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anybody put baby on your back by yourself?

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One of my slings (Moby and Ergo) includes instructions for how to put a baby on your back with no help from anybody. I can't figure out how to do it safely. Any advice?
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I practiced a lot in front of a couch or bed (well, with my back over them...)

it's pretty easy in a MT once you get the hang of it.

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How old is your baby?
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I have the Ergo. I tried to shuffle him around from the front, but never got the hang of it.

I put the Ergo on my back, with only the waist done up. I put DS standing, facing away from me, but in front of me. I hold him by the hips, with my thumbs pointed away from me. I say, "Superbaby!" and flip him over my head and onto my back. I hold him between my elbows on either side, with my back practically horizontal, while I pull the straps up and put my arms in. Once my arms are in , I stand and do up the chest buckle.

Now that he knows the routine, I don't have to squeeze him with my elbows and he holds still so I'm not so horizontal while pulling up the straps.

I didn't start this until he was old enough for the back carry, when he had very good head control.

ETA - I'm rethinking how I did this at first. I think he had such a short torso that I got his ribcage and hips in my hads when I started this. It kept the upper part of his body from just flying back there...Now I have to grab him from the hips because that's where most of his weight is. If I included the ribcage, I wouldn't be able to swing him up without putting to much pressure on his spine.
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Alot of us do
I mostly use wraps for back carries. When mine were really little I would lay the wrap on the bed then lay baby on the wrap then with crossed arms, pick them up and gently swing them over my shoulder as I pivited. This helped get them up and kept the wrap from bunching or tangling.
I do want to add that many people will not recommend the moby wrap for back carries, especially with an older, stronger, heavier baby. The fabric stretches and baby can arch back and pop out, it is very hard to get a stretchy wrap tight enough to prevent this.
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I sit baby in front of me on the floor, (or she's in her carseat or being held by someone or whatever) with the wrap around my hips and held between my knees. Cross arms and pick up baby by the arms, lift the baby over your head and place on back. Your arms will come uncrossed on the way there and you'll have your left hand on baby's left arm, right hand on baby's right arm so it feels secure. Or if you have an older baby, get them back there by the hip scoot method.

Bend forward with flat back, get baby settled and grasp top rail of wrap or carrier, and bring it up over baby to the top of her shoulders or bring the straps over your shoulders. Snug the wrap, at this point baby is held by you keeping tension on wrap or carrier, and you can continue on.

here's some videos with different ways of doing it




santa toss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbKdxwkBiRo

hip scoot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEAOkIOEUuc&feature=user
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I have a Patapum, and I:
1. buckle the waist strap on
2. turn it so the body of the carrier is hanging down over one hip
3. sit DS on that hip
4. pull the body of the carrier up behind him and grab both shoulder straps with one hand
5. switch the shoulder strap that corresponds with the side of my body that DS is sitting on to the hand on that side
6. grab the remaining shoulder strap with my opposite hand with my elbow held above my head
7. bounce DS onto my back with a strap in each hand
8. pull straps up and on once DS is on my back securely
9. fasten chest clip

It sounds way more complicated than it really is. I love this way of getting him on my back, as he starts out where he can see my eyes, and he always has either the straps or my hands right in front of him until he is nearly all the way on. It feels super secure the whole time.
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With the ergo-

-ergo fastened around waist with the LEFT shoulder strap loosely on left arm

- dd2 on my RIGHT hip

- stick RIGHT hip out as far as possible and lean a bit forward

-slide dd2 around onto my back, sticking my butt out as far as possible (like I was going to give her a piggy back ride... butt out, leaning forward)

-make sure dd2's LEFT foot goes below the LEFT shoulder strap (not into the loop made by the strap)

-once dd2 is mostly on my back I hold her into my back with my LEFT arm while moving my RIGHT arm out of the way

-pull right arm strap up, stand up straight, jiggle dd2 to make sure she is in place

-attach chest strap and go!

It's easier than it sounds.... but I practiced a lot with dd2 over the bed or couch, and I practiced while sitting on the floor too. Good luck!
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I have put ds on my back since about 2months old by myself. At first I just layed him on the bed placed in the mei tai and pulled him up on my back. Now I just tie the mei tai on my waist and slide him on my back from my hip. Pull up the other 2 straps and bouce him in.

Practice all of the time. That is what I did. Now, I can even do it in the parking lot
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With the Ergo and other buckled carriers, I put the waist buckle on, swing the kid onto my back and then lean forward to help keep the kid there and with one hand pull up the carrier. It is hard to explain. The MT, onbu and wraps are easier with a Santa toss.
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Originally Posted by laurelmick View Post
How old is your baby?
8 months
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Thanks for all the advice I am going to print this out and try with the ergo when I get home tonight - with DH there to catch any falls.
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I use a wrap or mei tai and Superman (cross arms, grab under shoulder with bottom arm, over other shoulder with upper arm, flip over shoulder). Not sure how well this works with getting them seated in something liek an ergo.

I can't hipscoot for beans, but a lot of people like it.
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Another question for the ergo moms - How do you get babe off your back by yourself?

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Originally Posted by rcr View Post
Another question for the ergo moms - How do you get babe off your back by yourself?

sit down
take one arm out and with the other grab under armpit, pull to front
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Originally Posted by rcr View Post
Thanks for all the advice I am going to print this out and try with the ergo when I get home tonight - with DH there to catch any falls.
If your husband is even a little bit a worrier it might be best not to have him watch.
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with Evie (who has been back carried since 6 months in an Ergo)
i put ergo on mny front, sit her on my tummy, pull up the ergo so she is in, and slide her to my left hip. i put my left arm infront of her while holding her hand with my right, the get her hand, then i count to 3, she loves this bit and on 3 i bounce her to my back. at this point i am leaning forward so she is leaning aganst my back. i grab right strap with right hand, put it on, left strap on, tighted both stand up jiggle her a bit, tighten and then do up chest strap. i have always done this, i cant do any other way.

to get her off i either undo arm straps, slide her to my hip and lift her out or i undo straps lean forward hold with one arm and then grab her waist and slide her out and froward. if i wasnt so camera shy id post it on Youtube. maybe on a better day

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Originally Posted by rcr View Post
Another question for the ergo moms - How do you get babe off your back by yourself?

I sit on the couch or bed and undo the chest strap first, then the waist.

Out and about when I want to put him in the car, I put my butt toward the carseat and lower him into his carseat (he's sideways). It's not the most graceful, but he knows what is coming and just settles into it.

I can also sit on the ground and undo things.

Once, I did drop him. That was when I took him off without sitting down (or backing toward the carseat). I was in my office and just took off one of the shoulder straps. I lost hold of him and dropped him into his pack-n-play, head first. I was sure he was broken, but he survived.
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My son is 16.5 months, so I undo the chest clip, then the waist buckle, reach back to grab his hand and he slides down my back and lands on his feet. It also leaves me holding his hand so he won't bolt too.
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I practiced kneeling on the floor sometimes. That way, when you bend forward with the baby on your back, it's a very short distance to the floor if you should lose your grip on them. But you probably won't. If you are really worried, practice with a large stuffed animal! I also find that doing it in front of a mirror helped at first so I could see where the straps or rails were, before I got the feel of it.
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