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I'm curious, did everyones preemies recieve vitamin supplements? How long? It seems odd since I'm breastfeeding...I mean, shouldnt he be getting what he needs from my milk? I'm just curious. I dont know why but it annoys me...I guess since it stinks! lol
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My boys are getting potassium, vitamin k and e, folate, and a general vitamin with extra iron. They also are adding fortifier to my breastmilk so they're getting 26 calories per ounce as opposed to the average 21-22 in regular breastmilk.
I know they check the boys levels of all of the supplements added and will increase, decrease, or hold off all together if needed.
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We gave the iron for 18 mos and the vitamins I think longer. Remember that iron goop stains anything and everything. Give it during clothing changing when they are naked or as a friend of mine does, during bath.
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Yeah, he's getting a fortifier as well, which for now doesnt really bother me. They arnt checking him for levels though-so I dont really know if he actually NEEDS all the vitamins/iron added in there. I think its just a general thing for all the NICU babies. I guess for the most part it cant hurt...I just dont know how I feel about trying to give him that nasty smelling stuff at home everyday, lol.
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My ds was born at almost 30 weeks and once out of the NICU was only supplemented with iron. It became really difficult to get the nasty Poly-vi-sol type iron drops into him, and after some research I realized that they were poorly absorbed and the extra iron could be feeding bad bacteria in his gut. I switched to Floradix (without the honey) and , because it tasted much better, was able to get more of it down him and his iron levels finally came up.
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Oh yeah, now its REALLY bad. He has no GI tube left and when they give it to him, they dont add it to a bottle or anything. He spend 5 minutes making horrible faces and looking like he would barf-and then absolutely refused to eat after.

His ped said that once he comes home, we will take him off the vitamins and then periodically check his iron levels. My other kids have had an odd reaction to iron-they get horribly stuffy noses. Its an issue with them having enough iron already and then getting the excess is just too much, so thats how their body reacts. Well, Kai is getting very stuffed up since about day 2 of it. It could just be coincidence, but if not, hopefully taking him off will help.
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Aiden got routine iron and a/c/d drops while in the NICU, but when he came home his pediatrician recommended that we not bother supplementing unless we saw signs of anemia. I had read similar information as a PP about iron supplements feeding bad bacteria, and since we were both on antibiotics at birth, I was concerned about gut health in general. We stopped the iron supplement, and soon after added a probiotic supplement, and his gassiness went away. Glorious! Now we're heading into him eating big people food, so I'm trying to introduce him to naturally iron-rich foods, but that's not going so well. I'll consider giving him Floradix if his iron levels drop later this year (I want to get him tested; his pediatrician doesn't think it's necessary ... I should probably listen to him, but I know that iron is important in the right amount/from the right sources).
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