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Northern Lights

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I have to get some sleep while DS is engaging in his (rare) zzzz's, but.....

Tonight there are supposed to be incredible aurora borealis, visible on the horizon as far south as Texas. I'm in WA, and looking every 1/2 hour, but so far, nothing.... but I'm sure I'll be up later tonight

hilary, if you read this, the report I get said that NZ was phenomenal viewing...best in the world.

Any star-gazing night owls have a report???????????
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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
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Wow-those photographs are amazing! I hope someday to be able to see them. They must be absolutely breath-taking IRL.
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I'm in central PA and saw 'em tonite while trick-or-treating with my boys!

I had never seen 'em before.
It was awesome!
The sky was red & there where these huge white streaks coming down as well.

I knew it wasn't being caused by clouds, 'cause it's a clear-as-a-bell night here.

What an awesome sight!
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I'm in NH and we saw them while trick or treating tonight! It was amazing! Red washes through the sky with green and white streaks... I'd never seen this before!!
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those pics were gorgeous!!!

can't see anything here....
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Ooooh! I want to see! Where do I look? Northwards?
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Islandmama, I'm in WA as well, and we looked for them last night and didn't see any.
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I keep hearing they're awesome this week but clouds over our house.

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we are in the eastern panhandle of wv, & also saw them while trick or treating. the sky looked pink in one big spot, & it looked like the sun's ray's were coming down through it. it was really cool, i had no idea to expect it. can you imagine seeing the aurora borealis on a regular basis? wow.
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Apparently they were very visible in SW PA tonight too, around 7 pm.

I'm hoping they'll be visible tomorrow night too. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to actually go outside now either.....
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you guys trick or treat on the 30th?

i havent seen the northern lights lately, but i'll go stick my head outside and see if they're on here tonight. I heard that the other morning (around 5 am) they were just brilliantly spectacular--many colours and all across the sky. Of course, i was sleeping...so i missed it. We get them a lot around here.
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T trick or treating on the 30th :

I had heard about the solar flare coming, and didn't even think to go outside and see if there was any unusual lights in teh sky (in NY, the AB is a rare sight but not an impossibility. I myself have never seen any ) Then the local newscrew here showed film they caught from earlier tonight of a fantastic red blur in the sky. So darn, I really did miss it.
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Weee! I saw some tonight-- pretty mellow, but a huge greenish area across the sky, with some white spike-like flickering. What a treat!

JesseMomme, the most brilliant lights display I ever saw outside of Alaska was in upstate NY, 14 years ago on the night my grandfather died... October 30.

Needless to say I was touched to see them again tonight.
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It was incredible here last night (Maine). We see them often but never like this. It looked like white spotlights all over the sky with purplish and bluish tints and it kept moving so every minute the sky looked different. The sky was dancing. A little slice of heaven.
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Saw it in central Ohio last night during trick or treat as well!

I have never seen AB before and was totally amazed! My neighbor pointed them out, yelling "look at the sky!" and all the people in my driveway were looking up!

That was totally awesome
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They were beautiful here in SE Michigan - they must have looked absolutely amazing without the washout from the city lights.

Our absolute favourite site is www.spaceweather.com - lots of absolutely wonderful pictures from all over the world and lots of always up to date space "weather".

T But I grew up in a place that would "strongly encourage" Trick or Treat-ing a day earlier if Halloween fell on a Sunday. (Basically you'd get hassled if you Trick of Treated on normal Halloween) It is the same place that still today won't allow alcohol sales on Sunday (although I think the city itself now allows it in places that serve food only) because you know, if you can't buy beer on Sunday, you'll automatically go to church. :
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