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Wow! People really feel they have the right to comment about NIP, huh? - Page 2

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3 out of 5 comments were positive -- that's a good thing! I'm sorry you got some negative ones too -- it's bizarre that people can't keep their traps shut about stuff like that.
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Wow, Jenna. The nasty comment was so uncalled for, but unfortunately that seems to be what people teach their kids.
What the heck do they think boobs are for?
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Originally Posted by MilkTrance View Post
I wouldn't have been so polite.

My snark would probably have been, "I'll tell you what's nasty -- that wide butt of yours. Now that's nasty!"

But um. I really try to hold my tongue 'cause I don't want to get beat up.

Sometimes I don't hold my tongue though.
i love you
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Originally Posted by Materfamilias View Post
What the heck do they think boobs are for?
The Jonas Brothers.
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"I think bottle feeding a baby is a nasty habit that should take place only in a bathroom." - Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D., LLLI Medical Advisor.


My sister was at a shopping mall on an escalator going up and she looked up, only to see that the passenger ahead and above her, a young teenage girl wearing a very short skirt, had no underwear on. Not a stitch. This is supposed to be a fashion statement.

Breastfeeding which is normal and natural, should be covered up....our culture is screwed up.
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Good for you for NIP.
Shame on them for the nasty "bfing is nasty" comments.
Shame on the facility for only happening the lounge where you might nurse in PEACE shielded from such remarks!
good that you had the opportunity to show how natural and loving it is.
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I consider NIP to be an act of public service - hooray for you, normalizing breastfeeding! :

What's really nasty is accosting a complete stranger with rude language. Sorry you ran into such a UAV. I would have been tempted to squirt her in the eye...
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Originally Posted by MilkTrance View Post
My snark would probably have been, "I'll tell you what's nasty -- that wide butt of yours. Now that's nasty!"
Boy, I hope everyone reading this thread has a svelte rear end!
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How about...

"Have you ever tasted formula? Now that's some nasty stuff!"

I'm sorry you got some rude comments. I've never had anyone say anything but nice things to me while NIP, and I'm really shocked that people think it's okay to say things like that.
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Isn't it sad how it is women who are are own biggest critics?
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I really don't undertand either how people think its their business to offer up coments about this. I mean, a woman can walk around in shorts so tiny that more than half her rear end is hanging out and nodoby will say a word to her. But if a woman is bf and showing no skin at all, people feel they have the right to tell her to cover up. Whats up with that it drives me crazy!!! And you know what else i have noticed (maybe its me here, tell me if i am wrong) its ALWAYS other women that make the ugly comments!!

I get really anx about nip because of people like that! I am in texas where the heat index can be 112 on a normal day. Would YOU want a blanket over your head? I've been nursing in my car with the AC running but i just cant handle doing that whenever my baby is hungry. So from now on I've told my husband to stand right next to me whenever i need to nip. He's nearly 6 in a half feet tall and can look pretty intimidating. Think it will work?
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Sorry you had to deal with that!

I've had only one really bad thing said to me. I was at urgent care because hubby was sick (turned out to be the flu) and me and baby were in waiting area. I was breastfeeding her and I could see out of the corner of my eye these 3 people staring at me. I heard one of them say, "mumble mumble... cover up... mumble mumble..." lol.

Another time, which isn't so bad, is I was at my older daughter's tumbling class at the Y and I was talking to an older lady in a chair next to me. When I started to breastfeed, she just stood right up and walked away. (hehe) I found that a little funny.
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The positive comments were really nice.

I got a "disgusting" comment while nursing in a zoo while we were on vacation up north. It was from another mother who was pushing her babe in one of those super expensive Bugaboo strollers. (Which I have no problem with specifically, I was just p.o.'d)

She: *gesturing toward me to her friend* That's disgusting! I would never do that in public.

Me: *with a wide grin on my face* Really? I think throwing a bunch of money away on an ugly a** stroller is disgusting. I would never do that at all!

She walked away swiftly.

But I'm confrontational like that.
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Originally Posted by Irishmommy View Post

I only ever got positive comments. Pissed me off, as I was so prepared with all my wonderful comebacks, and I never got to use them. I must either live in a decent area or I have a vibe!
I know, I am so ready to take on anyone who has anything to say about me nursing, and all I get are sweet smiles and nice comments.
I do love the Australian lady's comment. That's cute.
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obviously it's not a surprise since our culture is so boob fascinated. i'm sure other cultures look at us and think ugh, those are for babies, not humans!
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I don't know why people feel the need to make mean comments.

I don't get it, WHY are lactation stations closed EVER? There is one at the mall near me. Anytime I go to use it, it is closed. Do babies only get hungry only 9-5 monday through friday? If it is there when the mall is open it should be open. It is just an area closed of with a cheap wall divider, a glider, and magazines on an end table but it is nice for privacy. I don't see why it is necessary to lock. Is someone really going to steal the baby magazine or the chair? I NIP when necessary, but prefer privacy due to a distractable baby.

Good for you for not feeling the need to cover to do a natural act, and to continue even after others said mean things.
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I'll be honest, I've never thought twice about NIP, and I've never received a comment. People are very laid-back about it in general - I guess the most I get is from mothers of toddlers who come up and want to say hi to DD - they say, "Not now, the baby is eating." I've actually been surprised at how many people will come up to me and start chatting while I'm NIP.

Is this really unusual? I do live in a more progressive area, so maybe that's why?
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OTOH, years ago, before I ever had children, I walked up to talk to a woman at the airport who was NIP, and she told me to get lost. I thought nursing helped relax a woman?!
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It boggles my mind that our society still sees breastfeeding as "disgusting" and "unnatural"!

So many woman find it hard to nurse in public due to the fact other people find it taboo. Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your baby and for yourself. How does these people think the human race has survived so long? If our ancestors didn't breastfeed we wouldn't be where we are today.

The main reason why so many people find BF offensive is because our society has made breasts into sex objects. You see and hear it all over the place.

It's really sad because many woman won't even attempt to breastfeed in public. Every woman has the right to feed her baby when and where she wants, I don't care what anyone says!

Stand up for yourself and other BF moms out there, I always spoke up when someone said something to me.
They wouldn't go and eat their lunch in a bathroom would they...no, that's just disgusting. But some people expect mom's who are nursing to hid out in a bathroom to feed there darling little baby.....give me a break!

Keep your chin up, the people that comment have the problem not you!

You're giving you baby the best you can and thats all that matters!
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Originally Posted by damselfly41 View Post
Too bad about the negativity.

I was at the pool while my bigs had swim lessons, and when I began nursing my babe, the lady next to me actually got up and moved.
On the flip side... She could have just gotten up so that she would not be a distraction to the baby. At 11 months, even when hungry, my daugther can get distracted easily. A few mnths ago she did learn that the world continues when she is nursing. Annoys the heck out of me sometimes, not just "fighting" with her to get he to settle and nurse, but when I just want to sit and nap or read or do something totally selfish for me. (I miss it when she BFed exclusively and I could sit and read, nap, etc.)

I digress a bit.
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