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I didn't see found you! liked to kill me, so I've been quiet. CD 9 and not ttc. Trying to investigate if last cycle was a m/c or wacky af . Dh is pretty shaken up. It looked *way too familiar....

planned to take back CVS therm, which has a guarantee; but, it stinks and get a BD which is sold locally at Walgreens and Eckerd, I think. I can save shipping, and get instant gratification, :LOL however.....:

still at least checking CM, since this is only my second chart. now, how will I feel when I see ew.....
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Letia~ Yeah the old hag found me.
I got my BBT also a BD brand at Willy-Mart.
Don't shop there much anymore DH can't stand that place.
Anyway it was only like $8 and works really well! Though I'm not supposed to be using it right now I'm on a charting break.Just can't stay away from taking my temps after O sometimes.
So you guys are taking a little break from TTC?

Getting tired think I'll go to bed.
Good luck to everyone and I hope we all catch our eggs!
Babies are coming to us all!
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Jodie.......I had high hopes for you too....

I actually checked Wally first! (hate it, hardly shop there; but, when I need something mainstream its cheap! ) didn't find! not a Target either! I did some searching and the BD, which my best friends brother works/worked at : don't keep in touch now to see if I could get a freebie. The site had K, Wally, I think, Walgreens, Eckerd, whose site I found it on. It wasn't *$8!!!! I found 10, which I paid for the CVS one, or 13, I think at ol' expensive Eckerd! Adina pointed me to Drugstore.com; but, it adds up with shipping, and I wanted it right then. The *only therm I found was CVS. I hadn't read tcoyf and the BD recommendation. built in light.....

charting break? :

last cycle really shook dh up. he's not interested, and I think I really need to find some answers to what happened. that found us is *not satisfying him. Can't do it without him. I might unsub from this thread in a while......I have been staying away from the diping forum, which I hung out at more than others. I may be leaving here soon too.
I'm trying to separate myself from all things baby. What's the point. : I've been checking cm and wondering if I'm shifting to ew : *not temping though, what's the point of bothering with the therm. I may just at least get a refund in case there are any time limits. I noticed the latest Mothering is on the newsstand. And *I'm thinking about still buying it! (might be simpler and cheaper than a back issue, esp if it ends up being popular....: )
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Welcome to everyone who is just showing up here!

CD10 for me, waiting for the ew, should be here any day...
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I am so sorry you are having a hard time. I've been through banging my head against the wall for answers. It mostly leaves me with a sore head.

I had an "I think I'm pg" followed by my period last cycle. My doc said that these are very common-mixing chromosones is pretty complicated, and nature tosses out it's experiments. Most women won't even notice this has happened, but if you are ttc you might spot it. It doesn't mean anything for your long term ability to have a child. My accupuncurist even says that these "trial pregnancies" can be you body gearing up for the "keeper"

I don't know for sure what happened with you last cycle, but it is one possibilty worth considering.

In the meantime I hope you and your DH can take good care of each other.

I'm closing in on a year ttc, and I can tell you the aftermath of my period is the worst part of the month, but I do bounce back. The first two days I just want to throw in the towel, and then a couple of days later I'm okay again.

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Oh yeah! I meant to add and update.

I got another PEAK read from the fertility monitor today! Last night was the best BDing we've had on the clock for ages. It's like we're not stuck anymore. Which is a nice thing to have improved no matter what the outcome.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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CD1 here ... and so I'm coming out of "lurk" to commisserate with my fellow ttc mamas

I mean, the whole month I just had the feeling it wasn't our month. My body hasn't been sending me any preggo messages and in my heart, I just knew ... you know?

Still when flowed, I just lost it and even shed a few tears Kind of silly, I mesan its only our first real month of ttc ... still ...

