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Ready For the Matrix Revolutions!!!!

Anyone else going opening night(pending getting a sitter of course)?
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I am so ready. I only saw Reloaded 3 times. When we rented it last week for the kids, I fell asleep. 3x was enough to get the point. It did drag in parts. I hope Revolution doesn't have that fault.

Un fortunately my dh was laid off a couple weeks ago and we have to stop spending money. I already forfeited School of Rock, Kill Bill and even Scary Movie 3 which looked good and only pg 13.

Gah. I hate missing out on new movies. I did rent Down With Love, which was cute. It's videos for us now, for a while.
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I can't wait! I bought Reloaded the day it came out on DVD and I'm just dying in anticipation for this one.
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i just bought the dvd for my hubby for his birthday

can't wait to watch it and then go see the third one!!!
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i'm going to try to catch an afternoon matinee

Have you seen this? It links the release date of the Matrix movie with the harmonic concordance that's happening in early nov. Just scoll down a little bit and you'll see the matrix info... http://www.crystalinks.com/harmoniconcord.html
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Huge spoiler here if you just can't wait...

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woah! I'm going to just forget I read that...

Can't wait, can't wait! Our roommate and her girlfriend are babysitting, so we get to go with the same big group we went to Reloded with.
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How sad. Anyone else read the reviews?:


Neo, schmeo! In "The Matrix Revolutions," directors Andy and Larry Wachowski give up on character; instead, they try havoc and let slurp the dogs of war. The film is a soggy mess, essentially a loud, wild 100-minute battle movie bookended by an incomprehensible beginning and a laughable ending.

As a final act and summation of the brilliant "Matrix" and the not-so-brilliant "Matrix Reloaded," it's utterly inconsequential; as pure spectacle it's almost a hoot but only a little more entertaining, finally, than the Redskins.

"Reloaded" was certainly a lumpy, gaseous treatise of a movie, but viewers of "Revolutions" may find themselves looking back on it fondly. It was at least overstuffed with potentially interesting new characters, plot lines and make-believe metaphysical conundrums. In contrast "Revolutions," which has a roughly equivalent running time, feels padded. The battle for Zion goes on forever and seems designed to justify the picture's enormous military hardware budget. There is very little that is tantalizing or suspenseful. The feeling of revelation is gone, and many of the teasing implications of "Reloaded" have been abandoned.

In "The Matrix Revolutions," the dismal final installment in the phenomenally successful science fiction series, humans engage in a fierce battle to save themselves from extinction by machines. If only filmmakers Larry and Andy Wachowski could have saved themselves from their own machines. Their computer-generated imagery goes from dazzling to deadening in action scenes that favor heavy, clanking weaponry over the martial-arts moves that thrilled viewers of "The Matrix" and "The Matrix Reloaded."
I mean, if the reviewers are looking back nostalgically on the Matrix: Reloaded, it can't be good.

The Globe liked it a little better, but the reviewer still wasn't convinced:


Toward the end of "The Matrix Revolutions," writer-directors Larry and Andy Wachowski finally cave in to their messianic urges. The fuzzy religious aura that has always surrounded Keanu Reeves's dude avatar Neo hardens into overt symbolism, and the upshot is both ridiculous and entertainingly fruity. True believers will be reaching for the red pill, but it's still not quite enough to convert the heretics.
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Here you can read all the reviews.


Personally, I really like Reloaded. I bet I will like this one too. If the Brothers lost their nerve, and did not go far enough with the philosophizing/religion, that is too bad tho. Good thing I have studied most of the philosophies the themes are based on.

After all, even the Bible has glaring holes as well.
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Here is one positive review. I included no spoilers in my excerpt.


When The Matrix Reloaded was unleashed this past May (and made close to $300 million... ) it was on the receiving end of a decidedly mysterious backlash. In an effort to sell magazines and newspapers ... misinformed journalists almost immediately labeled the film a "disappointment" both critically and with fans. But only a cursory glance at the film's reviews (and receipts) disprove that statement.... Now comes the third and final chapter of the Matrix trilogy; let the backlash smear campaigns begin anew!

