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heavy feeling

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anyone feeling heavy? not just bloated, but like a heavy feeling? just curious because i'm so hyper aware of every little twinge.. thanks for indulging...
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Naw, just achy today--like 1 or 2 days before a period, but not. I hear you on being hyper-aware. I'm looking forward to getting in to see my OB--which is not for almost 3 weeks--to see that everything's OK, so I can maybe stop cataloguing every last twitch and twinge. Either that or I'm going to buy more tests.
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yeah that was my first symptom at around 3.5wks. LOL and it's definitely continued.

it's heavily overpowered by my constant nausea now, however, so it's not as noticeable to me these days.
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I too am hyper aware of every little feeling
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I feel heavy and achy. I actually had to pull out a larger skirt today that I wore during the beginning of DD2's pg because all my shorts were just driving me insane.
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heavy and achy is how i feel too...i noticed yesterday that my skirts are fitting tighter now and i'm just under 6 weeks...i have a bella band from before, so it might be coming out of the closet sooner than i planned.. i hope all that's a good sign!!
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you know, it's funny that so many of us use that "hyperaware" description. i didn't know how to describe how i just KNEW that i was pregnant to my DH. i just told him that i was "more aware of my uterus". it wasn't necessarily pain, or discomfort, or cramping, or anything really. i was just *aware* of it. he was like "wha??" LOL i'm glad to know i wasn't just insane. LMAO
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