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Small black spots on tomatoes

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This is the first year my big tomatoes have a bunch of tiny black spots on them. I have no idea what happened. My Roma tomatoes have no spots.

Anybody have any ideas? Could it be bacteria? Should I just dump all of these plants? Can they be saved or even used?
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Could it be blight? That happens out here a lot. Has it been raining a lot? For blight they say to pull the infected plant and toss, but I'm no tomato expert either! Hope someone has some info for you.
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If it's blight, you need to pull up the plants. I'm so sorry... it will get into your soil if you don't. We deal with that a lot here (also PNW) and what we are told is that you have to put them in trash bags and actually throw them away. If you compost the plants, you'll spread blight all over your whole garden, and you won't be able to grow tomatoes, potatoes, or peppers for a few years. It's a fungus.

If it hasn't been rainy, another reason could be that you are watering in the evening, or watering the foliage rather than at ground level. Tomatoes Hate having wet leaves.

Now, if the black spot is at the end of the tomato, it could be blossom end rot which isn't so bad. If that is the case, the spot is just where the flower was at the tippy end of it, then you need to give the plants a good dose of liquid calcium. That is a foliar fertilizer, so you spray it on in the morning, giving the plants a chance to dry off before night.
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It kind of looks like blight. But I am thinking it is bacterial speck.

I am trying to find out if I should just get rid of the infected plants and fruit. I will be so bummed if I have to get rid of my tomatoes I just am not sure what to do.
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Google "tomato blight" and click on the images button. Or, if you have a good illustrated garden book, it should have photos of blighted tomato plants. It's not something to mess around with--not only should you pull the plants, but make sure that you don't plant nightshade family plants in that spot for the next few seasons. (Nightshade = tomatoes, potatoes, tomatillos, and peppers, I think.)
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