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Originally Posted by lanamommyphd07 View Post
nursing bra--totally worth it.
nursing clothes--waste of money. I hated them.
Totally agree!
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I haven't read all the replies yet.
If you're nursing for the first time, then yes. Nursing bras/tanks/shirts will be a great tool when you're out in public and still unsure of yourself and they make things easier in general. However, once I got the hang of things I ditched the nursing clothing and now I just wear regular shirts and bras and pull my boob out as needed.
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I love my nursing bras so much that I wear them when I'm not even lactating. They're sooo comfortable. I can't imagine trying to use a regular bra while nursing. I don't really care for nursing clothes, but I do have a bunch of nursing tanks, the kind that clip at the shoulder strap. They're handy when hanging around at home because I can leave the flap open afterwards to dry my nipple off without a shirt hanging over my boob, and when I'm wearing babe in his wrap. My boobs got unexpectedly huge with this baby, though (I only went up 1 cup size with DS1 so I wasn't anticipating the sudden boob job!) so most of them are pretty snug in the chest area. I'm hoping once I "deflate" a little they'll fit better.
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For me, none of the special nursing things were worth it.

Shirts were proportioned all wrong.

And don't even get me started on the bras. Especially in conjunction with a nursing shirt.

Normal bra + normal shirt = put hand under shirt super-quick, pull cup down, pull shirt up just enough, totally covered, private, nothing but side flab showing. When done, pull shirt down and a hefty yank on the bra strap could pull cup up, at least enough to put baby upright on shoulder on that side and fiddle with it later when it would just look like a normal woman fiddling with shirt/bra. Go on with day.

Nursing bra + nursing shirt = put hand under shirt, first through neckhole to unclasp thing, then under shirt to pull down cup flap, pull shirt slits open, stick NIPPLE through shirt (augh), totally exposed all around aerola as baby does various things to try to not get shirt into mouth. When baby is done, NIPPLE sticking out of shirt slit, close shirt slit (which has gotten stretched out of shape with baby's touching of it, might be slobbery). Stick hand *all the way down front of shirt* to grab cup flap, pull up, clasp with *one hand* while holding either sleeping or very happy milky awake baby, sweat buckets, face red from exertion, want to toss bra in garbage.

Gimme a soft cup bra and a regular t'shirt *any* day.

And DS is 4, my breasts are nowhere near as large as they were in the heyday of nursing, but I'm still a 36 F, and I was a nice little 36 C when I first got pregnant. So it's not that I had small breasts while nursing, oh dearie me no.
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I have two nursing bras and rotate in and out of them in the winter... I also have 5 nursing tanks, though one I never wear (its white and you can see right through it and see the concentric rings of fabric... and it just looks HORRIBLE), and another one (teal, same deal, but not qutie as bad), I mostly wear around the house, the others (black), I wear all the time. I think they're definetly worth it, because it just makes it easier...

ETA: Oh, I just realized.. I'm sure most nursing tanks are designed for you to be wearing pads in them... but I've never needed pads as I've never leaked, so I don't bother... and so the lightly colord ones look AWFUL.
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