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exhausted venting

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I resisted the temptation to do this all week, but now I have to vent...

we went to Connecticut last weekend with our three dogs, and came back with BUGS. woke up Tuesday morning to find dozens of tiny black poppy seed size bugs all over our bedding and dogs.

long story sort of short -- after a week-long massive panic that we had bedbugs (we live in NYC), throwing away our mattress and bed (we're waiting for our new Queen-size anyway), and washing/drying EVERYTHING I OWN on hot, we finally confirmed they weren't bedbugs after all. they seem to have been tiny ticks, which can't live in our house and would have died on their own in a few days even if I hadn't ruined all my clothing killing them instantly (there wasn't even any evidence of them being on my clothes in the first place ).

we had three totally sleepless nights in a row with the marathon laundering, vacuuming, rubbing everything with alcohol, and now we are sleeping on the sofa waiting for the new bed to come. oh yeah, I also threw away most of our pillows, so we each have one tiny, lumpy pillow of hot-water-washed cotton to rest our heads on. I yearn for my beloved body pillow...

can I tell you how utterly exhausted, both physically and emotionally I am?? this week was supposed to be our big push to get our woefully un-prepared butts into shape for the birth/baby...

ok, that's it. except that we all probably have Lyme disease now...
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mama, are you sure they weren't just fleas? Either way, that totally stinks. I would be complaining too.
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Ugh! When we had fleas I went through a similar purge/clean. It was a nightmare!
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You poor dear! How scarey and what a PAIN! I've seen those type of ticks before in Central America not here but not shocked to find they'd be here too.
I hope you and the dogs are all clear and healthy!
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Oh I'm so sorry - that's not fun at all

I do hope the new mattress is worth it!
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I can understand the feelings towards creepy crawlies....we had them something awful in Mexico over the summer. Scorpions and millipieds and huge spyders and snakes and lizards and mosquitos that would carry you away to mosquito land. I was so happy ot be home in NC. Try to relax and get some good r and r.
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Do be on the lookout for Lyme symptoms, and it might not be a bad idea to request a test if you're at all unsure. I just had a Lyme scare and did a lot of reading, and found Wikipedia to have the best info. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyme_disease Very scary.
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