Best wishes to those of us hoping November is it!
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Well folks......I'm confused--so what's new??
I went in today for my pre-surgical screen, asked her about the poss of my being preg and asked her if she could please order a quant beta while they were already doing blood--I even have the advantage of knowing what date my beta was down to 7!!!! Well of course she can't order the test. Her big suggestion was to do HPT's every other day until the surgery day--that would be 2 or 3 days after I would expect AF, however, who's to say I will get it on time this month because of the m/c???? How many have had early m/c (7 weeks) and had a period their normal time after that??? She then told me no big deal, there wouldn't be a placenta anyway so the anaesthetic wouldn't harm the baby. YEah right, she's never had a m/c before--I'm already blaming myself for that advil I took before I knew I was pregnant!!!!!!
Next question..... Have any of you had fairly severe pain with implantation?? Last friday night, on our way home from halloween partying , I was in terrible pain--which I thought was because I needed to pee and we live on a very bumpy dirt road for a good 8 miles. But, dh says even after I peed I was still hurting for another good couple hours. If that was implantation....when can I expect to get a ??????

Welcome to all our new posties!!
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Shannon Is there any way you can postpone the surgery a bit? I never had any pain with implantation, but that isn't saying you can't.: I would try to postpone the surgery until I was sure I wasn't pregnant. That is me. What kind of surgery are you having again? Is it fertility/conception related? I think it is a knee surgery but could be wrong?

I am cd9/10 now and I think I am starting to get pre-O symptoms! Hope to O in the next 4-6 days

Wish me luck ladies. This is month 12 ttc for me! Hoping to not get labelled "infertile" : by getting pregnant this month.

and happy bding everyone!

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I am cd 7.....and in for a wait. Anyone else a late O'er? I am guessing it is going be around cd 20 or later before I O.

I just want to be healthy....I am not sure if I got the flu, or just one hell of a cold...but I am still feeling yucky. And now dh is starting to feel sick. So I hope that he gets over it fast, or there will be no bd'ing this month.
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Hi Cheryl,
Well my surgery is for my knee, it's already been put off once because of my pregnancy before. It's hard to postpone because if I'm not preg now of course I want to try again in Nov, so I'll be in the same boat. However, I'm seeing my dr. tomorrow and will ask for a blood test, I've been testing every morning and of course nothing. So hopefully tomorrow afternoon or monday morning I will know for sure, I just really hate to call and cancel as late as the day before--so hopefully she can run the blood as a stat and get the results right away.
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CD 11, 2nd cycle charting. Keep looking at tcoyf pics of CM to make sure I'm identifying correctly. Asked church OB girls about what happened. The nurse told me to take a hpt and if it was call her and they would need to do an u/s. !!!! I've never been so glad to see one! just wacked out! It was my our first cycle ttc after losing Jordan in February. OK......a woman is having a m/c on tv, and apparently she has had several. Once you have that experience, you are *so sensitive! Anyway, no m/c and I think dh is feeling better and so am I. I thought I saw ew; but, guess it was a bit stretchy creamy? : Because that's what I'm seeing now. dh is sitting here working, I was hoping to seduce him. : :LOL Was doing a quick study in tcoyf to see if I was fertile or not. I better give dh a disclaimer anyway, in case he's not ready for a after this scare.

Hope I'll be able to hang around....I haven't temped this cycle.....

Who woulda thought I would be a habitual CM checker. :LOL and when I first read about NFP I thought it was :

This woman on tv might be messing with dh's head! :
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I'm here now too. showed today.

Feeling sad, but keeping it together (I'm at work).

I had been feeling very optimistic about this one...well, of course I was back and forth...that whole balance between being positive, and not wanting to feel crushed when AF shows, but I had more of those confident moments than last cycle.

Even last night, though, after doing my praying and positive visualizing, I said (wrote in my journal) that I was even ok if we were meant to continue trying...as if it really is part of a larger plan. My baby's not ready to make itself known yet, but (s)he will, and I just have to keep picturing it, and telling myself and her/him that I'm ready, continue with all the "vows" I make...

Still, ...and waiting to feel better, and enter that happier, hopeful "BD mode".

