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No advice, just in the same boat. DD is turning 3 this week and according to our bathroom scale (not necessarily that accurate) she's 22 pounds, which puts her just below the charts. I guess we'll get the endocrine panel when she goes in for her WCV soon. I don't know what to think either; she's small but DH and I both had eating issues when we were kids, and neither of us are exactly large people (maybe could stand to lose a few pounds but not tall or big-boned).

She seems to be hitting milestones ok but some just barely; she's been behind on gross motor skills since she was born pretty much. I think she's caught up for the most part but she's just not gross-motor oriented. I don't know how to compare her to other kids since I don't know many kids.

I guess I kind of don't really get it. We offer her all the food she wants; the only food that is restricted is sugar (but we still lapse and "let" her have some occasionally). Sugar to me is just empty crap that won't help her grow. We are vegetarian also but have offered her meat out of the house but she has never seemed to like it - so I don't consider that a restriction. I can honestly say food is not a battle at our house; it's offered often but never coerced or forced. I just don't get why she wouldn't eat enough if it was there and offered to her and if it wasn't an emotional problem. She just doesn't seem that interested much of the time, and her appetite seems to be fulfilled with only a few bites. A lot of food goes to waste in our house as a result.

Blah, being a parent seems to require worrying...
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Originally Posted by MommaFox View Post
At 5'2", I'd have to say that being short isn't so bad. Ds's bio-dad is short as well (for a guy) at 5'6"
My grandpa was 5' 6" and married my grandmother who was 5' 10"

He loved it

(Yes, my grandmother played basketball back in the 1940s!)
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