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Update your to do lists....

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Well it's been awhile since we first compiled our lists and just wanted to check and see how everyone was coming on marking things off their lists. I haven't done to bad, but I am so glad that I got an early start as I am already starting to feel like a walking blimp and I wear out so quickly now.

As for my household stuff......
-Wipe down every wall in the house to remove all the buildup, especially the baseboard areas. - Ongoing
- Organize Kitchen
- Finish landscaping in the backyard
- Make repeated trips to goodwill - Ongoing
- Work ahead in collge class work when the semester starts on 8/25
- Steam clean car carpets
- Steam clean the carpets
- Replace hot water heater as it is from 1964
- Get the AC duct repair guys out here so that the insulation can go in the attic
- Get my VBAC signoff
- Make meals for after the birth
- Get ds to sleep in his bed that is pushed up to the side of mine.....

What I have finished......
- washing all clothes from 0 months to 3T and organizing and putting them away.
- Getting all the cloth baby diapers washed and put on the shelves
- Washing all of ds baby toys and putting them in the babies toybox
- put together the crib and washed the crib bedding
- Found ds swing and washed and assembled it
- Did baby registry
- Got out the baby carseat and washed it
- Organized pantry and laundry room
- Deep clenaed and organized front bathroom
- Cleaned out my closet, and organized laundry closet

Things that have been finished:
- Paint bathroom - COMPLETE
- Paint Playroom - COMPLETE
- Finish clearing out the shed - COMPLETE
- Declutter the living room - COMPLETE
- Rearrange Living room - COMPLETE
- Get the trees trimmed so that the new sod gets the light it needs, and they do not blow down in a hurricane - COMPLETE
- Find a doula - COMPLETE
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my list

Plan and paint babies room- this is HUGE to be done
Fix Lilah's rocking chair
Make curtains for babes- done
Wash and organize diapers, replace what's needed- found everything and put in orders- sewing is ongoing
Recover Lilah's chair- done
Organize Lilah's current clothes- done
Find cloth breast pads- done
Sew a mei tai- done
sew a pouch sling-done
Get info on voting early/ absentee- registered
Carseats- got infant back from SIL, and toddler cover is cleaned and reinstalled
finish birth bead necklace
make lilahs new doll
buy a diaper pail
Organize clothes for baby
Set up babies room, dressers, beds, etc- big girl bed set up, baby dresser up
Get more meals frozen
Sew bedding- big girl bedding and crib done
Organize/order/buy home birth stuff
Disposable dipes NB- done
sheets/ ones that can get mucky +extra pillow cases- found an old one
washcloths that can get mucky- bought
New thick socks
pads/ depends

sew some momma cloth- DONE

Sew new pocket dipes- 9 done, tons cut out
Finish school tasks- stay on schedule-so need to stay on top of this- doing ok this week
Organize sewing room
Sew diaper pail liner/wetbags
make halloween costumes- dd's almost done.
make a birth playlist for ipod, maybe a few different ones
start working on xmas gifts- some done, lots in the works
possibly make a fleece pocket sling
get bugs sprayed
do belly cast
maternity photos- moved to next weekend

this is all i think DH and i can manage because i am on bedrest. so many of these things will most likely not get done. I can forsee not getting sewing room organized, or more meals frozen.
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By 34 weeks
  • clean out 2nd bedroom closet
  • reorganize linen closet
  • set up toddler bed for DS
  • declutter living room
  • declutter 2nd bedroom/office
  • make wipes
  • make a list of birth supplies
  • order birth kit
  • order La Bassine
  • order foam replacement for car seat
  • order stroller
  • order swaddling blankets
  • order prefolds
  • buy My Brest Friend
  • buy new baby tub
  • buy Moses basket
  • buy new swing
  • prep nb and infant pfs
  • dye and embellish pfs
  • sort through DS's baby clothes for clothing swap
  • wash clothes for swap
  • sort through and wash DS's itty bitty clothes (in case we have a boy!)
  • find and buy "first outfit"
  • plan PP meals
  • make a list of miscellaneous purchases
  • design Christmas card/birth announcement
  • set up pack n play to air out
  • study for driving permit
  • get license!
  • clean other stroller
  • list other stroller on CL
  • write birth plan
  • print off Emergency Childbirth for DH

