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I love the name Fiona, but I am a bit biased
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I would use it. I really like the name Charlotte, but I know that I could have a baby, name her Charlotte, and the next week a hit movie could come out where the main character is a monster named Charlotte...y'know? You never know what the name you choose may be used as. Even if you choose a very normal name with no movie/book references, that could change at any minute.
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loving it! our friends named their daughter fiona, but call her fin.
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I love it!

I have a 13 year old son named Luke. Occasionally people will bring up the Luke Skywalker reference but all in all he's happy with his name and having his name being connected with a popular movie hasn't scarred him in any way.
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First of all...I think it's a GREAT name!

Besides, she's not just ANY ogre! She struggles with who she is at first, but by the end of the first movie, she's learned to accept herself for who she is. And in the third one...she kicks some SERIOUS ass! (I don't remember too much about the second, since I haven't seen it as recently or as many times as the other two. But I know that she was a pretty strong female character in that movie too.) She's not just ANY ogre. Her inner beauty shines so strongly!
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I do not think of Shrek. I have a good friend who's daughter is Fiona and I don't think she has ever had a problem with that. GO for it esp if you both love it!!
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Originally Posted by ananas View Post
I would use it. I really like the name Charlotte, but I know that I could have a baby, name her Charlotte, and the next week a hit movie could come out where the main character is a monster named Charlotte...y'know?
This did happen with our Violet (who should have been called Sheena or Amazonia or something anyway, lol) because a few months later Ben Affleck named his dd Violet, and then a few months later Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters named his dd Violet.

Sigh. Still. It is very possible to overthink the whole name thing. I always thought if we had a 3rd girl we'd name her Gwyneth but was wary about the whole Gwyneth Paltrow thing... but at some point you go (or at least I do) Heck, I like the name! I'm going for it!

In our old neighborhood in NYC there were two little girls (besties) who lived on our block named Oprah and Henessey. So if you stop short of that, I think you'll be okay.

(whose parents got VERY creative in the name department considering I am neither Indian nor male)
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In my playgroup, there are 3 moms (myself included) who love the name Fiona and have agreed whoever has a baby girl next first can take it
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I love Fiona and don't think of a cartoon character. If anything, Fiona Apple comes to mind or Fiona Shaw the Irish actress.
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I haven't read through the whole thread, but to me, Fiona doesn't just bring up Shrek. I grew up in Scotland, although we live in Canada now. In Scotland when I was little (and even still to this day), Fiona was a name that you would hear quite often. My best friend from childhood is Fiona, and DH also has a Fiona in his family (she's younger, only 16 or so). To me, it's a normal, pretty name that has recently experienced some increased popularity on this side of the Atlantic. If that's because of Shrek, so be it. I think it's a lovely name, and a classic name as far as I'm concerned, at least where I come from. It's just too bad that it doesn't go with my last name at all!
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Love it.

Have not read the thread, but just glanced at the previous post and thought "Shrek? Huh? Ohhhh, right." Shrek, as popular as it was, is not going to be a long-standing influence on our culture!
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I do think of Fiona Apple, but not Shrek.
: LOVE the name.
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It's a pretty name.

Shrek didn't come to mind until you mentioned it and that's even though Shrek movies have been high on the rotation list for years now at our house.
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whenever i hear the name fiona i think of the little girl in the movie the secret of rhone inish
OMG I love that movie. One of my all time favorites.

I already weighed in, I do think that kids might think of the movie, possibly, but if they do I think fiona is admired, WE adults think "ewww she's a green chubby ogre" but the kids think "HEY she can BURP and kick BUTT!!!! I wanna be just like her"
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Fiona is one of those names that is common enough that I don't think of the Shrek character at all.
I think the movies will be remembered for a while, but the name is a lot more popular than say Ariel or Belle. For instance: when someone is named Jasmine I don't think of the Aladdin movie because the name was used well before and after with no association.
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we love love shrek here, and i did not think about shrek when I saw Fiona. It was almost a surprise when that was your question. The only things I thought when I saw Fiona was
"Oh I Love that name" and
" Like the girl in lois lowry's the giver."

I have never met a fiona in real life, but you have just brought it to my attention again, and it is going in the running for our middle name.

Also what Chaska-Dog said, some names have more power then just the association of the movie they were in.
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I *love* the name Fiona. I've met 2 little Fionas and as far as I know there hasn't been a teasing issue because of the name. Think about all the cool names that would be ruled out if people didn't want their kids sharing cartoon/kid's book/movie characters. Both my DD (Zoe), DS (Fin) and the coming babe (Dexter, most likely) would have different names if we had worried about that.
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I think of the nickname Fifi.... which makes me think of a pomeranian. But as for the Shrek issue... I wouldnt worry about it.
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Sorry to bump up my own thread, but I just wanted to say "thanks" to all that gave their opinions about "Fiona"; youve helped so much!:

We still have a little over 4 months before meeting our new sweetie, but its feeling more and more like Fiona Ruth (Ruth is my mom's middle name) should be her name.

Thanks again!
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We have a Fiona who is 8. She has never been teased and I must say she loves her name. We call her fifi at times.
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