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Where to buy sling rings?

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I'd prefer to find a local store that carries metal rings that can be used for slings rather than purchase off the internet and wait for them to come in the mail (yes, I'm that impatient ). Any suggestions?
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i got mine at joann fabrics. they are metal and they've lasted for 5 months so far...
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My Joanns doesn't have them.

I finally found some at a place that makes industrial cables and screws and so on -- they just gave 'em to me since I only wanted 2!

But ONE of our hardware stores carries the 3" size, Winks.

Where can you get them from the web?
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Oh, Joann's! I didn't think to try there. I've got some things to get for Christmas crafts so I'll check while I'm there.

DH is currently out running errands and will stop by Home Depot for me and ask if they have them.

Fraya, I've seen sling rings at these places:

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I got mine at Lowe's. They are used for animal harnesses. They are about $0.70 each. And I feel good about them because if they can handle the bucking of a horse they can hold my baby.
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Originally posted by amarasmom
They are used for animal harnesses.
THANK YOU!! This info will be extremely helpful in finding them!
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Any store that sells fencing and farm equipment should have them. Also, look for them in by the chain hoists and stuff. My bro uses them in the shop. He's a HD mechanic.
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Try your local hardware store. That's where I got mine. And I'm sure that Home Depot would have them too.
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This is so interesting ... I live in Portland, and I tried all of the following:

Home Depot (only 2" size)
Every other hardware store/chain in town (one normally carried the 3" but was out of it)
Marine supply
Horse and harness supply
Leather supply/repair
Craft and fabric stores

And then I finally got a couple from that industrial cable maker!
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I got mine in the hardware section of a local farm supply/ clothing/ toy, etc. store. The thing that I made sure of was that it wasn't the tiny guage craft rings that I could find at my local craft store. The rings that I got said that they were okayed for up to 1000 lbs. I think they are only 2 or 2.5 inches but they work great - I made a maya sling from thier web site.
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thin metal rings work fine as long as they're soldered

if rings are a problem you could just tie your sling; we don't want any of our babies slingless
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Originally posted by otbonmom
we don't want any of our babies slingless
LOL, exactly! I've made one other ring sling, and recycled some rings I found attached to a messenger bag that we never use.

I'm not sure we have any farm and livestock supply stores around here... not too much farm land in suburbia. We're a bit too far away from the coast for a marine supply store as well. DH didn't find any at Home Depot last night, well, they had 1.5" but that was it. I'm going to check Orchard Supply Hardware and Joann's today.

I'll bet by the time I find them I could have easily ordered them off the web and they'd be here! Too bad I'm stubborn about dumb things like this sometimes .
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To speed your time and perhaps lessen your irritation, I'd recommend letting your fingers do the walking. That's what I finally did with my very lengthy search that yielded only one result and one lead!

In the meantime, I've gone ahead and ordered from slingrings for my next slings! Thanks for the site.
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In my area I looked at Joann's, Home Depot, Lowes, and finally found them at a local hardware store called Chase Pitkin (owned by local grocery chain). I can't remember if I got 2 " or 2 1/2". They were in the section with chains and stuff. I'm ordering acrylic/plastic/whatever they have on slingrings this next time, b/c I had a sleeping toddler in the airport, and huge metal rings on my shoulder last year ...
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Question... are the rings on the Maya slings 3"?

The ones on my current sling are 2", and while it works fine, I'd like to try some larger ones to see if I can relieve some of the shoulder pressure. I'm also going to try the pleat fold rather than the accordian fold, I've heard that helps too.
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