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So great to see some more CD mamas!
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Hello everyone!!! I am Kaelynn, WAHM to Zane, my 1yr old booby loving boy. And wife to Steve, also a booby loving boy!. ...(can I say that?? )

I have been using cloth for over 2 yrs now. The first year I used them on a little girl I was babysitting, which was great b/c I tried out a ton of different diapers. Then by the time I had my son, I pretty much new what I wanted to use. (That was until I found this board, and now I have a bunch of WAHM diapers to try out!)

I actually found out about this board from a supplier of mine. I am so thankful to be able to be part of this community. This board has been very helpful to me and I have loved getting to know everyone!!!
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Hi everyone! I'm new here also. I'm Alex and have been married for almost 3 1/2 years now to DH Ben. We had our first baby, Adam in February. (He came a week late...was due in January). I am still bfing him and will probably continue at least until he is a year. We have been cloth diapering from the start. We mainly use CPFs but we have some fuzzi bunz and in the past few months started using Happy Heineys. We love cloth diapering and we tell everyone we know about cding! I'm so happy to be posting here...I think I lurked for most of my pregnancy and now I finally joined.
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I have mostly been lurking, but have posted a few times, but never introduced myself.
I have 4 children, ds 15, dd 8 1/2, ds 6, and new dd 5 mos. They were all cd'd, in the start because I was extremely broke. With the first 3 I used prefolds and pull-on covers, some Gerber and some another brand I found at Sears 15 years ago.
This time I decided to find out what else was out there and lurked here while pregnant. I still use prefolds, but have a brand new pile of them (thanks Heather!) and use whisper pants now. Also a patient gave me 8 ME one-size fitteds, and I use those as well. (They were used on her last 2 kids before mine, but have held out really well.)
I'm wanting to try out some of the other fancy dipes out there, but am paralyzed by the broad selection!
I WOHM full-time, so dd uses sposies at daycare. She is the absolute master at poop explosions in a sposie, although we've never had a leak in cloth!
Nice to meet all of you!
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Originally posted by Zanymom
Hello everyone!!! I am Kaelynn, WAHM to Zane, my 1yr old booby loving boy. And wife to Steve, also a booby loving boy!. ...(can I say that?? )
I imagine it is definitely in the realm of appropriate - we talk about poop, urine, rashes, 'peters' and 'lucys' - boobies are certainly 'out there.' :LOL
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Go, Heather!!! Over 10,000 posts!

Well, considering I've been here like I own the place, I figured mebbe I should introduce myself, also...

My name is Dacia, and I currently a SAHM (which was a change of plans) mom to my 4 3/4 month old boy wonder baby Zane. (I've actually heard of 3 other Zanes since I've joined MDC! Go figure-- great minds think alike). I'm married to my hunka-burning love, Eric, and we live on Orcas Island. (North of Seattle, accessed only by ferry). Zaneymon, I've got two boobie men, too....

Anyhoo, been cd'ing since the beginning sporadically, and now FT except for nights, where a good absorbent system for my babe has been elusive. I mean, I need something akin to the Hoover Dam.

Thanks to MDC, I am also a rabid . I watch e-bay like a hawk, stalk a few stores (fuzbaby, fmbg, bizzb, etc..) with sheer indecency. Now that I've discovered the marvels of wool, I am absolutely obsessed...

That's ok, right? Right???
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I'm also new. I don't post much (I'm a little shy) but I read the boards a lot. I have learned sooo much from you all. I truly appreciate it.

I have two beautiful little boys, an almost 5 y/o and a 9 m/o. I only started cd'ing the baby about 2 &1/2 months ago. I feel kind of sad that I didn't cd my first baby, like I let him down or something . But, I'm sure he'll be fine.

Anyway, I'm happy to be here and thanks so much for all of your insights into the world of cd'ing.
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Hi! I am Gretchen, and have cded about 4 months. I live in Alaska, and have NO friends that cd (not their fault really, no kids yet) so I am ALL ALONE! I frequently have questions, and am looking for knowledgeable people. Some of you may know me from other diapering boards- I sometimes have had to log in as AlaskanGEM... ring any bells? Glad to be here!
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Hi new to posting here

I just came here to MDC about a month ago, but was posting on the pregnancy loss threads.
My name is Lindsay, I have 2 living devil boys, Reed (1/9/00) & Trey (11/14/02)
and one beautiful angel in haven , Dylan (sb 9/20/01)
land i am married to Kurt since 8/30/97. we live in Wisconsin, right inbetween green bay and Milwaukee. I am a sahm but i work 1 day a week in a local beauty shop. my dh works for Kohler Co. (you golfer might know of blackwolf run or whisteling straits)

lets see here...I have been cd-ing ds1 since he was 8 months old and ds"3" since day 1. We love cloth we are addicted to cloth! hehe i love the snickers i get from those pampers mama when i change trey at swim classes hehe i love it.

i have been ejnoying rading and lurking here
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Hi! ! am Stephanee. I have been married to Johnny for 16 months, and I have 2 great kids.... Emma is 11 years old and Nicolas is 7-1/2 months old. Nicolas has been in CD for about a month and a half.

