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are nursing specific clothes/bras worth the investment?

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baby #1 is due in october. i'm trying to figure out if nursing specific tanks/bras/shirts are worth the $$, or if it is more of a gimmick. if specific clothes are worth it: which ones and which ones to get in advance?

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I do like the nursing bras I have....no, actually I don't, I'd prefer to go braless : but I do need something when out in public and they're pretty handy. I've got by just fine without nursing specific clothing and since I'm big breasted it's hard to find stuff that works well anyway. It just depends on your comfort level. I like nice stretchy shirts that I can just lift up.

oh I almost forgot this might be helpful http://www.sleepingbaby.net/jan/Baby/braconvert.html
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I dunno...it depends on so much.

Before being pregnant, I was barely a 32 A, and now that I'm nursing, I'm a 38 D, so I definitely needed new bras. I tried using the bras I could find at La Senza, but honestly, it was so much better to buy something meant for nursing. That isn't to say I spent tons; I went to Wal-Mart and bought two nursing bras for 15$ each. As for nursing tops, I "invested" in a few from Motherhood Maternity, for about 20$ each, so the expense wasn't astronomical, but I really appreciate being able to access the boobs quickly when DD is impatient. It's also real helpful for nursing in public. Finally, I felt like everything I had in my closet was extremely tight on me (I was about 120 lbs and right now, I've still got 25 pounds to lose) and made me look frumpy. Buying a few choice pieces postpartum gave me the opportunity to treat myself and feel less flabby/shabby.

I think that it's really a question of personal preference. A lot of mamas on MDC have mentioned that they just buy a bunch of cheap tank tops, while others say they need to spend money because they can't find their size in stores.

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I like nursing bras alot I found them easier than a regular bra. I had to wear a bra all the time, I needed nursing pads b/c I would start to leak if the baby just wimpered. You won't know if your body will do this until it's to late, and you don't have an extra shirt.

I bought some shirts too, but only a few. It really depends on if your going to be in public alot, and if you can do a blanket over the baby when you nurse..

I got most of my stuff from here, they are great!!!!
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my personal opinion....it depends.
Nursing bra has been invaluable.

Nursing tanks....not at all because I am large chested (36H@ 6mo PP) so they aren't supportive. But for those who can go with less support they are really useful

Nursing tops, etc w/out built in support. again not really. I just wore regular shirts and pulled them up to nurse....which meant my belly/side was exposed but I never really cared. I do like the nursing sleepwear though...easy access without having to rearrange clothing
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Do not spend alot of $$ for these items. I only got a few nursing gowns & a few nursing bras from walmart. I leaked alot while nursing until my baby was a few mos. old. I just kept a hand towel nearby if wearing a gown,then if I was wearing a bra, I used nursing pads. The nursing bras work good, but I really only wore them if we went out.

The cheap items worked for me. I was more comfortable wearing normal clothes...and the gowns were not too comfy to sleep in. They were only nice to lounge around in during the day.
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it was worth it to me to get a few used items, i don't think i got anything new

although some things were in better shape than others
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For me I absolutely need to wear a bra so I can't go without my nursing bras.
I find my nursing tank absolutely the best thing ever. I have no issue with breast showing if I NIP (or in front of anyone for that matter) but I absolutely want my fat belly covered.
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I had nursing bras with my first dd, though later with the twins and dd4 I mostly used a regular bra that was a shaped sports bra and ended up getting several of them. I just pulled them up like a shirt.

Generally, I would say a few nursing bras are god to have. And it depends on your breast shape and comfort. I went from a C to a D when nursing, I could still pull up the soft stretchy band on most bras without any problem--and I was still getting away with wearing some of my pre-preg bras because they were stretchy and yielding in style.

I never used specialty nursing clothes. Once upon a time I envied them a little when I saw the pretty ads for them. Later a friend gave me some really nice quality basic nursing tops and a cotton dress. I never ended up wearing them or wanting to at all. I realized I hadn't been missing out. Now, I would never even consider a special nursing top of any kind. Any old soft knit tops would be fine--in fact sometimes I get milk stains from leaking and I'd rather know that I was wearing something cheap so I wouldn't care if a stain set in. (I did occasionally use nursing pads when going out somewhere--never just at home.)
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IMO, nursing bras are an absolute necessity for sucessful BF. Other women (particularly those with smaller breasts who can go with less support) prefer to go braless or to wear stretchy bras that easily pull up or down.

