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dairy issues and stinky poop

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my ds is 10 months old. he has some issues with dairy (caused a patch of eczema, diaper rash, runny nose) earlier, but we thought he out grew it around 8 months. he has a bit now, i cook with milk, and sometimes he'l have cheese, and i dont limit my own dairy anymore (i cut out obvious dairy for about 5 months, and the hidden for a month or 2)

the problem is, it smells like something died in his diaper when he poops. its really awful. could this still be an issue with the dairy?
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yup. every time I thought DS "outgrew" his dairy intolerance, it was because he changed symptoms....
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i was afraid of that.... would probiotics or something help, do you think? i wonder if id have to cut mine out again.... i really like my dairy, lol
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The runny nose is probably dairy related.
The diaper rash is most likely from yeast overgrowth.
Smelly poo is not good. He has high content of bad bacteria. It may get better if you take all dairy out.

I would first try to take all dairy out and lower your sugar intake, get on the dairy free probiotics to start.
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i thought the diaper rash was yeast, but the cream the doc gave us didnt help much, and it went away when i cut out the dairy, at about 4 months. it came in and out while i was cutting out the dairy, and the eczema did too. the doctor said it doesnt usually show up as a rash too, but thats the only thing i could attribute it too. i slipped up at about 8-9 months, and neither one of those reactions came back, so i figured he was ok with it, but i guess not. its time to start cutting back out i guess. he doesnt get much- some cheese occasionally, and i cook with dairy, but i dont read the lables like i used to. i used to be a dairy addict, but since adding it back in, i eat a lot less than i used too.
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It takes a while for the body to get rid of what ever your body was not digesting. After you stopped eating dairy (or what ever you can't digest well) the body will start to function better: You will see it in the skin and poop. After you have cleared your body, occasional slip up may not show up right away, but it will if you keep eating it. Does it make sense?
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Sounds like when my LO has any dairy at all. Smaells like something crawled in her dipe and died! Definitely take the dairy back out.
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