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My son just turned 13 and he wears a Men's size 6 1/2. He'll wear a size 7 soon. He's 5 feet, 5 1/2 inches. I remember when I was 13- I only wore Men's/Boy's sneakers. Size 5. I was 5 foot 4 inches when I was that age.
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My son is 11 and wears a men's 7 or 7 1/2---both of which are really hard to find. I was horrified at the beginning of the summer when I realized we had to start shopping in the men's shoe section. Horrified by the jump in price!
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My 13yo's feet are about the same size as mine- we both wear a 6.5 but she needs a medium, I need a wide.

my 12yo only wears a children's 3 (equivilent to a woman's 5) but she's due for a growth spurt!
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My DD is 10, 11 at the end of September, and she is barely a size 3 kids. She is about 4' 9" tall.
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My 10 year old has size 9 1/2 feet and is 5 feet tall. Makes me wonder if she's gonna be 6 feet tall with size 12s or if she's just almost reached her full size early.
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11 yo DD wears a 9-9.5, she's 5'4" and growing like crazy.

She gets her sasquatchness from her mama.
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My daughter is almost 12 and tall for her age. I wear a size 9 and she is in a 7-1/2 or 8. Some of my flip flops fit her and keep disappearing into her closet! Should be fun when we wear the same size! I'll never see any of my shoes!
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DS is 13, and his feet are size 10. He is taller than me too
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I am in complete awe of this thread!

My DD is only 9 y/o, but she wears a kid's size 12. She's only 4'3", though so she still has a lot of growing (maybe).
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DS just turned 14. He is 5'6" and wears size 9 men's shoes. He is a "late bloomer" and hasn't really had a growth spurt of height and/or feet yet, just a wee bit at a time so far.
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my 13yo DS wears size 13.5. He is about 5'6" and as we come from the land of giants I believe he as well as his brother will be over 6'5' and DD will probably be a lanky 6'. I know I should be investing in Basket balls....
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I wear a size 7 1/2 womens. My dd 10 years old wears a size 8 womens and
ds 9 years old wears a size 7 mens.
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My DAUGHTER is 9 and is wearing an 8-8.5 women's shoe. She is also tall, and will probably be much taller than me (I'm 5'6"). I wear a 9.5-10 so I fully expect her to wear a 10.

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My 11 year old son is wearing a men's size 8, and the price jump from boys to men shocked the you know what out of me. He is 4'11.5" and weighs in at 95lbs.

My nine year old daughter wears a womens size 7, and is 4'11, and weighs 75lbs. She has an inch to go before she is taller than her grandmother (my mom) and her feet are already bigger. I was 12 when I reached those milestones against my mom. She has "started" and while I am not starving her, we are encouraging her to stay slim with activities to keep her curves under control for a few more years.

Our youngest is only three and he wears a youth size 1. I am scared...very scared.

I am 5'9" and wear a women's size 10... or 11 depending. My husband is 6'2" and wears a men's size 10.5.
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My 14 yo DS wears size 13 shoes. I really hope they are done growing. He's been that size for about a year now.

He had a huge growth spurt about 9 months ago and went from 5" 9" to 6" 1" sine then.
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My sons are still little, but I can tell you about my husband. He wore a size 11 shoe when he was 11, 12 at 12, 13 at 13 and 14 at 14. He is currently 6'4" and wears a size 15 shoe.
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DS is 11, just over 5', and currently wearing men's size 9s.
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My DS is 10 and now wears a size 10 Mens! Big feet! Same size as his dad..
My DD is 12 and now wears a size 8-8 1/2 Womens! Same size as me..

I'm thinking that they are both going to hit a growth spurt soon (they're the size height) and pass us both up! DH's brothers are both well over 6' even though he somehow got the short end of the stick and is 5'9
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My son just turned 13 July 31st...
He wears a size 13 in mens.
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My 12 year old ds wears a sizre 11 to 11.5 and eyeballs me at 5'6".....his hands have always been big....even as a baby....great for the sports that he plays now...baseball....his hands are almost as big as my dh....gosh...besides growing he is eating me out of house and home!
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