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Oh, see, THAT's why my laundry is so backed up! I went and did the itty bitty stuff FIRST!!

I couldn't resist!
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Reviving this thread so I can keep track of my progress. I am not nesting (nesting comes with energy, from what I hear but I am freaking out that I'm considered full-term in two days and I am very far from prepared. So today I decided that on days I work I'll just worry about keeping the kitchen picked up and doing a load of laundry, and the days I don't I'll do one big room/area of my house. Last will be cleaning/vacuuming/steam cleaning all the floors. Right now our closet is clean and organized, and the master bath is almost clean (got all tired out right before starting on the sink). Our floor plan kinda spirals out, so over the course of the next week and a half or so I should just be able to follow that and get all the rooms clean. Well, except for my husband's office. He has so much clutter in there I'm afraid to go in. Gotta love keeping doors closed. Oh! And baby-wise I've started to prep my diapers, just need to get a few more washes in. And after my husband gets the car detailed this weekend (there's a TON of dog fur all over the place) we'll mess around with the carseat. I also need to pack my bag for the birthcenter. But it all seems much more manageable now that I have a plan.

Wow, I can ramble, can't I?
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Sounds like a good plan, lee1203.

I have gone crazy with food prep, and since my freezer is almost full, I guess I am done with that part. I need to do the deep cleaning now. I am going to focus on that tomorrow-- you know that good stuff that never gets done (in my house at least) like vaccuming the blinds, etc.

I just got my soapnuts in the mail yesterday, and the dryer just rang with my first load finished (clothesline is still not up). I'll see how I like them on another load before I start washing baby stuff. Babyshower on Saturday will hopefully not contribute too much to my laundry load or drawers, for that matter.
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We got everything deep cleaned and beautiful right before our home visit. Now, things have slid backwards a little. Garrin changed jobs and added on some extra things so we have a bit of extra cash, so he is gone more. And I am huge and don't have a lot of energy. *g* I'm going to make it my goal to get something done in the hour or two every night before he gets home from work. This weekend everyone is going to be gone to San Antonio visiting the newest member of our family (I can't believe I don't get to go and meet my niece!!!). While everyone's gone, we plan on doing another deep clean on the house to get everything ready for the birth and the baby. I've started freaking out the past few days, knowing our little guy could be here any time now.
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Well seeing this thread inspired me to re-make my list to see what we've gotten done and what we need to get done still. We've still got tons to do! I was surprised because it felt like we were so on top of things, but I guess not. LOL.

I've been doing well in keeping up with general house cleaning, laundry, etc. But coming home from work, cooking, and cleaning are wearing on me and I just don't seem to have the energy to do the other stuff that needs to get done. But maybe seeing my list and what everyone else is accomplishing will inspire me!
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My freezer is full

Okay, I have one more soup to make (split pea-- our traditional Halloween soup) and then I'm done! There is very little room left in there. I've been focusing almost exclusively on the food prep, as I wanted to wait until after the baby shower to wash baby clothes/organize the changing table. So, now I have deep cleaning and organizing left, oh and scrapbooking. I might even be able to get in a little kitchen/decor planning for my new house. I can't believe it's so close!
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Seems like no matter what I do to the baby's room, it's still sort of a mess. Right now there's a crib in there, with bedding, and a dresser, and a glider that I borrowed from a friend, and a lamp. Plus some art on the wall. And the closet is reasonably sorted. And the baby clothes are washed and clean. My sil came a couple weeks ago to help paint the room, and she made a huge mess of the trim on the ceiling and got some paint spots on the floor. It looks awful, but no one has the energy to fix it, and it doesn't seem worth it to hire professionals. It bugs me every time I go in that room, though.

I still have to mop the baby's room, sort out one closet in the hallway, install the carseat, install some fixtures in the bathroom, keep up on all the other cleaning/chores....but we're in pretty good shape. I am tentatively scheduled for an induction on 9/30 (due to gestational diabetes). So we have another week and a half....yikes!
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Bumping again. Today I started to work on our bedroom in earnest (which I was gonna do two days ago, oops ), and I'm so happy with the bit of it that's clean. Which is maybe just a 1/4 of it. I'm a slow worker. Anyway, I got the pack and play set up, which is what baby will have to sleep in until we get a crib (waiting to hear from parents!). It's kinda fun walking into the room and seeing it there. Oh! And I need to run just two more loads of diapers, then a load of miscellaneous baby stuff (diaper covers, socks, etc.) and I'll be ready to pack my bag for the birth center. I still have a ton of stuff to do, but at least *some* of it is getting done!
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