34/35 weeks
  • deep clean house
  • clean out fridge and freezer
  • reorganize pantry and freezer
  • buy more towels
  • buy shower curtain liner for bed
  • make PP freezer meals
  • wash pack n play sheets
  • wash baby clothes and put in closet
  • wash/prep mama cloth and nursing pads
  • wash car seat covers
  • decide where baby clothes are going to go
  • make Christmas gift list
  • wash towels and blankets
  • wash and set aside birth towels and old sheets
  • set up birth supplies & teach DH how to use them
  • make labor/birth necklace

36 weeks
  • install car seat
  • make announcements/cards
  • make email labor prayer list/announcement list
  • pack emergency/transfer hospital bag
  • contact pediatrician to find out if they will do a home visit & find out about newborn screening
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yikes chicas! i am so behind!
all i have is a mental list!

i guess i better get a move on. or maybe i'll delegate to DH. (evil laugh)

be well all, and DON'T WORK TOO HARD!
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So, I had one list for "through Labor Day," but as today is Labor Day...

I finished the vast majority of the items on my list. I went through a lot of things, did quite a bit of decluttering, some organizing, some preparing for November, and even some of the needed painting.

Of course, upon realizing today was Labor Day, I promptly made a new list (and transfered the items that hadn't been completed on the old list). The things in light blue are the things I already did today, while they were on my mind.

To Buy
•*Buy black and white film
• Buy disposable bowls
• Buy napkins
• Buy another sheet set
• Buy La Bassine
• Buy more standard pillowcases
• Buy another DVD tower for upstairs

To Plan
• Find a place that processes black and white film
• Decide what food to stock up on
• Decide what food to freeze
• Make food plans for immediately post-birth

To Accomplish: Household
• get rid of stones on craigslist or freecycle
• have junk hauled away
• burn all brush not taken away by trash service when burn ban is lifted
• paint master bedroom
• wash new sheets
• clean up library
• collect all books for used bookstore and take them for cash.

To Accomplish: Scrapbooking & Pictures
• organize studio pictures
• J's 1 year old scrapbook
•• J's 2 year old scrapbook
• G's 6 year old scrapbook
• G's 7 year old scrapbook
• Start J's 3 year old scrapbook
• Start G's 8 year old scrapbook
• Start Brigid's baby scrapbook

To Accomplish: 35+ Weeks
• Dry/bake towels, washcloths, and receiving blankets
• Dry/bake sheets & pillowcases
• Wash newborn/0-3 month size clothes
• Thoroughly clean the house the weekend of October 25-26 or November 1-2
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Still to buy-

Another baby towel or 2

Some fuzzy pack and play sheets

Some little wool booties http://www.schnees.com/product_categ...e-blue-heather

A nursing bra

the convertable seat

To sew-

A few more fitted newborn sized diapers

fix the tear in the baby-gym thing

sew cap and booties out of the cool flame fleece

Some more cloth wipes

To do around the house-

The carpets need to be cleaned desperately, but that might have to wait until taxes come

Organize the game shelf

Rewash baby clothes (probably will wait until October to do that)
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Most of my nesting/need for preparedness is in the form of knitting (IE, "MUST KNIT!!") but I do have a list...

To Buy:
-Change table for downstairs
-A dozen or so more wipes
-Another dozen prefolds
-Bras for myself (nursing bras from 2.5 years ago are just not holding up!)
-Mama cloth
-Nursing pads
-Birth pool and a few birth supplies

To Do:
-Clean... everything (I'm considering hiring a maid service for one full-out, thorough clean before the baby is born)
-Write up a birth plan of sorts
-Knit, knit, knit!
-Sort out a placenta encapsulation system
-Design Christmas cards and birth announcements

DONE (Yay!):
-Carseat installed (I feel dumb, but after needing to fix DS's the other day, I realized I won't be able to do it much longer... so it's in)
-Sorted through DS's baby clothes, washed appropriate ones, stored ones that won't work, and removed stains from stained pieces
-I've knit about 23048 baby things
-I'm sure there's something else? I must be more prepared than this?
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Umm, I haven't done anything.. Literally.. I don't even have all the things I need for the baby.
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okimom ~ your not alone so don't worry, my friend was hilarious last time she was pregnant and someone was all worried about her not having everything she needed....her response, "I have a vagina what else do I need?"

