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Ok, so I would like to take a HPT today, but I missed out on the FMU. What are the chances of a dollar store test working without FMU? Temp is still up and AF is hiding.
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Some instructions say if you can't use FMU, then make sure it has been at least 3 hours since last urine... gives it some time to build up again.

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Hey ladies!!
Congrats to Amberlion!!! :::

Im on my way to town today, just had to post this real quick.
I ordered a Mei Tai online to use for the little girl I babysit, plus her mom is pregnant and due in a month so I will use it for the baby soon and eventually for my own baby. I got it in the mail saturday and today I was trying it on and my dog kept jumping on me so I put him in it and he just sat in it as I walked around the house. . . .Lol

Mei Tai
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I can't wait to hear from you!!!

JSMa, Yeah next time is you!!!

Mrscompgeek, I was just reading the posts but your picture with your dog is so cute. That Mei Tai will sure come in handy.

Curious&eager :
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Another birth! : My friend had her baby this morning at 5:52am.

I get to go see newborns after work at the hospital!! So excited!
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By the way, it was a BFP! I tested in the afternoon yesterday right before going to the doctor because I read that a blood test can take a couple days to come back. I had to know to avoid the doctor doing a chest x-ray. It turns out I have walking pneumonia. So I can't help you guys with pregnancy symptoms as I was too sick with the pneumonia stuff to notice. I did notice that I was incredibly hungry for being as ill as I was. And I was surprised to see that I lost two pounds eating so much and laying in bed all day. I guess the baby is going to be a eater like me. I did throw up last night because apparently my body wanted an after dinner meal and I forgot to eat and went to bed instead. Good news is I have a week off work to relax and get better. It gives me plenty of time to tell everyone and to think about the fact that I'm pregnant. I really had no idea that this was the month. Cool though!
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Oh, I forgot the pic. Check this one out! I made the red a tad redder, but not too much. It was a definite positive that showed up in less than one minute without even FMU although I did hold it in did not drink for four hours. Now I wish I knew other people needing tests, because the dollar tree is great. Walmart's was $4 but $1 is awesome!

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Congrats! Does that put you at early July?

Mrscomp- mei tais are the best! I love love love mine for when the boys were/are little. That's a cute little dog!
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Originally Posted by WoodlandFairytale View Post
My sister's baby was born last Thursday. A little girl, insanely cute. It was a tough experience for me to be there but I got through it. I would feel a lot better if I weren't once again anovulatory. Ugh
Well, congratulations, Aunt! I'm very sorry your cycles are messing with you again though.

Originally Posted by mrscompgeek View Post
Ok, that is absolutely adorable. My dogs would never have put up with that.

Originally Posted by curious&eager View Post
By the way, it was a BFP!
Oh, yea!! CONGRATS!!! ::::: :
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Originally Posted by notyetamommy View Post
Congrats! Does that put you at early July?
Yep. I believe July 6, 2009. Too bad I can't join you in the June due date club.
I'm not feeling well enough to visit my Obgyn to confirm. I wonder if they find me annoying. I'll walk in and say...

"My last menstrual cycle was 9/26/08. I ovulated on 10/13/08. Implantation occurred on 10/20/08 and I'm due on 7/6/09."

Does that take away part of their fun?
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Originally Posted by lee1203 View Post
Oh, yea!! CONGRATS!!! ::::: :
Thank you! My very own jumpers! I'm getting excited. The picture does work now too. I loaded it on flicker. I noticed you posted while I was trying to get it to work.
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Yay curious&eager! :

Mrscomp, that's so cute that your puppy is snuggled in the mei tai.
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Originally Posted by lynxeyedkat View Post
Yay curious&eager! :
Thanks! So Lynx, when do you find out if you are having a boy or a girl? Is it just a month away for you?
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Thanks everyone! That dog is rotten! Lol. They are both spoiled so much.
I am just sitting here waiting and wondering how long this cycle will be.
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CONGRATS Curious&Eager!!! I knew that chart looked very pregnant-y! : : :

And yeah... chances are, they will look at you a little funny. lol My MW loved it, but before I went to her/found her, I confirmed with my Nurse Practioner that I was seeing at the time and she thought I was nuts when I brought her my chart.

But the dating u/s they had me do, and all my measurements the whole pregnancy have been SPOT on. So I beleive fully in the magic of temps. :

And July 6th?! Awesome! My step daughter was born on July 7th.
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curious and eager!!!!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeHoooooooooooooo!
so excited for you!
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Well, Im kinda feeling down this morning. We were hoping to be pregnant soon so we could tell everyone at christmas but its not looking promising right now. My Dr app is tomorrow at noon so I guess we will see what she says. I know she is just going to want to put me on Fertility pills though. Oh well.
It is sooo cold here this morning. I am about frozen. I hope it doesnt affect my temps too much.
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Originally Posted by curious&eager View Post
Thanks! So Lynx, when do you find out if you are having a boy or a girl? Is it just a month away for you?
Our ultrasound to make sure everything checks out isn't until November 13th, but we're not finding the gender out then. I want to be surprised! So I guess you could say it's about five months away!
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Lynx, you are just the person that I don't understand, waiting till the day the baby pops out to find out. I am way too curious for that. There is no way I would make it. Wow. More power to you!
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Thanks for making me a graduate. Yipee! If you would like to add it, I am due July 6, 2009. I had been using FAM since January but I had a crazy work schedule that often caused me to miss the prime days. Now my schedule is better and we hit them all and look what happened!
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