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Babies are coming!!!

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: It was just a few days ago that I saw the thread about who was full term, and I knew it was probably only going to be a few days before we starting hearing about babies coming! Theres a few full term mamas already and I've already seen a couple of birth announcements. How exiting!!! :
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I'm tickled to see the birth anouncments already...it's getting closer for all of us.
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IT is amazing that we have reached this point.

I am not due until the end of September so I still feel like I have a while.
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I'm 36 weeks today... one more week to term. I was camping over the weekend and everyone was fussing over me and not letting me do much... which was actually perfectly fine with me. lol. I did freak some life guards out at the campground pool though. It was so funny. I was just swimming around in the deep end with my friends and the lifeguards were standing right over me staring at me like I was going to go into labor any second. lol. Geeze! Then we were standing in 4 foot water and my friends were joking around and picking me up in their arms and going "oh look! you're so lightweight!" and I swear the lifeguards looked like they were about to jump into that pool and fish me out of it. lol. So, we stopped messing around. hehe.
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