Nursing clothes are most definitely NOT required- but they can make nursing in public easier and more discrete. Loose-fitting t-shirts and blouses work just fine.

However, sometimes it's nice to get new clothes, and why not get specific nursing clothes if you're BF at the time? I personally found nursing shirts to basically be a waste, but nursing DRESSES are wonderful!

I preferred button-front nightgowns to the special nursing nightgowns. First of all, many times the nursing openings were too small for me! Secondly, if the openings were adequate, they didn't stay closed. I like to be covered when I walk around the house in my pajamas- otherwise why don't I just sleep in my nursing bra and a pair of boxers? (which, BTW, I have done.) I don't want a gown that doesnt stay closed when I'm in the kitchen having breakfast or a late night snack!
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Nursing bras were a necessity for me. I tried a few nursing shirts/gowns and I HATED them. It was like they were made for nursing moms with average to small breasts and on me they looked lumpy, my breasts would slip through openings, I could never get the slits to line up with my nipples, etc. It was easier to lift my shirt up.
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thanks for the helpful hints for those that bought nursing bras, did you buy before or after the baby was born? will you want a nursing bra right away?
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i have a couple of nursing tanks and a beautiful nursing dress that i never, ever wear because they are actually HARDER to nurse in than regular clothes. i wear regular shirts that i can pull up and a bella band to cover my tummy (same one i wore to hold my pants up during pregnancy).

i'm a 38H at 6mo pp, so a good nursing bra is absolutely necessary. i love my anita bra. worth every single penny.

immediately postpartum, i only had one bra, a bravado. after a few weeks, i only used it as a sleep bra since it wasn't very supportive. i leaked what seemed like gallons of milk at night for the first few months, so a sleep bra that could handle heavy duty pads (or prefolds) was necessary. nowadays, i sleep topless with my babe and i on a mattress pad since i don't leak much at all.

so, my suggestion is to skip the nursing tops, have at least one nursing bra that'll get you by the first few weeks, then go in and get fitted for the pricier bras once your supply levels a little.
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I'm wearing a nursing bra right now--one that I bought while pregnant (I outgrew my regular bras and figured I might as well buy a nursing one if I was going up in sizes). My son is 14 months old. So for me, yes, it was worth it. I didn't spend a lot of money, though. I bought nursing bras and tanks from Target. But they are the ony bras that I wear. I expect that I will wear what I have for about another year.
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I bought my first nursing bra when my DD was about 10 days old. It ended up being too small. It was a 38G and I needed a 38H, and I wore a 38DDD when pregnant.I continued to get bigger until right about 2.5 weeks after my DD was born.
Don't get your nursing bra until your milk has come in.
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I bought nursing bras while still pregnant because i figured i couldnt get any bigger. i was right.

i chose to buy a few nursing tops because it was December and my back got cold. i also bought them to cover my floppy belly and to build confidence to nip. now i don't care i buy regular clothes that i can nurse in. loving the strapless sundresses.
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nursing bra--totally worth it.
nursing clothes--waste of money. I hated them.
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Nursing bras have been great for us. I prefer the kind that flip down, so to speak, rather than pull to the side. I got a couple of plugged ducts before it occurred to me that the pressure from the elastic was the culprit. Nursing tanks I find have been worth the money, too. They are really great for layering and allowed us to nurse more discreetly in public (back when I cared about that). Nursing clothes, though... ehh. I found them more of a bother.
Best of everything to you and your new little one!:
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I love my nursing bras, but I'm not at all sure I would bother with special nursing clothes. I pull my regular shirt up, and DS can get at what he needs. I can see the value of a nursing tank to keep your back and belly warm in colder weather. Otherwise... no. I've really been fine with my regular clothes for nursing.
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Originally Posted by mama_ani View Post
For me I absolutely need to wear a bra so I can't go without my nursing bras.
I find my nursing tank absolutely the best thing ever. I have no issue with breast showing if I NIP (or in front of anyone for that matter) but I absolutely want my fat belly covered.
This is me too. I have 4 nursing tanks from Target that I LOVE! Plus you can wear them under regular shirts and if you end up practically taking your shirt off to nurse it's no big deal. I also have a couple of nursing bras that are okay.

I don't think nursing specific shirts are really necessary.
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