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WA hospitals allowing vaginal breech births?

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Are there any?
I am trying not to jump the gun, but I'm 31.5 weeks with a breech baby and a bicornuate uterus (which makes an external version pretty difficult). I really would like to be able to birth this baby vaginally, but none of the hospitals around here--rural east side--allow them.
So, I'm trying to find out what my options are, just in case this little guy can't turn.
Does anyone know of any hospitals in the state that allow a mom to try a breech birth vaginally? Any specific doctors?
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Where in WA are you located?

Yes, there are a few but you'd need to establish a relationship with an OB or CNM with privileges at the hospital you choose. Oh, and just because an OB works in a hospital that allows breech, doesn't always mean you'll get it. Make sure you choose that care provider wisely and that he/she understands your desire to birth vaginally.

Kendra in WA
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I am in eastern Washington, about an hour outside of Pullman. I don't think that there are any hospitals here who would allow me to even try a vaginal breech, unless I could somehow come into the hospital too late.
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I had an appt with the midwives at St Joseph in Tacoma (a hospital I do not in any way recommend to even enter, let alone try to have a baby at, by the way), and they told me that they knew of ONE OB who would let people attempt a breech. You might call them and see if they still know who that was.

If I knew my baby was likely to be breech, I, personally, would birth in Oregon with someone down there. The laws seem easier to work with there, which means there are practitioners there who seem to be easier to work with.

I wish you all the luck in the world!!!!
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Thank you! I will try to call St. Joseph and see what they say.
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Vaginal breech in the hospital is not hands off. Typically OB's are pretty aggressive in "helping" you birth a breech. If you do find an OB, make sure you ask what their required interventions will be.

If you are interested there are experienced out of hospital midwives in Oregon and Washington who attend breech births.

Good luck! I know how frustrating this can be. My first was a stubborn breech.
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Originally Posted by lyle_kate View Post
Thank you! I will try to call St. Joseph and see what they say.
The Midwives at St Joseph. It's a different phone number and building from St J. I think they are called Fransiscan Midwives? Sorry I wasn't thorough in my first reply.

I'll tell you what they told me though, they said that he was old school, and anyone going for breech with him WOULD get a huge episiotomy, no arguing against it. Of course that makes so little sense b/c the common breech fear is at the cervix level, not the skin level, but that's what they told me he WOULD do, so I'm telling you.
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When one of my doula clients was considering a breech delivery, she was given the name of a (high intervention) OB at Swedish who would "allow" her to try. So you could give Swedish a call.

Like Allison said, OOH midwives might be your best bet
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There aren't many doctors who'll do it here- when my last was breech there were only 5 I think in the whole state. One is in Yakima, Dr. Naiden.
Best of luck to you!
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When at 32 weeks my baby was still breech, I asked my midwife for some names of OBs who would deliver him vaginally in case we had to have a hospital birth with him. My midwife did not know of one. I would love to know who will because as a doula it would be a great reference for my clients who were in my situation.

Most places are going to try to force you into a C/S BUT I kind of wonder - you have to give consent and they cannot force you into a surgery without it, so if you were to go into the hospital and vaginally deliver your baby, I imagine you could refuse the forced c/s. But one of the problems today is that for the last 12-14 years they haven't even taught doctors and nurses how to help a woman vaginally deliver a baby.

The 4 criteria they look for are: proven pelvis, baby is either frank or complete, practitioner experience, and baby maturity (full term babies' heads and hips are about the same size, so the danger of head entrapment is no greater than hip entrapment would be for a vertex baby.)

By the way, my little boy arrived in this world butt first... in the birthing tub in my living room. We thought he had turned but he surprised us! I was so thankful to not only have done my homework on breech, but that my midwife had been trained by Ina May in breech delivery and knew what she was doing.

I hope everything turns out alright for you!
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hey diva...could u pls mind sharing ur midwifes name pls? we all would love to have a reference for a breech baby delivering comfortable midwife
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Her name is Valerie Sasson. But just to be clear, he was a surprise breech and it is outside the purview of the lay midwives' license to do home deliveries of breech babies on purpose in WA state.

But she is in all ways the most awesome midwife I've ever met.
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I wonder if I understand what you mean. You said "outside a lay midwife's license". I was thinking lay midwife meant working as a midwife w/o formal license?

Doesn't it go, Lay, Licensed, Certified Practicing Midwife and then Certified Nurse Midwife?

Oh, by the way, a good place to do a search for midwives in your area who may or may not take certain types of home births is to go to the MAWS website.

Lots of great information to be found there! You can find the very latest protocols for our State.

Kendra in WA
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I just thought of another resource you might look into. What about contacting ICAN and asking if they have any Hospitals/OB's/Midwives names you could try?

Couldn't hurt!

Kendra in WA
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I can maybe help

I know of a LM/CPM who has experience with breech, here in the seattle area. Feel free to pm me and I can share her name. There may be others. As others have mentioned, Oregon is very friendly toward breech. I think it is important, as also mentioned, to have a provider who is experienced in catching breech babies.

I am active on the seattle ICAN group, and I agree it might be a good thing to post there as well, you can find the group through the main ICAN website, www.ican-online.org

Good luck on this journey and congrats for exploring your options.
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Thank you all so much for your replys. I have been really stumped so far...my little girl was head down and I just never even considered this baby not being that way. My guess is that he won't turn, and I want to at least have a shot at giving birth vaginally if possible.
I've contacted the Spokane ICAN, so I'm hoping for some leads there...
Thank you again!
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My fault - I did meanwhat you said. Thanks for clarifying!
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Try Dr. Brasch at Holy Family in Spokane- his dad was also an OB who attended homebirths, when they still did that (I believe) he is very supportive of the natural process and would be worht a shot. I know he is very busy (because people know he is good) but if you can just get in for one appointment and talk to him, he may agree to deliver for you.
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