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Thanks, Sierra, for the acupuncture input.

As for the ew dry-up, I don't have my TCOYF here, but I think it's normal for the cm to start dyring up by the time you actually O...

fingers and toes crossed for you and your egg-catching timing!!

See you on the other side....c'mon over... !

Jodie, yay, congratulations, happy O dance over here!
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Hey Gals,

I've had my head buried in my new books, and then been scurrying around to prepare for thanksgiving.

I'm in the not much happening part of the cycle. CD 10. Not feeling optimistic about this month, but also feeling sure I'll have a baby sooner or later. Last month was I'm sure I'm pregnant/it's never gonna happen, so this is better, but strange.

Interestingly enough one of the books "Fertility, cycles, and nutrition" Weighs in on the hypothyroid temp thing as follows:

"I beleive his (Dr. Barnes figures of temps below 97.8 indicating hypo) figures are too high: pre-ovulatory oral basal temps averaging from 97.4 to 97.8 are very common in women with normal cycles and fertility."

Also on the red raspberry leaf thing, I read Susuun Weed to mean that it is good for fertility but not as helpful as other herbs like red clover which is her favorite. But I admit sometimes I find her unclear. From other sources It does help promote good uterine tone and hormone balance, and is recommend for almost all points in a menstruating womans life: pms, during menses, during pregnancy, and perimenopause.

I hope it takes! Good for you for finding people who can be more supportive of your pregnancy. Keep picturing that wonderful little bundle!


Woo Hoo! Let's see that Big Fat Obnoxiously Positive this month!
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I'm back everybody

I never saw AF this month, CD 32 and a bfn so I'm coming back to hang here until something happens. I'm sure it's just cycle irregularity dur to the fact that ds is still nursing like crazy.Not too bummed cuz it was only our 1st "real" cycle ttc after ppaf ya know? I was looking forward to that summer bambino though

Moving on.... I don't really know where to go from here so I'm just gonna check for fertility signs and pray for O!!!!
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gonnabeamom - Wouldn't that be loverly!!! That is the plan! I am feeling pretty good about this month. I am sticking with the positive, that there will be more little ones to add to our Thanksgiving next year! Chart is looking pretty good so far.....And I think we covered O well!! And I had a ton of ewcm this month...which is both great and a little unusual...but we took advantage of it.

And I just keep thinking, I can and will get pregnant. I can and will have a baby.

And that is good.

See you all on the 2ww and soon enough on the preggo board!
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