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'Fess up, ladies....

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Who has DTD?

I have to admit I am dreading the first time, and I am definitely not ready yet. But poor DH! I think I am going to have to start being creative.... LOL!
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Dang girl, it's only been a month! Give it some more time!
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i was one of the later moms, i guess (7-29) but sheesh! i have always waited 'til 6 weeks +! i am 3 weeks pp, still bleeding.
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8 weeks + here, and nothing happening. About 3-4 weeks I, um, helped him out. Nothing since. Once I was cleared for action it's been the furthest thing from our minds!
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Noah will be 6 weeks on Friday and I have my 6 week pp visit on Monday. My wonderful dh is very patient and understanding, but I know he's ready. Last time dd was 8-10 weeks old before trying again. Since I only had a minor tear this time, it'll probably be soon. I'm just so tired that if I have to choose between sleep and sex, sleep is definitely going to win!
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I am not quite 3 weeks pp and although I had no tearing, I still feel like things are going back to where they should and having some pink discharge. Plus then I have to think of birth control cuz I am not one of the lucky ones that can use breastfeeding as such. I usually get AF the first month pp. DH is starting to get whiney and doesn't expect the full out deal, but once it is bedtime, any sort of intimacy is so far out of my head.....
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Well, I am 2 weeks pp today, so nothing's happening here!

My question is that I had a pretty significant tear (2nd degree, I think--I had interior and exterior stitches, and they go pretty far back towards my bum), so should I still expect to be back in action at 6 weeks, or will it be longer for me?
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i guess i'm in the minority here, but we waited 12 days.
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Zoe is 7 weeks old today, and we have not done anything yet. I only had a small tear, and this is probably the longest we've ever waited. I'm just SO NOT in the mood, and still upset that dh only took 3 days off after our baby was born. I don't feel emotionally connected with dh, so there. We'll have to see....
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With my first i had minor tear.. worth 4 stitches.. and it took 9 months before i was unsore enough for sex...

with my second i tore horribly, but had no stitching, just kept my legs together.. and had sex 3 weeks postpartum

with this one, I had sex yesterday.. so just barely 5 weeks postpartum.. and we waited longer due to th epain in my hip, not due to not wanting to have sex, or anything like that.
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I'm only 2 weeks PP but I'm still bleeding off and on a lot but only had some small tears. Can't say I'm up for it yet. I know DP would like to but where can I find the energy between breastfeeding and newbornness in general. Also LO is still sleeping on me for most of the night in between feedings.

We took a shower together and he good time though

I'm pretty much planning on waiting for the 6 weeks.
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Hyz - it will depend on you, really!

With my DD, I had a 3rd egree episiotomy and a 4th degree tear, so there was nothing for quite some time. We tried at round 7 weeks PP, but it was too painful. We attempted it again every week or so, but I didn't find it not painful until DD was about 6 months old! (And even then, my libido was GONE! I only did it, really, becuase of DH!)

With my DS, I had a 1 degree tear. We wait until 7 weeks PP, again, and it wasn't too painful, but it was still uncomfy until about 4 months PP.

This time around, I m not sore at all THERE due to having a c-section, so I don't know what it's going to be like... Anyone with a c-section that can tell me, tummy wise, how it's gonna be? I know DH is BEYOND ready! With all the pelvic rest/bedrest for 10 weeks, we tried twice after that in 3 weeks but it was uncomfy for me so we didn't again, and now I'm 3 weeks PP (And still spotting - and I"m NOT gonng do it with a "muddy field" as DH calls it (He says "Game delay due to muddy fields" when AF is here! Big goober!) ), so it's gonna be at least another couple of weeks before I'm "cleared"... He is couting down the time, poor guy! (But I hate to tell him, I still have NO libido at ALL! *sigh* I don't normally get THAT back til around 6-8 months PP!)
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we have once, at 2 weeks pp and it was fine. I didn't have any tears or soreness at all after having Dashel, so it was just like old times...

I really have no desire to do it again right now, but my DH definitely does!
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Honestly, I started going crazy after a week. I'm two weeks and two days PP and are ready to get it on! I have my PP check up at 4-5 weeks and hope to get the greenlight from my doc that we can "get this party started". I've helped him out once since I've delivered but we're both so tired at night, it was even a stretch for that.

I too had a c-section and have pretty much stopped bleeding, with occassional spotting.
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Just DTD the other day, 7 weeks PP. I had a 1 degree tear which I declined stitches on. I had DH take a look to see if it was well healed before he got the green light. Surprisingly, better than I thought it would be.

When ds was born, sex was painful for months and months. Between that and my low libido (bf'ing caused???), having ds really changed things for us for a long time! We also co-slept and lived in a 40 foot school bus without a door on the bedroom - kinda surprised our friends that we ever got pregnant again.

This time around we moved into a regular house and "we have doors now!" was our code for letting each other know we were ready to get back at it. I'm hoping that our sex life will get back to normal more quickly this time around.
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by the way, gotta say I totally agree with the poster who said that if the choice is sleep or sex, I choose sleep!!
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I am 6 weeks PP but nothing yet. I go to sleep with the baby at 9pm!
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Wow. Not even thinking about it. (Except to tell J how I'm not even THINKING about it yet. ) He isn't in a hurry, though. He's a "There's a time and a place..." kind of guy.

Last time, it was a loooooong time before we attempted. I don't think it will be the same this time, but with breastfeeding (which did seem to affect my libido last time) and all that's involved in caring for two newborns, maybe it will be awhile.
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we DTD at 4 weeks PP, then again at 5 and at 6 and 7. i t was ok the first time but much better the longer pp I am. Just found out my insurance will not cover BC other than sterilization so we need to figure out what we are going to do about that,
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I wish! I've been wanting to for two weeks, but we seriously haven't found the time.
(5 1/2 weeks PP here)
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