere around.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for boys names which work in both Spanish and English, I'm sort of liking Alejandro and Daniel at the moment, just a little concerned the male diminutive of Alejandro will sound a bit like the female diminutive of Alexendra.
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I'm and ex- ex-pat thinking about returning to Japan with kid and husband in tow. I'll definitely be following this tribe for tips and ifo about raising a young child abroad.
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I used pimsleur also and recommend it!
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Canadian in Hong Kong

Hey all,

I'm a Canadian who has been living in Hong Kong for 1.5 years with my partner. We are going to TTC come August this year.
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prone_to_wander- welcome!!
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Homebirth in Hong Kong

I was just wondering of anyone has had a homebirth in Hong Kong? I would really prefer to stay at home but all of the research I've done (many many hours) and I've found one midwife who might/maybe/possibly/if she is even still in the country do it but I'd like to find someone who has gone through it.
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American in Israel. Shalom/Hello.
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hey jul511riv- welcome!
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What a quiet thread! Im bumping to see if there's any new expats out there or if any old ones want to chat...

Im american but lived in the UK for 10.5 years (I CANNOT believe its been that long!!!)

I live in the southwest of England but had lived up north (manchester) for 5 years, only moved to this beautiful part of the country a year ago... again I cant believe we've been down here that long.

So how's everyone else doing? How have you found living abroad? How has it shaped who you are and your out look on life (if at all)?

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genifer- hi! lately I have just been trying to figure out the bureaucracies of birth here.

Most OBGYNs who you see for your pregnancy in this country don't do
your deliveries and if I want the birth center route, I have to change to an OBGYN
who is registered with the center as a doctor assuming I don't just want to take whoe ever is on call that day.. this isn't too hard, they
have a list of about 20 in town who will do deliveries and monitoring
there but its sort of just one more then you don't want to have to
think about going into your third trimester and it cost money to keep the same doctor for the pregnancy and birth .. :/

No one explains or even asked me what kind of birth I wanted, I guess it was assumed since 98% of people deliver at the main hospital, I would go there to. . .

And the birth centers
are private in in my town, which means, if I want to go there, I have
to pay for it. The great thing is they charge a flat fee after insurance coverage, (3,000), which covers everything- if I need it, c-section, drugs etc. the price
doesn't change. Sadly with plans to have a natural birth, it feels
like a lot, but I am also spending 5 days there after (again required by law) and they have midwifes who will come to your home after that if you need help. So I
am trying to look at the big package

I am really just nervous about giving birth in a country I am not fluent in the language yet and wish there were more english speaking doctors/nurses/midwifes in this town so I didn't have to rely totally on my husband if I dont understand something.
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teeg1973: In some cities in Germany there are German-American clubs / offices where you might get some support - I remember the "Deutsch-amerikanisches Buergerbuero" in Kaiserslautern.
Depending on where you live you could also try with the head of English classes at a university.
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yep, I'm back to birthing in this country (already had one here) and getting that all in order. Like anything else in Israel, it is a beaurcracy, but it will work out, G-d Willing. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to decide...ultrasound or not...
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This is my first blog response- so just learning "how to." I remember telling my parents, "don't worry, the Peace Corps is only for two years!"...now I have been overseas for thirty years and raised my kids in the UK. I would love to share experiences of long-term overseas living...if you don't mind an almost-grandma joining in the discussion!
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I'd LOVE for an almost granny to be part of the discussion. I think we could all learn an awful lot from you and get some perspective and insight that our generation is notorious for sorely lacking.
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Welcome, FloridaSurreyMomma!
Maybe this is some kind of virus - once you caught it, you've got it?
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Count me in! I was borned in Eastern Europe, lived in US for many years and now we're in Belgium indefinately. It's nice to be somewhat closer to family than before but still it's a bit lonely, not a lot of friends yet.
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Im an American mommie...raising my children in Mexico....been here for almost 2 years....on and off....having some difficult times...i dont speak much spanish...and feel isolated most days.
I think i will check into that website for learning spanish...sounds great.
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i'm a canadian mama to 2 little guys, recently moved to a jungly beach town in argentina. i'm still figuring things out - the mama thing, the sahm thing, the jungle & small town thing... life is good, but lonely and wierd too. i just started blogging about it (link is in my profile).

i'd be especially interested to hear from any of you that have gotten involved in local social movements, your kids' schools, community groups etc. how do you deal with 'outsider' issues? how do you find the right spaces, take the first steps?

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