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Ok, so I am 35 week tomorrow!!! and am just randomly going through things I would like to order for the birth, little things like perineal cold pads etc. Nothing to get emotional about.
Every site I look at if it has a picture of a baby or birth related things (so every page then) I start crying. Not sad crying. Just I am so excited and cannot contain myself. Should this be hormones then? Anyone else having this? I just woke up soooo happy and excited today and cannot wait to go into labour (not now hopefully but when baby is ready). It is just so overwhelming today. I am so ready to meet my baby!
Now I have to pull myself together and go to work and look ... normal
I can draw it out: this is me todayX100: :::

I just can't believe how...excited I am! So not much point to this post other than asking, anyone else or ... ?
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I ordered some cloth diapers and they came today. I opened them up and started to cry- they are just so tiny and cute!! I am almost 38 weeks and have been crying a lot lately- just emotional, not sad. I'm excited, too. But having some BH today, so not that excited. lol.
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A friend came to visit me a couple of weeks ago and we both cried while she was looking at the book Welcome Baby.

And I cried last night when the Chinese gymnast Cheng Fei fell on her floor exercise.

This is definitely not normal for me. :
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Yeah I am majorly emotional and moody. I said to my dh the other day "I think I am much more emotional this pregnancy". When he agreed I started crying and then he felt bad. Everything sets me off and it is not just one emotion it is all of them.
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Oh my goodness, every since this past Tuesday I have been a hormonal wreck! With DD it was bad like this at the beginning of my pregnancy, which I definitely think I prefer. I am so excited for him to be here soon, but my hormones have just been making me sad and short tempered.
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