We live in Los Angeles, and I am a WOHM (but work nights so our kids are always with mom or dad ). I am an NICU RN.

Thanks for the warm welcome!
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I am sort of new. Hi I am Monique. I've been married to my wonderful husband Steve for 4 years and we have 2 very adorable children, Matthew 2.5 yrs old and Rachel who is almost 5 months. Matthew I started CDing at 15 months and Rachel was in cloth right from the start. I am a Student who will finally graduate from college in April and then I start grad school to get my MAT and certification to teach Special Education. I am also an aspiring Diaper Hyena, but I never seem to be online for the good stockings!

Take Care,
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My name is Susan, I live in the great state of Texas!! I have three beutiful children, my last a bit late in life but was a wonderful surprise. I have been lurking here for a few months, too busy with my baby to do any reall chatting but have learned a lot about cloth diapering while I have been here. This is my first baby in cloth and I love it. SO much better than sposies that I used with the first two. Just did not know any better :-(
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I'm Christine and I'm really new!!! LOL......this is what, my 2nd post??

Anyways, I'm SAHM to Alex...been CDing for about three weeks now and wondered how I didn't "discover" diapers sooner.

Alex is 16 mos old and still on the boobie. So we co-sleep, CD, and BF (amongst other things)...I guess we grew into AP without realizing it.

I love CDing so much and going so broke, so I'm going to try to make my own.

Oh, and I'm also mommy to two new furry babies, Shadow and Flash, my new kitties. I'm in the process of potty training them to use the toilet, and so far it's an interesting experiment. People have been successful, so I hope to be too....no more poopy boxes to clean out and no litter to buy!!

I have learned alot and thanks for the warm welcome!
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Check it out - 3 pages of !!!

Keep 'em comin' mommas! We are glad you're here!
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Well, it's not like I'm new around MDC, but I have a CD bum in the house since July. DD was also partially CD-ed (diaper service), but was in sposies when the service "folded" and I didn't know any better.

I'm not a , and pretty cheap, and living in Europe without a credit card it's hard to buy online. So, I just have a stash of prefolds, and now that ds is outgrowing his last newborn diapers I've been making the next "generation." I've discovered wool covers, and am now making pocket fitteds for underneath. I can't buy PUL, so no AIOs and only wool on top. (and some fleece, but I also can't find polar fleece). I'm becoming pretty good at sewing.

I'm the only person I know here who CD's. I have had several nice responses. WEll baby visits are done at special offices where about 10 babies will be in the room. The nurses already know my little slinged, cd-ed "american" babe
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simonee - your 'babes' picture is just too precious - absolutely sweet as can be.

You need to get in on swaps momma - get you some dipes over there to show off to the other 9 mommas! :LOL
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Hi there! I am Lori and I am due jan 12th--- first time mommy. I am new to cd and have found this sight increadibly helpful.. so THANK YOU!!!
I am married to Matty- who has two boys 15 and 13. We have been married for two years, and have been living together for about the last 8!
look forward to learing a whole lot more about all this baby stuff!
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Welcome everyone!!!

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I had posted an introduction a little while ago then saw this thread so i thought I'd do it here!

Hi! My name is Kylie. I have 3 wonderful boys, Ryan 12/18/98 (can't believe he's almost 5!!!), Brandon 7/9/00, and Nathan 1/26/03 (born on superbowl sunday). My first two babes were not cloth diapered unfortunately (well I did put a cloth diaper on #2 but he hated it so much that he pottytrained quickly afterwards). Nathan is clothdiapered mainly because he had a rash we couldn't get rid of and I was tired of putting steroids down under. He has extremely sensitive skin, occasionally I'll do a wash with calgon and if I forget to rewash them and double rinse after that he ends up with a rash. I wish I had been introduced to cloth diapers a long time ago and that the people I had mentioned it too before Nathan was born didn't laugh at me like I was insane .
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It is occurring to me that I never "officially" introduced myself. With ds we used sposies. Frankly, cloth never occured to me, both dh and I were in full-tilt, high responsibility careers and ds nanny seemed much happier with sposies (even making a point to tell me that she used them on her daughter in the 70s). Now with dd, using cd, I am sad that we were not aware of them with ds.

So with the birth of dd, having quit my job and having seen my sis CD, it seemed like I had some free attention to try out cloth. We started with a diaper service. Very slowly it started occurring to me that I could wash my own (and save $60/ mo). I found this board just as I was making the decision. I also was interested in finding different covers (instead of the dull white ones I had) and boy, have I ever found some gorgeous covers through all the great links.

I want to say thanks for all the good advice and helpful information I have been given.

Also, I am spreading the information around....one of my close friends is following my lead and is also cancelling the diaper service.
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