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Do you guys think male circ will ever be illegal? - Page 3

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Originally Posted by nini02 View Post
I agree with the others who said that religious freedom ends where another persons bodily rights begin
Absolutely and painfully and sexually altering a baby's genitalia is wrong and a violation no matter what the excuse for doing so is. Baby girls are protected here and boys should be too, period.
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In sense I don't think circ will stop until some people get into peer groups surrounding by intact peers and that will make them to stop circing to match peers or fear of locker room syndrome and more boys left intact lesser chance intact fathers will circ their kids and that will lead the doctors to 'have to 'wake up ' and learn how better & benefical that a foreskin is when they learn foreskin is 'real benefical they will find a better way to treat it and stop performing the circumcision because why take away something beneficial without a 'medical need that 'truly can not be treated without removing it -then I agree human rights should trump over what anyone believes and after this one lady told me of something that made me think why do we turn our faith into believing things will 'connect us to whatever we belive when we were already connected to this world as soon as we were concieved!
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Yes, but with religious exception.
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What I don't like are those gutless parents who say they want circumcision made illegal so they don't have to keep on doing it. You know the types... the sheep that follow the peer pressure. They irritate me.

If you don't want to do it, just say 'NO!'!

Yes, I'd like to see circumcision made illegal, but I'd like it to be a 'moot point' thing because they already realize it's unethical (human rights violation) to do it, so let's put it in the law books for those who just don't get it. KWIM?

I'm w/ the PP who say it should be made illegal even for religious reasons, since it's a permanent physical alteration (to say the least!) that can't be reversed.
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I hope it is. I think that there should be only be exceptions for a medical reason. I think you have the right to practice your religion freely until your religious practice harms another person.
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I hope so, but I have my doubts. Maybe in 50 years or so. It really depends. Though much as I want it to be illegal, agree with those who just say they would rather see it become completely obsolete and unethical, as banning it would likely lead to people to become more defensive.

Of course, I'm only talking about on infants here. Adults should absolutely have the choice.

I really don't get how one's religious rights extends to the genital mutilation of another's body. A child is just the child of religious parents, they have not made up their own mind about the religion. I can't think of any other circumstances in which it's acceptable to modify another's body for your own religious beliefs. If I had a religion where I was taught to injure non-believers, or even physically abuse my own children, I really can't see that being legal at all, it would not be protected under freedom of religion.

I think people are too ashamed of seeming racist or intolerant by telling religious people their customs should not be done. However, I think in this case it's justified. It's not going against the whole religion, just one of their practices. Sometimes traditions need to be let go.
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I'm hopeful that in my lifetime it will be made illegal. I'm 25. So ya--50 years. Everyone keep working on mgmbill.org!! I got a letter from the esteemed governator a few days ago, thanking me for my opinion on RIC. The letter was pretty positive, actually.
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p.s. I'm hoping for a law with no religious exemptions, but if a law with religious exemptions is the best we can do, it's far better than what we have now.
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