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How do you address a letter or sign your names?

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My best friend started this trend with me. She addresses her mail to or from:

Shellie and Tim S...

My Smom signs her name Mrs John R. K....

I sign my name Teresa M. T.....

What is appropriate, or does it even matter?

I also sign our names informally as Teresa, Mark and Kailey.

If it is from him and I sign it, I sign

Mark, Teresa, and Kailey

How do you sign your letters, etc?
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Matt and Lisa H. and sometimes it bugs me, because he's first, but its how our names 'flow' and how everyone knows us. I don't think we're seperate ententies anymore. We're "Matt and Lisa". :LOL

Informally it depends. If its for my friends or family I sign Lisa, Matt, and Orion. His family or friends I sign it Matt, Lisa, and Orion.
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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
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i sign kristin d. and sean f. if his name is required (well, he signs it himself!)
don't get me started on how certain relatives are not getting the concept of separate last names and a hyphenated one for our daughter :
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We have different last names too, and my extended family STILL (7 years later) puts me everywhere with his last name--even on invites just for me! So, I sign with my name and then his name and then our son's. If some of the family were to look at his name, they might think, "who?" I have the clearly recognizable last name, too...and usually easier to spell.
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Originally posted by Elphaba

don't get me started on how certain relatives are not getting the concept of separate last names and a hyphenated one for our daughter :
I hear you on that Elphaba! This is an issue I put alot of energy into every year at this time, what with Christmas card season just around the corner.
The whole "Mr. & Mrs. John Doe" *REALLY* offends me. Perhaps it was because I was born in the glory days of the Second Wave :LOL . I am sensitive to how my family and friends want to be addressed, regardless of how "busy" the envelope looks. Monikers are important and symbolic of a larger picture.

On return addresses, I simply hyphenate my & dh's last name, and it stands on it's own. For my many friends who have not taken their dh's surname, I address it to "The Jones-Smith Clan." It's a solution everyone seems to like.

It's generally older folks who can't get beyond the "Mr. & Mrs. John Doe" thing, and it usually makes me gag when I see it, but I get over it. I understand where they're coming from socially.

Can you tell I feel passionately on the issue? :LOL
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Personal letters and cards, I sign "Kristin, D.J., and Aaron."

Business correspondence I sign with my full name: Kristin O. F. I use my maiden name as my middle name - Olivia - and it tends to confuse people since it sounds like a given name, rather than a surname. I've had to specify at work that it is my surname, and that I prefer to use the entire name rather than the intial O.
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If it's a husband & wife with the same last name, I address it: Kelly and David Smith (for example)

Or if they have kids:
The Smith Family

If they have separate last names (no kids):
Kelly Jones and David Smith

If they have separate last names (with kids):
The Jones-Smith Family

I have a hyphenated last name. In my culture, women keep their birth names. So everyone in my family does not recognize my hyphenated name and puts my birth/maiden name on envelopes. A different twist

I always sign stuff to family & friends with our first names, with the return address in the form of "The Smith-Jones Family." Formal stuff, I put my full name first, then DH's full name. Luckily we have short last names (4 letters each).

PS My best friend's last name is Lee. She didn't hyphenate her last name, but Lee is part of her married last name. It doesn't help that her first name is Terri. People assume that her first name is Terri-Lee and she just forgot the hyphen
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The only time i sign anything with my last name is when it is at work; or about an account or something. Then I sign it Aimee Madin Name (and will be Aimee His Name after March). Provided that is the name of the account; or that my job uses for me.

Any other time it is just Aimee; if it is from us both like a card then it is Scott and Aimee.

I plan to use Mr and Mrs His Last Name for our return addresses. to change to His Last Name Family once we have kids.

Of course, I am taking his name, so it is easier for me.

My sisters both took their husbands last names. We vary our addressing (and we send a lot of mail); But only use Mr and Mrs His First Name His Last Name on the most formal stuff (wedding invites, and so on). It doesn't bother either of them; though I seem to remember it bugging my mom.

I am one of a minority any more; but I am looking forward to being Mrs Scott His Last Name. I will be honored to have his name; it is the best gift he could ever give me. Also My family still puts a lot of stock in rules of formal polite behavior. My Newphews call men and women who are not family Mr and Miss and all family members are adressed with their title (Aunt etc).
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