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playfull parenting

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this is a great book!Ireally recomend it ,heres the site too,anyone else read this one?http://www.playfulparenting.com/
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Hi, yes I just read it and really liked it. I have been definitely trying to incorporate some of the ideas in dealing with my five year old. One cool thing was that I realized my husband was doing a lot of this stuff such as "do that one more time and you're going to have to sit and eat and ice cream sundae" all the while. I second your recommendation.
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A few of the resons it exited ma as well was that i really want to keep that bond with my son even though hes not a baby anymore,its a way to feel close besides allthe cuddling.Also on the discapline department,i never thought about being playfull about it ,im working on it!Im hoping to find ways to enjoy the play as playihg the gamed he wants to play is not easy for me!
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That book sounds great! Do you have to order it off the site or is it available at regular book stores?
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I have it sitting in the pile of books I got from the library -- I'll move it to the top of the stack! LOL
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LOL!That is sooooo me...........
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