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Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to share with you my experience with The Pampered Chef. TPC was started by Doris Christopher 28 years ago. A mom in her basement with kitchen tools. The mission is to bring the family back to the table again. I was raised eating dinner at the table and it's something I've continued in my own home. The company is very supportive of it's consultants and in touch with the world today. The startup is extremely low and the commitment small. I've been doing this for almost a year now and love the friendships I have made (along with the commission checks).
I tell everyone I know about this company and how generous they are!
*No inventory
*Small commitment
*Flexible hours that you set
*Great commission rates
*Consultant training online and support
I've done other direct sales before and have found this to be the only one I've stuck with and enjoyed.
The start up kit is reduced this month, due to the economy TPC is trying to help new consultants start their business with a smaller investment.

check into it! I highly recommend it for Mommas.