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I just noticed that Heather Sanders...

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Has 9998 posts! C'mon over Heather and make it 10,000!!!
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I noticed too at 9996!
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Wow, she's definitely the posting queen!
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I don't know Hilary, what do you think we should do to/for her

10,000 How on EARTH do you rack up that many posts!!!!!
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Way to go Heather! Yippee!
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And (almost) all that was done by talking about diapers

I could make a joke about HS being full of *it , but some might take that wrong, so I won't. Just know that I'm very fond of her, and that it's in no small part thanks to her that my little Willem spends his days in beautiful, unique, homemade dipes

Heather, you rock!
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or do we get to DDDDC her?
I think a ddddc should definitely be in order, only I'm not very creative, but would definitely pay for it! C'mon, gourd bottom, let's see you hit the big time!

(For those that don't know, she is a wahm and her site is pumpkin butt so we tease her in diapering about being gourd bottom........)
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Well, she's at 1001 now! I was afraid the system would crash or something!
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I saw her at 10,001 too. Thanks for all the Diapering support Heather. My girls thank you for the soft dipes. And I thank you for feeding my addiction!!

I agree, Heather is full of $hit!!!!
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Oh my! I didn't think that was even possible! Way to go, Heather!!

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:LOL Cracking up :LOL

You know a good portion of those were done BEFORE Kenny was born - and yes, in Diapering, although I'm a severe lurker and occasional poster in Vaccination (I'm like a vacuum - sucking it all in to alleviate my fears of walking the path less trod.). No one explained how the 3rd child can sort of throw a 'wrench' in one's routine. Late night posting became late night nursing (and Kenny hates for me to nak) - he'll literally kick my arms so I can't type a word.

But seriously - it was the late nights where my body ached full from pregnancy and I could not rest that boosted this count. That and making sure Missy couldn't catch up (j/j). Mom2Sixmillion was my late night buddy then and she would, in her motherly way, advise me to go and rest.

Gonna get sappy here. If you guys could only know how 'life altering' this board has been for me. Across the line, I have learned so much and in "P&G and Kimberly Clark land" where the postal clerks think I'm a nut, the military hospital wants to report me and my friends all think I'm a bit too crunchy . . . YOU GUYS are my FRIENDS and a welcome reprieve!

simonee - I am full of sh*t woman! How do you think I got into Diapering? Say it like it is.

Hilary - If my posts were half as informative as yours, I would wear the badge loud and proud, but YOU are a cornucopia of knowledge! Oh, and you make me laugh everytime you compare something completely useless with tits on a bull.

Gemini - just had to say b/c we share the same 'sign' and I figure that you are as moody (er . . . 'circumstantially challenged') as I am.

Thanks for the party guys - - - - >> here, let me give it a little shake for ya (beware).

Feeling the love
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Congratulations Heather!!! And mostly talking about diapers too lol.
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I wonder how itl takes to get to 20,000?
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I wonder how long it takes to get to 20,000?
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A big for you Heather and a sincere thank you. You are truly truly Loved!


Now, for the sheep!

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Congratulations Heather!!

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Congrats Heather! You deserve it!
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<--- Straggler - followed me in, was late for Pam's post

Yeah, we definately gotta come up with something special for our precedent setting diapering guru and all around fantastic momma

Heather, I'm going to be off moving for a while, but wanted to say it's been fantastic getting to know you while I can still get online.

Here's to 10,000 more!! (I don't know the real vb code for that - so I guessed, please pardon - I blame Heather for crashing the smilie page, it won't open for beans :LOL )
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HS!! Congrats!!

Yes, I'm quite 'circumstantially challenged'! :LOL My poor hubby...

I'm glad the board didn't blow up!!
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