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Input on a Midwife...

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Well, one in specific: Kate Mazzara

We are due with our third in March and we just started looking at out options for home birth. Of course we know about the GBC, but we also met with Kate Mazzara.

Our first impression was hard to interpret...

What did other families think?? Please tell me everything, not just the good things and be specific...

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You may want to consider changing your title. Kate has a huge range and has many clients in the metro Detroit area.
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I've only heard good things, but have no personal experience with her.
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I changed the title!
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I have worked with her, and really like her. She is professional, she is knowledgable, and she is good at what she does.
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Kate and I back each other up and I'll tell you, I know a lot of great midwives but there is nobody I would trust more with my clients than Kate. We have been at many births together and she has saved my bacon more than once.

That said, if you get a bad vibe from her or feel like the match isn't right, then she isn't the right midwife for you. Everyone has different values and wants -- for some people communication skills are really important, for others technical skills, for others personality or philosophy. There are a lot of midwives who serve the area that Kate serves, you just might have to drive further for prenatals for some choices than for others.

The GBC midwives are pretty fantastic too. Haven't worked with them directly, but they are close members of my community and some of my clients have used them for other births.
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It looks like her website has been hacked, I don't know how to get ahold of her but if someone talks to her you should let her know.
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Here site is fine right now: http://mazzaramidwifery.com/site/ind...ntact&Itemid=3


Good luck!
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Thanks for all of your input. I really appreciate the honesty and help in feedback.

I agree that it is a very personal decision and it needs to be a good fit.

Thanks again!
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