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Originally Posted by jeninejessica View Post
I'm comfortable with the idea of using a midwife for our first, but also comfortable not using one. I feel like for now, it's a good compromise for us.
OK, I'm glad you're OK with it too. I never was, but hubby and my communication is just so difficult and always has been, and as soon as I got pg I found it impossible to do the work that our communication requires. We were also brand newly married. Ultimately, after what happened and the long lasting fall out from that, it turns out that when I originally told him of my lifelong dream (have baby ALONE in a cabin in the woods with wolves/coyotes howling in the distance), he thought it was a joke. The howling part is what got him, he thought I was being silly. Why I don't know, it was a serious get to know you before anyone falls for each other conversation, everything else was dead serious, but that's what he thought, that I was joking. He also was afraid of UC because he thought that he would be "in charge", that I would be treating HIM like he was a midwife. He didn't get that it was going to be ME in charge of it all, and he was just the person I called if I couldn't get up or something. Whole lotta misperceptions on his part, and I didn't know enough about the problem to ask the right questions.

Anyway, didn't mean to take the thread off course!
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I guess I fall into the non-pregnant/veteran category - DS2 is a little over 3 months old. We'd like to start TTC in a few more months but we're winging it in the meantime so who knows!

Huge supporter of UC but I try not to push it on everyone else. TRY is the operative word Just makes perfect sense for me.

Next baby is going to be more of a struggle since DH is convinced that having a midwife present isn't that big of a deal - despite everything going *perfectly* last time! Oh well, I have another year ~ to get him sorted out again.
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Yep, I'm here too. I think I'm done- River was UCed, the others were homebirthed.
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Non-prego UC veteran/supporter here. We'd love 2 more, but right now the bfing is keeping af away again. As ever, I'm so glad to have found this community. :
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I'm Tiffany. I've had 4 children. 2 in the hospital with interventions - one of which was a preemie. (all before I knew better). My 3rd child was born at home with a midwife and my 4th was born at home unassisted in our bathtub (1st UC and 1st waterbirth). We are undecided if we will have more of not. I'd like 1 more in a few years but it's not set in stone LOL.
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I have two, 2nd was a UC. I am DONE. If I had another baby I would jump off a cliff, I think! Got the DH snipped. But I'm still passionate about birth (CBE/ex-doula) and all that
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UC supporter here,dc no.1 was hosp.b thru coercion and 2 uc's. I am single so it's not an issue but I can not get preggers again as it would be too much in a world that doesn't value us and makes life harder to raise a family alone than it needs to be. I went thru a grieving process for years( age 34-37ish) when I realised I could not allow myself to get pregnant again as I have 3 dc to raise and that is quite enough in my situation. My bf at that time was desperately trying to get me pregnant and as he was barely able to look after himself I really couldn't have done it alone after all I've been thru, it really hurt to be hassled about such a personal thing like having a child, I was very depressed but it made me realise that I would have liked to have had more kids in the right situation for me and my family.Pah! BUT If I was preggers I would try for a uc again as it just did so much for us all to go on that journey, it's still ahuge part of my life and beliefs and always will be. No woman should have to hand over authority of her body to others simply cos she's expecting. The positive affirmations involved in uc are just tremendous gifts. I now worry for my dd's and how their transiton to future motherhood will affect them should they not be treated right but I must be more positive about that and try to support them in their choices.
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I am not currently pg but hoping to be pg soon and have my first UC! I am a total supporter and where I live, we have had 15 hospitals close maternity in the last 10 years so we do not have anywhere but home to deliver babies at the moment - yeah us!

Take care all!
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I am a veteran up/ucer. I have had 2 now, 4 kids total. I might be done or maybe I'm just on hold
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Already posted above that i support UC, but I was thinking today...

THANK YOU to all the women here who are truly supportive of each other. During my twin pregnancy when considering a twin UC, coming here was like a breath of fresh air. No scare tactics. Common sense. Encouraging. I couldn't wait to come on and announce that we'd done it!
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Not ready for another, quite yet! But here to say, you can do it!
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My UC baby turned 4 this summer. Done with having kidlets, but still check in here every so often to get a fix.
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UC veteran & supporter. So totally in love with this baby making business that I come lurk here now & then. :
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