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Allie Is Here

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I know I wasn't very active here for too long but I just wanted to announce the arrival of Allison Emily, born August 15, at 11:03am, 8lbs 3oz, 20 inches long.

I planned a VBAC all those nine months and was up for a repeat c/s on Monday, August 11th. My OB decided to cancel that date since baby and I were doing exceptionally well. On wednesday the 13th I was scheduled for pit induction and eventually he wanted to break my waters. Baby's head was at -3 so he didn't feel comfortable doing that and wanted to c/s again. My head nurse talked to him and said that we were still doing so well and to let us go home. So we went home with instructions to be back on Friday the 15th. So on Friday 6am they checked me, I was 6cm and 80%, then put me on a little pitocin and my OB broke my waters 930am-ish. I was complete only about one hour later and babygirl's heartrate dropped as she moved under my pelvic bone. Her heart stayed at below 60 beats for about 6 minutes and I got a nice cut to get her out but it was necessary. It felt so good to push her out especially after so many people telling me that a scar rupture is GOING to happen for a fact (bla bla bla). I had an amazing support team of a doula, my DH, the head nurse and my two doctors. I did it without an epidural since there was no time and I'm elated to have done it after all.
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Congrats mama! :
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That's wonderful!:Congratulations!
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I'm glad things went well. congrats on your daughter.

I wish they hadn't pressured you for a repeat or induction though. Why can't hospitals step back and let birth happen?
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Congrats on your vbac and baby!
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congrats :
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Congratulations on your little girl and your successful VBAC! I hope I get to join you in the vbac club!!
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Congratulations! I love the name, and you spelled it the right way:
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Welcome Allison !! Wonderful story!
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Congrats & Welcome Sweet Allison!
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A a vbac to boot!!!!!!!!!!!Yay!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you

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Congrats! :::

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Yay!!! Congratulations on your VBAC! What an awesome OB you have.
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Congratulations!! :
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Congrats for your baby and VBAC!!!!
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awesome vbac story!!! good for you

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Congrats hun!
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Congratulations!!! :

( That nurse who told the doc to let you go home rocked.)
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Thank you ladies. I'm so glad I got to VBAC, it was amazing and what's even more amazing is that I feel like I could tackle the world already. With DS I wasn't up for anything for at least 2 weeks.
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