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Me! Actually since I've seen SO MANY of my contemporaries end up with c-peats for what I consider to be really LAME reasons, I hope to have an HBAC and avoid the hospital altogether. All the hospitals near me will basically make it incredibly unpleasant and difficult to VBAC (like somehow it's MY fault they coerced me into the c/s last time!), so I am just praying that everything will happen at home with no IVs, fetal monitors, machines that go beep, etc.

Anyone else trying an HBAC?
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Another hoping for a vba2c! Both my sons were born just over 36 weeks because of pre-eclampsia. My first appt with a new (vbac friendly!!)ob is on Sept 2nd, and I am praying for a optimistic attitude from him!
I've read that there are some nutritional things you can do to help the pre-e (taking extra b-6, doing the high protein Brewer Diet). Anyway, I hope you find a therapy that helps you beat it this time and have a natural birth.
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I can't remember where I saw it, but I recently read that calcium is a big factor in pre-e, too.
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I'm having a VBAC after a surprise section 9 months ago. I was at a birth center and was transported, put on pitocin with an epidural, and he still wouldn't come down. He was posterior, but I wonder if that was all because my mom delivered posterior babies at home with no problem. Anyway, I have a wonderful OB who is called a "midwife in disguise" by the local midwives and believes in the ability of a woman's body to birth a baby. I'm so excited to have this kind of support - I know it's rare, especially in N TX right now.

Hope you all get your VBAC's, HBAC's, etc.!
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Thanks for the pre-e tips! My ob told me to take 1 baby aspirin a day and I have had the Brewers diet recommended too. The ob says there are alot of "magic cures" out there and that anything that doesnt hurt could help!

Hopefully being due in March/April vs July and Sept (with the boys) is a big plus too!
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I agree with there being a lot of "magic cures" out there with regards to PE, and for me, anyone or anything that claims to cure ALL cases of PE sends my "quack alarm" ringing.

I developed pre-eclampsia with baby #1 and delivered vaginally at 33 wks. I had severe PE with baby #2 which ended in eclamptic seizures, was induced and delivered vaginally at 31 wks -- per my mw's advice, I followed the Brewer Diet with that pg, obviously without success.

Baby #3, I started taking baby aspirin pre-conception and stayed on it my entire pg. No other special considerations, diets, etc. No PE, just a touch of PIH without other symptoms -- I delivered a FT, happy and healthy baby at 37 wks. Ditto w/baby #4. Baby #5 was an emergency c/s at 35 wks., but not b/c of PE -- no trace of that, yet again. Turns out Sophie was in severe distress due to complications of having Down Syndrome.

So needless to say, I've become a big believer in baby aspirin for PE prevention, as my outcomes with and without were dramatically different. Oh, and taking calcium for PE prevention has been debunked by a huge study done a few years back. I'm wishing you a happy, healthy, PE-free VBAC this time!

Someone else asked if anyone was planning a HBAC? I am! Sophie was a planned homebirth gone astray, and I'm not ready to give up on my HB dream just yet ...

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We are planning a HBAVBAC. LOL If that even makes sense.
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Also hoping for an HBAC, though still investigating. I have an OB appointment in 2 weeks, and have 2 midwives I plan to meet with. My c/s was devistating, though we both came through physically fine. I just can't believe my body can "fail to progress." Maybe I just need to be left alone.
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