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Tell me about Indigo children

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I have seen threads off and on here. I am going to see if my library has the book. And after looking at the website I suspect that two of my four may be. Especially my teen..
Feed me information here or pm or email
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I've never heard of such a thing.
Now I'm curious as well....
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Indigo is the most recent aura color to arrive on the planet. Indigos are ushering in a new energy, a new consciousness, and a new age of peace and harmony. Whereas Violets feel driven to help save the planet, to educate the masses, and to improve life here, Indigos are here to live as examples of a new higher awareness.

At this writing, most of the Indigos are children, although there are a few Indigos who came as forerunners years ago. The words used to describe Indigos include honest, aware, highly intuitive, psychic, independent, fearless, strong-willed, and sensitive...
Got to website and take the quiz!
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Daryll... wow! I just took the quiz..always wondered what my aura colors were. I think I have at least one Indigo child, and I got a high score on indigo as well...10. He and I are always trading ideas..he has dreams like I do that actually happen, and he says and thinks things outloud that I am thinking as well. We are very in tune to one another. I got a 12 on blue, 11 on violet and 11 on yellow..now I feel like I need to be doing more than sitting here on my bum at the puter.. this is a really interesting site.. everyone should take this test just to see how close it comes to who they are..or think they are
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So, if you're equally Violet and Indigo, does that mean you are inwardly conflicted? (That would explain so much :LOL)
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according to that quiz..

**I** an indigo child!! Hmm does that mean Indigos produce Indigos??
oh with red and lavendar overlay
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:LOL Dragonfly I never thought of it that way...suppose so!!
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Me, exactly.....wow I need to look into this a little more.....

From http://www.auracolors.com/violets.htm

All Violets have an inner sense that they are here to do something important, that their destiny is greater than that of the average person. <snip> Violets know they are here to do something significant. However, they aren't always sure what that something is or how to accomplish it. <snip> Otherwise they will always feel unfulfilled. They will always sense something is missing from their lives. Violets need to learn to slow down long enough to listen to their inner voice and to connect with their higher vision.
12 Violet, 11 Indigo, 11 Blue with a 5 Red Overlay....

Are this book and these theories worth reading or am I just sitting here making myself crazy (because I feel an emotional earthquake comin' on!!!)????? I've been in the middle of...something....happening in my soul....and maybe this could help me realize what it is????
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Personally, I think it's a crock. Kids like this have been around as long as there have been kids - they're not a "higher awareness", they're not something new. I guess it's nice to try to find a more positive label for kids, rather than "difficult" or "high needs" or even "spirited".

And I've known people who could see auras, and there's no way a quiz could tell you what yours is, IMO...

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CerridwenLorelei, the topic of Indigo has been discussed in depth a few times in the spirituality forum, maybe a search there could yield some interesting info for you. I found some cool stuff on this website http://www.sunfell.com/index.htm
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the new breed of children who were born in the mid 90's are crystals.

I read this book and it is totally different than indigos...


and I must say this makes more sense for my little boy. He doesn't feel like an indigo from what I read.
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more about crystal children http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/1...lChildren.html

when i did the aura quiz i was crystal

it would be really interesting to me to see if someone who sees auras also sees mine as crystal bc the description certainly seems to fit me
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I took the quiz and was Chrystal as well with blue, indigo and yellow next.

I used to see auras but don't any more.
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I have never had my aura "read".. but the descriptions of the colors that were mine are me to almost an exact. I'd be curious too to see what someone who can "see" auras sees. I did have one incident when my son was a toddler, and he still remembers this..we were sleeping at my moms, and we both woke up, and around us was this rainbow of light, like sparks or tinkerbell,with lack of a better way to describe it. I did not know whether he saw it too, but he reached up and tried to grab it. He said then and still says he saw fairies around us. I do not know if it was an aura around us or an angel.. but it was magical.. and he is the child that fits Indigo almost perfectly.
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