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Amazing responses mama! I hope that I have the presence of mind that you did if I am ever in a similar situation. Really....people need to GET OVER THEMSELVES! And who knows, maybe you planted a seed in her or her sons, so perhaps not all is lost.
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WOW! Great comeback......quick thinking!!!!
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I'd bet money her kids didn't even notice you were BFing until she got all hoity toity about it.

Teens I think are the ones that need to see it the most. "Look what breasts can do!"
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wow, your come backs were brilliant

it would be great to have a sticky with come backs like yours
would be a handy tool!

anyhow, so sorry you were harassed by someone who obviously didn't support your right to breastfeed anywhere, but definitely shows how ignorant/ downright rude certain aspects of our society are. i feel both sad for and angry at people that think it is their place to be rude/judgmental/and think they speak for "everyone".

just wow-ed by your strength and clear-thinking in the ca ca situation you were subjected to.
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Thanks guys.

I was retelling the story at work today to two coworkers who I know breastfed their babies for at least short times. I have no idea if either of them agree or disagree with NIP, but they've both seen me nurse Connor at work (I bring him in with me if I work overtime or during a weekend, and I often bring him to work functions, luncheons, etc).

Thankfully I have a great boss who has not batted an eye at me nursing Connor--one time standing right in front of him while giving a practice presentation on a Saturday We need more reasonable mature adults like him, not the woman who confronted me.

I wasn't a huge lactivist with my first son, I breastfed him of course, and I did NIP, and I had an issue with pumping at work that I had to fight a little bit. But with Connor...he is special needs and his health was so terrible the first few months (the little movie clip in my siggy really doesn't do it justice), I fought SO HARD (I mean HARD...up all night crying right along with him because he couldn't nurse and was losing more weight and I was scared to death he would be hospitalized again and the drs pressured me to put a feeding tube in, said he might die without it...then he was diagnosed with an immune deficiency and I learned that the only reason he did live was because he was breastfed)

So I found an inner voice. I didn't spend those first several months under intense stress, no sleep, weeks by his side in a hospital, just to have some woman tell me to cover up. Nope lady, you chose the wrong nursing mama to harass!!!
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Wow, I have to agree with everyone that thinks it's good for teen boys to see breastfeeding. It's a really, really positive and nonsexual aspect of womanhood that should be respected and appreciated -- it's not shameful or dirty and it doesn't (shouldn't!) cause "impure thoughts."
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You are a Goddess.

Originally Posted by bens_mommy_2005 View Post
Way to go!

First thought that popped in my mind was, um, teenage boys? I'm willing to bet with a mom like that, there's a lot she doesn't know. Perhaps they've already seen waaaaay more than a babe nursing....y'kwim? It sounds like there's not a lot of communication going on...and in my experience those are the promiscuous teens. Could be wrong, but I'd be inclined to laugh in her face and actually say, "You honestly think this is the first time they've seen a breast? Wake up, Lady!"
Love this too!laughup
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Way to go, mama!!!! You handled that situation perfectly!!

It makes me ashamed to be a member of the older generation. If that had been me, I would have said, "It is so wonderful to see a young mother nursing. You rock!"

And I agree with PP's who said that teenagers NEED to be exposed to breastfeeding. They need to learn what breasts are for!
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Just had to jump in to say that I really admire your composure and your responses. Filing them away in my brain to use myself!

Go mama! What an awful woman!
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First, you are my hero(ine)! That is exactly what I hope I say if I ever get confronted. (though I doubt I will because my friends and husband say I give off very clear don't **** with me vibes, lol!)

Second, congrats for nursing a SN child with such challenges for so long!

Third, good on you for telling her that boys should be taught that this is normal and appropriate. My ten year old son has watched me nurse all his younger sibs and even kisses them goodnight while they are latched on. He doesn't blink or even notice when he is around other nursing mamas-his mama being a childbirth educator and birth assistant means this is not an infrequent occurance. I have a friend with teen sons and I nurse around them in a sling (somewhat discreetly as I know she never bfed and is herself a little uncomfortable around it) and they look at me curiously but never leering or sexually. I think most boys, even those who are not around it normally, are just curious and not wigged out or getting boners from passing by a nursing mother.
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I loved what you said!
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Your responses to her rudeness were both articulate and eloquent...you are the comeback QUEEN!
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Your son is absolutely adorable.

Teen boys seeing breastfeeding, I'm totally for that. I have 3 younger brothers, all three were nursed. My full brother would have seen our two half brothers being nursed by our stepmom. And the half brothers have a full sister who was nursed beyond 4 years old, and they were 10 and 12 years older than her.

The three of them, so far, have seemed to make their choices about women based on brains and personality, not chest size. It's as though seeing breasts work in the intended way has taken them off the mate-choosing table, so to speak, which I think is really really REALLY cool.
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