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Parenting: Moms who smokes dope...

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I recently gave birth to my son, and have been blessed. He is amazing, I couldn't imagine putting him in harms way. Its amazing how much you can fall in love with someone soo quickly.

I've come to find out that my friend smoked dope during pregnancy and after (while breast feeding), this really bugs me! There are websites that advocates that weed does not affect the baby and so forth. Why would a mom gamble? Research shows that there are no damages done by weed, but how can that be if there are narcotics involved? Research also shows that it is possible to do damages, I know its a choice made by a mother to take the risk and such, but babies cannot voice for themselves, its a risk that she is giving to their child for their own vice.

What do you guys think?

How should I react to my friend who smokes dope?

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I'm sorry you're feeling that way.

So far as I know the main concern smoking pot during pregnancy is that any smoke, cigarettes or otherwise, can affect the baby (restrict oxygen supply, I believe). And during breastfeeding the only thing I'd worry about is that the baby will have detectable levels of THC (the baby doesn't get high from it, but the chemical is found in their body) so if there was an investigation on her part for any reason that required a drug test of her baby he could test positive for THC and be taken by child services.

I hope you find the answers you're looking for.
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welcome to mdc
I would suggest posting your question in the parenting or health forums to get more responses
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I know a lot of moms here think it is fine to smoke dope, pregant or parenting. No matter what, it is illegal and you are taking a risk whether you think it is your right or not. Also, most moms to be would rather not take any risks while pregnant. I'm in the "better safe than sorry" camp and would never chance it.
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you shoudl probably check out the front page of this website. there are articles published by Mothering about the benefits of marijuana while pregnant..for some women, it has made the difference between being sick for 9 months and being able to function at all.

I am thankfully not in a category where I need medical marijuana during pregnancy but there are issues that you may not understand prior to reading further...perhaps check that out before being so judgmental of others that are literally sick every day from pregnancy.
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Originally Posted by Popeye7608 View Post

I've come to find out that my friend smoked dope during pregnancy and after (while breast feeding), this really bugs me!

What do you guys think?

How should I react to my friend who smokes dope?

Do you want to remain friends?
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Her child, her body, her choice. I can understand you being upset at this, but unless you want to start drama, I wouldn't mention anything.
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here is one such article: http://www.mothering.com/articles/pr...ana-side3.html
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thankfully, I did not need to smoke anything while I was pregnant.

however, i was friends with a woman who needed it. in her defense, she still had a really horrible pregnancy. all the marijuana did was alleviate -some of her symptoms. she had to deal with everything else.
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No way. She would soon be an ex-friend. I cannot abide by anyone who might put their child in harm's way like that.
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technically weed is not a narcotic like opium or morphine or heroine. thc is a mild hallucinogen. yes it's illegal, but it's not the devil, and let's not demonize those who use it.
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Presumably the mother is an adult and is capable of weighing the risks herself. I read in Mothering that it isn't a big deal and I'm inclined to believe that. Regardless of what you believe, you aren't in a position to rule other women's lives and make decisions for them.
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Also, I get severe migraine headaches when pregnant and my midwife prescribed narcotics for them. My midwife and I have both researched the risks and benefits and I've made my choice. You aren't in a position to judge me even though what I take really *is* a narcotic.
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I would not want known drug users in my life. If not for my sake, then for my children's.
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First - dope is heroin, not marijuana.

Second - marijuana is not a narcotic.

Third - how to respond? Well it's not really any of your business. As you yourself pointed out, the research shows that weed does not have adverse affects on a baby.
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This is a friend of hers, and she didn't even know she smoked pot until after she'd been doing it for some period of time, and then only because the friend told her. So she's obviously discrete, and therefore I don't see how it could affect anyone's children.
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I am always surprised about people who post about not wanting to risk "IT" by smoking pot during pregnancy.
Yet no one can tell me what "IT" is and I have never seen nor read about any baby being messed up from the mom smoking weed during pregnancy.

Does anyone know what "it" is?
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When I say "it", I mean health and legal reasons. Whether a person agrees it should be legal (and I lean towards that), it still is, and I wouldn't want to risk losing my kids over pot. I function perfectly fine without pot, so it isn't a issue in my life. And I firmly believe you can find a study to back up whatever position you want to take with pot, or anything for that matter. I had bad morning sickness, and I got through without it. Now I know some moms swear by it and say they couldn't have gotten through pregnancy sickness without it, but I still wouldn't risk it being illegal.
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