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Once our DDC Closes...

Poll Results: Should we make an alternate message board?

  • 86% (26)
    Yes, let's! But use along with LWAB forum
  • 13% (4)
    No, I only wanna use MDC LWAB forum
30 Total Votes  
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Does everyone just wanna go with the flo and move on over to LWAB or do you want a board where we can "hang out" together still as well as LWAB? I created a board for us, in case, but before I post where it is and all, I thought I'd ask! Of course, you don't HAVE to join us there. You can just stay here at MDC exclusively if you wanna! I just have enjoyed all you ladies SO much that I would hate to "loose" anyone over there!! (And I get lost, myself, over there trying to find people from my old DDC with my DS... I never keep in contact with them anymore because I got "lost"! )
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I know for me, personally, I'd like to keep up with you ladies since we all have babies the same age and are going through the same things. I don't post a lot on here but I do try to keep up when I can and enjoy the discussions.

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I think another forum would be a great idea. We did that with the july 06 DDC and we still chatter there all the time, I love being able to keep up with them!
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how about a yahoo group, that way it goes to email
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i like the forum format better than a yahoo group, easier to keep track of posts and topics that way. for me, at least.
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Originally Posted by Red Sonja View Post
i like the forum format better than a yahoo group, easier to keep track of posts and topics that way. for me, at least.
Me too!
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what does LWAB (I'm guessing AB is for after birth!!!!)...

I'm interested...

LIFE WITH A BABE!!! got it.. nevermind LOL!
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The enormity of mdc intimidates me. I feel much more comfy with you all. I would hate to lose you out there. Another board sounds awesome.
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Really pleased to see the new place, I'm already finding LWAB a little too big and anonymous for my tastes and it'll be great to keep up with all my July DDC peeps. Great idea, Kerri.
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DDC's are a service we offer our members, but they were never intended to become micro-MDC's that people never ventured out of. I understand that the boards can seem big, and you're certainly welcome to start your own forums, as other DDC's have done before you. But please keep within the UA when discussing it. That means not putting down other forums or posting about moderator actions. As always, if you have any questions please PM a moderator or administrator.
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