Letia, so glad to hear it wasn't a m/c. good luck with the seduction!

Kara, I know how you feel. It's not silly. No matter what all the rationalizations are, and knowing them all, it's still undeniably sad.

Happy BDing, everyone, and practising, for those still waiting...!!

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Thanx, Heveasoul! It *really *is an emotional roller coaster! I was disappointed; but, *nothing like after m/c! Sooooooo....yesterday dh opened the door on the way from church and I ran through it, a little later than planned, I was trying to get this deal of a subscription of Natural Home off ebay, (now where's the reply after I paid! ). I gave the disclaimer, a little late when things start heating up that if he wanted to tta, then I haven't done the recommended two charts to start FAM, so they're in the drawer. : He was ok with it! And we even had *two dances! :LOL : Soooooo....trying to figure out wht to tell FF....and remember if we danced the next CD! :LOL Hoping for a ; but, would like to get some more in this cycle once I start seeing ew. (trying to differentiate) We need to talk. But, I am feeling hopeful again! We all know how nice that is!

BD CD 11 & 12..... or two time CD12.....:LOL
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Letia, sounds like you are jumping right back it Hope you get that BFP you are so wanting.

Sorry to the newcomers . The first couple of days really do suck no matter how you cut it.

I am getting ready to enter the "fertile zone" :LOL But I have a question for you all knowing ladies...I used to have a lot of EW before I started ttc. Now I sometimes don't have any and if I do it is only for a day or part of a day...Why do you think that is? I am drinking copious amounts of green tea (well one or two big mugs per day) and still no EW.

and for August babies! (8 is my luck number ) Or late July babies for those O'ing any day now!

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thanx, Cheryl! Then I read in tcoyf about saliva killing sperm......how to have all the fun you want and not kill the swimmers....:LOL

since we *are talking about CM, etc. do we just remove that kinda fun from bding? :

I'm surely not *all knowing; but, I read in tcoyf about there are serveral drugs to avoid.(have you checked out tcoyf?) and guaifenesin, which is found in cough syrups, like plain Robitussin, (she says others can *dry up CM ) or tablets of Humabid LA. 2 tsp, 3x/day several days before O through 1st day of temp shift.

She also mentions actual ew, its compatible to sperm viability!

HTH! Happy bding! :LOL
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Thanks! I don't take any meds. Only chinese herbs. Thinking that might be causing it? Trying to avoid the insertion of ew...I think dh will think I flipped my lid: Although I do know it is very effective.

Oh and we don't ummm bring saliva into the picture around fertile times but other times of the month we dive right in!
Sorry if tmi.

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I don't either......I don't know what the other product she mentioned is, if its a med or not.

I don't know much about chinese herbs. I'm only taking supplements and a superfood and food based prenatal while ttc. Although, if we're gonna do this thing, the natural health food consultant mentioned false unicorn.

Originally posted by naturegirl
Oh and we don't ummm bring saliva into the picture around fertile times but other times of the month we dive right in!
Sorry if tmi.
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CD1 Today.

I so thought this was it for us too. This 14 day LP is my longest ever. *sigh*

anyway, Hi, I'm Joy. I've lurked here for over a year. Been trying for over a year. Am Tired of the rollercoaster from hell.

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I haven't had much EWCM these past months either. Similar to Charyl's comment. I don't have any meds in my system or any, well, ....saliva either but no green tea. I am nursing which I have been assuming contributes, but that's just out of my own head. Where is my TCOYF book anyway? I should probably be reviewing it since it's been awhile.

I should be o-ing any minute now, but I have had a bad cold and dh is off to a wedding tomorrow and won't be around until Sunday late afternoon. I have a feeling that will be too late. Maybe I'll muster up some energy tonight, but I don't know if a red, flaky nose and half a lung will turn dh on. Actually, truth be told, a sideways look could turn him on, it's me I'm worried about! If I don't feel sexy, then I can't make it happen.

OK, now I'm rambling. Happy bd-ing everyone!!
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