I didn't get anything done for baby this Summer, except of course lots of healthy growing done.....so now that Im on the home stretch here is my list:

Things to buy/gather:
birth supplies (have some, need a few)
small diaper covers (I want 6)
car seat
swing (we're gonna try again but the last 3 have hated it....we'll see)
maybe some kind of bassinet/basket

Things to make:

flannel blankets (oh I got the cutest fabric...can't wait to sew them!)
curtains for our new room

And fianlly the grunt work list:

Move all the storage/furniture out of the rec room
tear up the carpet in there
get new flooring put in
set up room !!!

I hope to also tear up carpet in our twins room & get some hard floors put in there and also paint and make curtains.
Fun stuff on the agenda:
maternity photo session

I think the hardest part is getting started!
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This list keeps growing...uh oh...
Pregnancy Items:
  • Find fall maternity clothes-WIP
  • Belly Cast with DH
  • Buy Birth supplies/kit- to be ordered after 34 weeks!
Baby Items:
  • figure out stroller situation
  • Register
  • buy wool longies/covers-Registered for
  • buy diaper pail
  • wash infant car seat
Household Items:
  • sort and organize all of DD's clothes for DD #2
  • baby room (clear the alcove upstairs)
    • paint
    • window treatment
    • decorated
    • buy rug
  • change the bedrooms around
  • finish the basement
    • carpet/furniture
  • paint basement bath/finish remodel
  • wash windows
  • complete clean house
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Well I washed the washable pieces of the pack n play (why do things in storage get mildewy, so gross!) and cleaned/sprayed down the rest with vinegar. I also washed the car seat cover and put it all back together. I can't fathom having a person that tiny that needs the harness straps so low... I made DS get me a stuffed bear to make sure
And I finally ordered the foam piece DS destroyed... but it's out of stock for the moment. I hope it arrives before the bean does.
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Ok, I actually updated my list and edited it some since I know some of the stuff isn't going to get done.. Its subject to change again after I talk to the doctor on the 8th.
ETA- I deleted a few items and moved a few around. Ill be getting a bunch of it done this weekend though.

++++++++++++++Anytime Things++++++++++++++
-Get items for baby
-Make Elyse's Scrapbook Year 1 and 2
-At least 2 date nights
-Read BOM all the way through
-Make CDs for labor
-Get things needed for labor/hospital
-Get a calander for Kitchen
-Take Prepared Childbirth Class
-Choose coming home outfit
-Get Maternity Pictures done
-Get more diapers for Elyse
-Make Home Management Binder
-Go through, organize papers
-Help DH sign up for classes/figure out school schedule

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Things to do after move+++++++++++++++++++++
-Go through house-get rid of things
-Make at least 1 month of food
-Make a cleaning schedule for new house
-baby proof house
-Get matress steamed cleaned

++++++++++++++After 38 weeks+++++++++++
-Wash/prep diapers
-Make nursing box
-Pack labor/hospital bag
-Install Car Seat
-Get nails done
-Get a haircut

++++++++++++After 39 Weeks+++++++++++++
-Fill out Christmas Cards
-Make Elyse's special shirt
-Meal plans/shopping list for after baby is born
-Stock up on TP/soup/cleaning supplies etc
-Load car for hospital
-Make birthday cake for baby
-Make special dinner and freeze for anniversary
-Make Birth Plan

-Get bookcases for Elyses room
-Get Freezer
-Find someone to watch Elyse
-Organize recipies
-Get Elyse use to Nursery
-Make Scripture study plan for rest of year and next year
-Make a dress up chest and get clothes for it(Christmas Present)
-Get addresses for people to mail birth announcements/Christmas cards
-Go through Elyse's toys-replace
-Make phone/e-mail list
-Tell Dad
-Figure out cell phones
-Bathroom Themes
-Plant Herb garden (not getting done.. Grandma is going to send me seeds so Ill work on this when they get here)
-Find a maid to help clean before the final housing inspection (we are just going to use the government cleaners, much easier)
-Get into a routine for FHE/Prayer/etc
-Birthday shopping
-Christmas shopping

