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O.B. resident told me a "funny" story...

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My friend's sister is in her fourth year of obstetric residency. She works in a HUGE L&D ward whose patients are mainly low income inner city families and Hispanic immigrants.
Well, she was telling me about how they HAD to push these women through labor and delivery with drugs and interventions as quickly as possible to open up the rooms for other women in labor waiting in the hallways. Then she proceeded to tell me this story, which she and the other docs thought was absolutely hilarious:
A hispanic woman, who spoke no English, was pushing on her back for an hour and wasn't making any progress. She couldn't even feel the urge to push yet. A resident came in and THOUGHT he told her, in Spanish, that they would insert and use forceps if she didn't push that baby out quickly enough. Well, apparently, the spanish word for forceps is very similar to the word for "cockroaches". The resident had accidentally told the woman that they would insert cockroaches into her vagina if she did not get the baby out quickly enough. The poor woman panicked and gave birth in five minutes.
They still laugh over this hilarious misunderstanding and it went into the resident's yearbook as one of the most memorable events of their residency
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"Why would anyone want a homebirth?"

thnx for sharing!
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That is horrific and inappropriate! Wow. I'm guessing they didn't apologize to her after they realized their error.
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If you just take it as is, without knowing anything about women and birth and the typical emotions that go on, it could be amusing.
What's terrifying is that the doctors seem to know nothing about the above emotions.
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How sad , but the Spanish word for Forceps is actually the same one: Forceps and cockroaches are called cucarachas (cukarachias) so God knows what he really told her...
How denigrant to be "pushed" to have your baby quickly .
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thats is horrible and disgudtiong uke

poor lady!
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What I find even more disgusting than this unfortunate incident is the way all the women are treated, they are just herded through like cattle. As if being poor or from another country makes you less than human, not deserving of any sensitivity or dignity.
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Hmm theres another thing too... if they're all in such a hurry, why go the route that will hinder and slow down birth?

I guess time goes faster for them doctors and hospital midwifes when they are actively doing something.... but still really!
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