I'd love to know in what universe the two Matrix sequels are considered "disappointments". Sure, they're both laden with deep and ocassionally uncomfortable ruminations on free will and religion and other sorts of navel-gazing philos-O-phizing...but what's the alternative? Sci-fi freaks have been fed a galaxy full of garbage over the past several years and forgive me for admiring all three Matrix films while noticing that the video store shelves are absolutely laden with dungpiles...

Say what you will about The Matrix Revolutions, but you certainly cannot call it short on ideas or ambition...

Suffice to say that The Matrix Revolutions (much like its predecessors, only to a slighter lesser degree) is overstuffed with slick action set pieces, thought-provoking sci-fi mind-benders and cool characters .... If Parts 2 and 3 don't seem to measure up to the lofty groundwork laid in the original film, I suspect much everyone's relative "disappointment" in the sequels perhaps stems from unfair expectations.... (If The Matrix Reloaded didn't have those "boring" moments of self-reflection, it would end up being derided as "mindless action" - proof positive that filmmakers are often damned if they do and damned if they don't.)

If the film does slow down here and there and fall on a few of its own sloppy fumbles, the rough spots can perhaps be forgiven because, let's face it, there's a whole LOT of material to cover...The Matrix Revolutions is science fiction for grownups.
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I saw it!

Just got back. I liked it. It was not the first one, but it was better than the 2nd IMHO. The thing that bothered me in Reloaded was the whole heart massage thing -- just a bit too cheesy for my taste. Didn't feel the same about this one. A little predictable if anything.
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Found this on Salon http://www.salon.com/books/feature/2...is/index.html. From last May but an interesting read anyway.
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I don't care what any of the reviews are I want to see it, in the theatre! We will go in a couple weeks though so it's not a packed house.
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Our local cinema had 5 theaters dedicated to it. I played hookie and went to the 11:20 show this morning. Busy for that time, but probably only 25 people in the show I was in. I will probably go see it again. (I think it's only after the 3rd or 4th time through that I catch a lot of the more philosophical points.)
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Good idea to wait a few weeks so that crowds die down. I can;t wait to see it. DH and I lve all the philosophical references, we get a kick out of them and how they are used.
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I had to go see it, I'm gad i did. But that doesn't mean I liked it. boring, cheesy philosophizing, and wow, way to much graphic violence. More graphic.

However. Naiobi, wowsa, good character, good acting. neo? .: I think he's an idiot savant.
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s_s, I have to say, I completely disagree with you and I am so glad!!!

I loved Matrix Revolutions. So did my dh, and my kids, ages 12, 15 and 17. Ds 12, said it was the best movie he ever saw.

I did not find the philosophizing/spirituality boring or cheesy. I found it moving and well-intergrated into the pace of the movie (better than in Reloaded).

There were lots of new characters doing heroic deeds to save their civilization. The new Oracle was great, her role was completely developed.

The action was almost overwhelmingly majestic. We could not speak when we came out of the theater for about 10 minutes.

I have also seen Anamatrix, and read a lot of spoilers, so I wasn't confused by events (well, not completely confused).

If you do not like a rippin'good sci-fi mind f--k (a la 2001 A Space Odyssey, only better), you will not care for this conclusion. If you prefer FX with no depth, maybe rent T3 when it comes out, or go see the next Star Wars. This, as the one reviewer put it, is sci-fi for grownups.

4 stars out of 4.
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ok, maybe it wasn't all bad. As my housemate says, I'd need to see it again to more fully develope my critique.:LOL

I think, beyond the graphic violence which I am sensitive to, what irritated me was that there were a lot of leaps of logic to make that seemed too much. Maybe I should also check out the animatix, my housemates saw it and liked it.

(disclaimer: I also started the movie irritated by the 15 minutes of advertising!!!! not counting the previews! )
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Nobody else saw it? Everyone must be scared off by the bad reviews.
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Hubby and I saw it-he was dying to see it on IMAX but we could not get a ticket at same time as sitter-he will probably see it again next week on IMAX. I enjoyed it, but also just less excited about the violence, that really takes some of the fun out of it for me. It was pretty fun, hey, just getting out of the house with dh alone was fun, but I don't think I need to rush off and see it again. But I did like the development of the Oracle, and many other great characters, the conclusions were cool. We also thought we saw set up for future possibilities.

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