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November Pre - O

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I was at CD1 today and since it is so close to November, I thought I would start up a November board. Hope that is OK.
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I think I should be here too Dumb dumb question ahead...is CD1 the day you get AF or the day after it ends? For some reason I never bothered to ask.:LOL
I chart for a week and then get off track so my goal this month is to stick with it.
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CD1 is the first day of af.

I'm here too! CD3 for me, glad to see there are others hanging around for a bit too. This is my first cycle ttc after my m/c in Sept, I am so excited to get this going!
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Am I allowed to be here too???? I still have not had a period since my m/c on Oct 10, but the plan is to try again right away! I'm just hoping I don't ovulate until after Nov 11 as I'm having knee surgery that day. I'm so excited to try again, I'm sure however that that will be replaced with terrible anxiety during the 2 ww and also waiting to hear that little heart beat (something I never got to do this time) Happy waiting everyone!
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Wow, lots of m/c here so far! My last one was earlier this year.
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can I post here, as well?

I'm still technically in the middle of the 2 week wait, but I'm pretty darn sure that I'm waiting around for the month of November ... : Sad that I have the "here we go agains" so early in this ttc process, isn't it?

So, I'm biding my time until the next O ...

Best Wishes to all of you!
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Hi Ladies!!

I was waiting for this thread to show up!

I am on CD2 of my 1st PPAF! My DS is 22 mo.It's been a lovely 3 yrs without her...but I'm glad she came now RIGHT ON TIME for baby making! This is the one and only visit that she is allowed...we'll see if she heeds my wishes:LOL

This is the 3 rd month for ttc for us, but now we finally know whats going on instead of wondering if O will happen or not.

Did any of you bleed REALLY heavy with 1st ppaf or is it just my imagination due to it having been SO long ago for me?
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Wow, so many TTC after a Loss mamas here...me too!!! Welcome!

I am about to head over to the Wait, soon, though!
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I'll be joining you too. I had a m/c a year ago almost (Nov. 17th) and have been ttc since December of last year.

Kristi, sorry but I don't have any PPAF information for you since I haven't had a baby yet. Hope someone can answer your question. :

I am cd2 or 3 (started really late in the day on Tuesday...) So I have a while here with you all.

Good luck everyone this month.

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T Naturegirl, where is WA do you live? I just left WA...I miss it!!! I lived in Olympia.

Sorry you're back to Pre-O! You SO deserve a baby! I know it will happen for you soon!
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naturegirl - great to see you here again, although the circumstances could be better, its nice to share the ttc journey with you again.

I think all of us ttc after a loss need to get pg at the same time so we can all support each other through the first months when we will be nervous and scared.
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No kidding adventuregirl. I almost think I am not getting pregnant because I am so scared I will m/c again. : After trying so hard to get pregnant again, I don't know how I would take another m/c. So here's some for all of us so we can get pregnant together with babies!

Lucysmama, I live in Mount Vernon. Tulip country! So sorry you had to move. Where did you move to?

Shannon, sweetfeet, k4kara, milkymommi and Jennifer
Happy bding

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Helloooooo ladies!

Here I am cd 1. Of cycle #17.....

Who knows when I will O this time around....So patiently biding my time.

I hope that this is a good month!
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Hello - I thought I'd jump over to the November Pre-O board since I am on cd10 right now. I was out of town for a while, so I've lost track of the threads a little bit. Like all of you, I'm just biding my time waiting for that little egg comes along. We have started our bd'ing early this month to try and catch the egg. I am also really trying to stay relaxed, take it easy and focus on making an hospitable environment for my egg to implant in!

I am keeping all of you in my thoughts and sending all positive wishes for healthy pregnancies. Especially those that have experienced miscarriages or difficulty conceiving.

Here's to everyone graduating to the I'm Pregnant board this month!!!!!

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Have any of you who previously experienced miscarriage noticed the first cycle after the m/c to be incredibly emotional? I never really used to suffer from any mental/emotional aspects of pms, but right now, I'm either angry at someone or horribly sad . Every little thing seems to set me off. I'm in a total state right now (yes right this minute) because we were supposed to go out with some friends tonight to see a good band at a local pub. Our reasons, us and our friends, living in farm country, never get any trick or treaters and between our miscarriage on the 10th of Oct, and our puppy being killed by a car a little over a week ago, we just wanted to celabrate the ending of this lousy month and kinda ring in November for some better luck. Well our friends never really commited and just now told me they likely would not be coming, she's still got some work to do and with the nice weather her hubby is outside getting some stuff down. Well, I was shocked by my own reaction, I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm hurt and I feel totally rejected--someone tell me this is just hormones and I'm not just turning into a b*%^h!!!
Either that or someone agree with me that I should be upset , were we slighted or am I just hormonal??????
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After a m/c I am always WAY more sensitive and hormonal. Before ds I would cry at the site of a pregnant woman or baby and was just so angry at times it shocked me. Hang in there, the hormones calm back down again.
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Your hormone levels just crashed simlar to after birth..it's normal to feel emotional. I told my dh, "Nothing personal, but go the f%@# away!!" today....I felt so bad later.

Woohoo!!! Actually did some BDing yeserday...did the whole eggwhite-thing, and I don't feel irritated vaginally at all! So maybe I won't get an infection this time. (fingers crossed smilie) For those of you who don't know, yes I am putting real eggs where the sun don't shine, and yes it gives me an infection. But I did it last month, and I got pregnant, so I think it's worth it. :LOL Until I get the infection that is.....

Good luck catching those eggies!
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Can I ask why the real eggs??? I've never heard of that before. I'm in a little better shape this morning. Our friends ended up showing up last night with us, I think she felt really guilty by how upset I was. Oh well. So real eggs huh??
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Ok the real eggs thing:
I don't make much, if any EWCM...that's the cervical fluid that resembles eggwhites. It is the most fertile fluid. If you don't produce it, the spermies can have trouble getting to their destination. The other types of fluid lack the viscosity to harbor sperm for more than a few hours.
So, you can use real eggwhites in place of the EWCM. Since I wasn't getting pregnant after 6 months of trying, and I knew I don't produce this type, I thought I would give it a shot.
Sure enough, I got pregnant the first month I tried it... Coulda been a coincidence, but I really don't think so.

There is a how-to thread a few pages back.
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We've been waiting to TTC until now. I can't believe November is finally here! I still have a few more days before AF shows up, but can't wait. Next cycle=baby-making!!!
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