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constipation in two-year old

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Hi, everyone-im new to mothering.com and I love it so far. I have a burning question that I have yet to find an answer for- my question is how to get a two year old from being severely constipated to going naturally? I have tried everything! My sister in law suggested mineral oil? I need some new ideas! thanks for anyone who can help.
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Oy, I hear you. We've tried corn syrup, mineral oil, prunes, prune juice, and glycerine suppositories. Everything would work for a short time and then have no effect. We finally broke down and moved onto MiraLax. It's basically the only thing that will allow her to go semi-regularly.

Once she's totally potty trained (she's still hesitant to poop on the potty,) we'll try backing her off and letting her try it naturally. I just don't want painful poop issues to derail all of her hard PT work.
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In general, I would avoid giving my lo mineral oil. You can try flax seed oil instead. Also, make sure that your lo is drinking enough water. A lot of constipation can be fixed by upping the water intake.

When my dd is constipated, I give her magnesium. I know many mothers here like baby calm http://www.vitacost.com/Peter-Gillha...F-183405000032
Magnesium is great because it rehydrates the small intestine (not exactly sure if this is 100% the most accurate medical description...).

You might consider checking into food intolerances. Gluten products plugs my dd up (and dairy does in large does too).

Lastly, I swear by probiotics to help digestion issues. You can start with a supplement and also try probiotic foods as well.

Below are some general discussions about constipation that might be helpful:



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i would try herbs. do you know a herbologist? there are a lot of teas, tinctures you can make to help moisten the sysem.
i do know moms that have used psyllium, but make sure your lo drinks a lot of water.
my background and healthcare for my lo is ayurveda. not knowing your lo constitution it is hard to say what exactly to do. but constipation w/o allergies reflects a dry system. have you tried giving seasame oil in medicine dropper, maybe mix with yogurt so texture isn't icky.
first thing would be to elimainate any allergies or malabsorption.

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