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Anyone having issues with swelling now? I seem to be developing pitting edema, but just on the inside of my ankles. And I'm starting to get to that point where even sitting with my feet propped up for an hour or so still doesn't get rid of my sausage toes. Good thing the hubby think they are cute
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Yes, yes, yes! I'm so glad that you posted this. I've just started getting the pitting thing too. The swelling has also stopped going down overnight like it did the last couple of weeks, so I feel you on that one. I'm just glad someone else is having the same problem...I don't feel quite so strange with puffy feet anymore, lol. They look really bizarre on me too because I usually have these bony feet at the end of my scrawny calf muscles, only now I have sausage feet which makes my legs look even scrawnier, haha. Pregnancy isn't always pretty, is it?
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Yup. I've been keeping a close eye on my feet and fingers. They feel more swollen than they look, but for me they are a bit swollen. My sister got cankles when she was pg, I'm lucky that I haven't gotten them...yet.
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I am realy surprised I don't. I haven't with my other babies, but they have all been late fall and winter babies. But no swelling yet. Just watch me jink myself and swell up tonight.
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Mine mostly just swell on the hot days. There is consistent swelling all the time... but not that's uncomfortable. So far nothing has been able to make the swelling go down on the hot days... propped feet or ice water... neither work for me. (but ice water feels good)
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I'm taking B6 & lots of herbal teas...seems to help.

Eating watermelon, cucumber, etc helps to flush it out. Plus getting in the pool
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I have pitting edema in my feet at the end of the day, but it's always back to *almost* normal in the AM.

Here's a picture of me at 40w with Atley..in the July heat. This is about what my feet look like at the end of the day right now. I remember that I had to give those sandals away because I stretched them out and they didn't fit anymore after I had him .

Burts Bees makes a peppermint foot lotion called Mama Bee that I found at Target. I love it and make DH rub my feet with it every night...it helps cool them off and get the blood circulating to them again. Last night after a marathon of freezer-meal-cooking he said my feet reminded him of the people on Wall-E! :
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Mine do some, and I only notice it because I almost always wear socks and they leave an indentation in my legs. It's not bad though, and not uncomfortable.
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what is the pitting edema? I do have swelling of my feet this time around and also when there is something that presses into my feet/calves, there will be an indentation that will stay for maybe about 20 minutes or so. Like for example the other day I was sitting on the floor with my feet crossed with the heel of one foot pressing pretty hard into the calf of my other leg. When I got up, I had this pretty big dent on the front of my shin where my heel had been. And it just stayed there for about 20 minutes maybe? It looked so wierd! Like if part of my shin meat were missing! This isn't bad is it?
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I wonder if exercise helps? I exercise almost every day, except today I skipped my workout, and when I put my work shoes on, they were pretty squeezy. I've had a little bit of swelling, but nothing much.
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