Im kind of debating whether I should put the carseat together or not.. Its brand new, still in the box, sitting in our storage room. We are suppose to be moving before the baby gets here so I really don't want it out of the box.. Knowing my luck something will get messed up/destroyed (I have bad luck when it comes to moving things, something always breaks/tears/gets messed up). Im not worried about installing it since DH can do that, if needed he can do it on the way to pick us up from the hospital. Hes actually a ton better at installing carseats than I am anyway.
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Hum...Im trying to find the old thread so I can update my post in this thread. Prego brain....can anyone link it for me? Thanks!
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Heather, about the car seat, the only thing I would want to do is make sure it has enough time to off gass, and that you've been able to wash the cover first... they are notoriously stinky. I can't believe the stink that came from ours yesterday while it was washing (a real chemical smell filled the laundry room, no doubt from the flame retardants) and ours is 2.5 years old now.
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Okay, I'm working on getting my list together. Hope to get it up tonight - thanks for the inspiration to get this done!!

I made my list, and now I feel totally overwhelmed...I may need to cut some things out!! And delegate a few things to DH.

30 weeks
list extra buggy on CL
make sling (& nappies?) for Stella's doll
finish knitting baby hat & booties Done!
finish knitting stella's hat Done! (and super cute!)
look for fishy pool at Target didn't have any

32 weeks
make diapers --started - I am s-l-o-w...
make wipes
sort baby clothes Done
clean out stella's closet
organize baby toys & put in closet

34 weeks
wash all nb diapers
waterproof spray nb covers
set up changing table
wash 0-3 month clothes Done
put 0-3 mo clothes in dresser Done
find a diaper pail (& liner?)
buy pool (if needed) and accessories
meet with doula again?
order homebirth kit
gather homebirth supplies
clean out basement??!!

36 weeks
wash carseat
pack hospital bag
get pp pads ($$ from gmas for cloth??)
nursing pads and lansinoh
buy/borrow a boppy
set up pool

38 weeks
make freezer meals - 2 weeks' worth
make CD of birth music
prepare bed/sheets
THOROUGH housecleaning 1st week of Nov!
(find friends to help!)
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daily list: get dressed in real clothes before I take kids to school....

Im starting small!
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been busy?

Just a bump and an update
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wow, march, you make me look unorganized! that's quite the feat! but i'm totally stealing some of it....

clean out/organize front closet
move bookcase to living room
assemble rocker when it arrives
start hypnobabies home study (hopefully tomorrow, yeah!)
get stuff for belly cast
wash zocha (dog) the week i'm due
trim z's nails short
get wires to hook up laptop to tv so i can watch nfl at home
more belly shots
video of the belly ripples to post online for family
get infant/child cpr certification for childcare SAHM option
order kozy carrier
pick out boy names
get birthing supplies
order encapsulation kit for placenta
paint patches in wall
get shelves for baby stuff/books
find pediatrician
make music playlist

about 3 weeks before the baby is due i want to take all gift cards and get stuff ordered off of my lists.

last one requires an explanation. i'm so tired of going grocery shopping and yet not knowing what i want to cook when it comes time. it's busting our food budget. i started a "recipe box". but it doesn't hold the recipe, just the ingredients i need for them. so dh can sort through options, pull out what will sound good for a few weeks, and i'll put the ingredients on the list. then i'll have a loose "menu plan" too.
so i need to beef that up to so there are more options. that's my big project now.
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Moving this weekend so I need to get everything done off the premoving checklist before moving.. Or at least part of it..
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Originally Posted by emc03 View Post
wow, march, you make me look unorganized! that's quite the feat! but i'm totally stealing some of it....
Um, my list has me feeling totally overwhelmed, so I'm thinking about majorly simplifying it.

I think I got a little too carried away...there is no way I will do all of that stuff, if I'm honest with myself!! It did feel good to make the list, though.
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